Drawing and Design Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Lainaku II Joint Mock Examination 2023

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  1. You should have the following for this examination
    • 4 sheets of drawing paper size A3
    • Drawing instruments
  2. This paper has one compulsory question
  3. The candidates are advised to spend this time understanding the design problem and planning the work on one of the drawing papers provided
  4. Candidates should answer the questions in English



Students in high school and colleges/universities experience difficulty in holding a burrete during titration when performing chemistry experiments. Design a device suitable for holding a burrete during the above experiments.

The design should have the following considerations;

  1. The device should be stable when in use and easily movable to convenient positions by the student
  2. It should be adjustable to different heights
  3. its should be adjustable to different angles vertically to a maximum angle of 180 0
  4. It should be adjustable horizontally to different angles to a maximum angle of 360 0
  5. It should be able to effectively hold burretes of different sizes
  6. It should be collapsible for ease of storage.


  1. Make two possible sketches for the design above. (6marks)
  2. Select one of the designs in (a) above and make a refined pictorial drawing. Label all the parts on the design and the working mechanisms .(10 marks)
  3. Draw exploded pictorial views showing the working mechanisms for each of the considerations in i, ii ,iii,iv,v and vi , label all the parts. (18marks)
  4. Name two different materials used in the design and state a reason for choice of each . (4marks)
  5. State two different methods used in joining the parts (2marks)






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