Business Studies - Maranda High School Form 1 End Term 1 2018

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  • Attempt all the questions in the spaces provided
  1. State five areas of Business studies (5marks)
  2. List four rewards of labour as a factor of production (4marks)
  3. Below are some factors that influence the operations of a business. Indicate whether the factor is associated with Micro-environment or Macro-environment (5marks)

    Factor Environment
    a) Demographic  
    b) Personnel  
    c) Competitors  
    d) Business resources  
    e) Business culture  
  4. Outline four characteristics of basic wants. (4 mks)
  5. State four importance of entrepreneurship to an economy (4marks)
  6. State the type of utility that match with with the appropriate activity. (4 mks)

    Activity Utility
    a) Selling bread to a student  
    b) Keeping money in the bank  
    c) Making fruit salad from various ingredients  
    d) Delivering milk to a customer  
  7. Define the following terms as used in the business studies. (4 mks)
    1. Renewable resources
    2. Non-renewable resources
  8. Give four business resources (4marks)
  9. List four personal considerations factors that are considered while carrying out business evaluation opportunity (4marks)
  10. State four examples of Aids to trade (4 marks)
  11. Outline four characteristics of economic resources (4marks)
  12. State four contents of business plan (4marks)
  13. Highlight four characteristics of capital as a factor of production (4marks)
  14. State four positive external environmental factors (4marks)
  15. List four sources of business idea (4marks)
  16. Give four classification of goods and services in an economy (4marks)
  17. Outline four factors that encourage entrepreneurial practices in Kenya (4marks)
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