Drawing and Design Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Lainaku II Joint Mock Examination 2023

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  1. You should have the following for this examination
    • 4sheets of drawing paper size A3
    • Drawing instruments
  2. This paper has section A,B and C
  3. Candidates are advised not to spend more than one hour on section B
  4. The candidates are advised to answer the questions on the A3 drawing papers provided
  5. Candidates should answer the questions in English

SECTION A (50 Marks)

Answer all the questions in this section on the answer sheet provided.

    1. Write the following is full as applied in industrial training:  (3 marks)
      1. TVET;
      2. NITA;
      3. T.T.I.
    2. State two uses of a beam compass   (1 mark)
    1. Define the folloing terms as used in design process:  (4 marks)
      1. primary objective;
      2. secondary objective
      3. design brief
      4. prototype;
    2. With the aid of sketches describe three types of dimensions in technical drawing (3 marks)
  3. State one use of each of the following computer components:   (2 marks)
    1. keyboard
    2. mouse
    3. monitor
    4. hard disk
  4. Construct a triangle of perimeter 165mm whose sides are in the ratio of 3:5:6.
    1. List four factors to consider when lettering
    2. State three effects of poor disposal of engineering materials to the environment
  6. Figure 1. shows a block drawn in a isometric projection. Sketch in good proportion the orthographic views of the block in the first angle projection. (7 marks)
  7. Figure 2. shows three views of a block drawn in third angle projection.
    On the same isometric grid paper provided, sketch the pictorial view of the block taking ''Y'' as the lowest point. (6 marks)
  8. Construct a scale of 10:9 and draw figure 3 using the scale.
  9. An equilateral triangular prism is intersected by a cylinder at right angles as shown in figure 4.
    Figure 4.
    Draw the line of intersection. (5marks)
  10. Figure 5. shows views of two part of a block drawn in first angle projection.
    Assemble the parts and sketch in good proportion the oblique projection of the block. (5 marks)

SECTION B (20 Marks)
Candidates are advised to spend not more than one hour on this question

  1. Figure 7. shows part of a coupling bracket drawn in first angle projection
    Assemble the parts and draw FULL SIZE, the following;
    1. Sectional front elevation along the cutting plane A-A.
    2. End elecation in the direction of arrow B.
      Do not show the hidden details.

SECTION C (30 marks)
Answer any two questions from this section

  1. Figure 7. shows the front elevation of a truncated hexagonal prism tilting at an angel of 30°.
    Cop the given view and draw the following in third angle projection:
    1. End elevation in the direction of arrow E;
    2. The plan.            (15 marks)
  2. Figure 8 shows the plan of an object. A string attache dto its circumference is wound tight. Trace the path followed by a mark P on the string as it unwinds through one revolution.  (15 marks)
  3. Figure 9 shows a pictorial view of a machined block.
    Draw a FULL SIZE  in third angle projection, the three orthographic view of the block. (15 marks)


      • TIVET - Technical Vocational Education Training.
      • NITA - National Industrial Training Authority.
      • TTI - Technical Training Institute.      (3 x 1 = 3 marks)
    2. Uses of a beam compass:
      • Drawing circles and arcs of very large radii.
      • Stepping off large distances.     (2 x 1 = 2 marks)
    1. Terms in the design process:
      • Primary objective is the functionality of a design solution or a workable solution.
      • Secondary objective refers to value addition, eg. comfort, aesthetics etc.
      • Design brief refers to the narration of the problem solution.  (4 x 1 = 4 marks)
    2. Types of dimensions
                                                                                       (3 x 1 = 3 marks)
    1. Uses of:
      • Key board - for typing/keying in information and giving commands.
      • Mouse - For giving commands.
      • Monitor - To display whatever is going on or taking place in the computer.
      • Hard disk - For storage of information i.e. primary storage media.
        (4 x 1/marks) = 2
    1. Factors to consider when lettering:
      • Use of guidelines to give uniformity.
      • Proportional and equal spacing of letters and numerical.
      • Uniform strength/outline of letters and numerical.
      • Consistency in style i.e. italic or gothic.
      • Ascending and descending for lower case letters.
      • Proportionality with the paper size.    (Any 4 x ½ = 2 marks)
    2. Effects of poor disposal of eng. materials.
      • Global warming.
      • Harmful to the soil.
      • Harmful to the aquatic life.
      • Unsightly environment.    (Any 3 x 1 = 3 marks)
    Front Elevation
    Construction of circle or semi-circle1 mark
    Correct projection to the prism ½ mark
    Plotting the points on the prism  1 mark
    Smooth curve   3½
    Construction of circle or semi-circle 1 mark  ½mark
    Correct projection the prism       1 ½  marks                           Total
                                                                                                    5 marks
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