English Paper 3 Questions No Answers - Maranda Post Mocks 2020/2021

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  1. Imaginative Composition (Compulsory) (20 marks)
    1. Either
      Write a story beginning:
      The distant roosters began to crow, the air changed and the dawn was coming...
    2. OR
      Write a story to illustrate the saying;
      "The apple never falls far from the tree"
  2. Compulsory Set Text (20 marks)
    Henrik Ibsen: A Doll's House
    Drawing illustrations from Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House, write an essay to demonstrate how tough situations can push people into making very tough choices.
  3. The Optional Set Texts (20 marks)
    Chris Wanjala (ED), Memories We Lost and other Stories.
    1. "The power of love is portrayed through actions." Drawing illustrations from Okwiri Oduor's short story, 'My Father's Head', write an essay to justify this.


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