Geography Questions - Alliance Boys High School Post Mock KCSE 2020

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Instructions to candidates

  • This paper consists of TWO sections; A and .
  • Answer ALL the questions in section A.
  • Answer question 6 and any other two questions from section B.
  • Answer section A and each question for section B on separate foolscaps.

Answer ALL the questions in this section.

    1. Name two states where gold is mined in South Africa.[2 mks)
    2. State three environmental problems caused by gold mining in South Africa. [3 mks)
    1. Define the term forestry. [2 mks]
    2. State three measures taken by the government to conserve and manage forests in Kenya. [3 mks)
    1. Define the following terms as used in transport: [3 mks)
      1. Means of transport.
      2. Mode of transport
      3. Transport density.
    2. State three disadvantages of road transport.[3 mks)
    1. State three factors that led to the development of iron and steel industry in the ruhr region. [3 mks)
    2. Name any two car manufacturing zones in Japan. [2 mks)
    1. What is a choropleth map?
    2. Give two advantages of a choropleth map. [2 mks)

      SECTION B:

      Answer question 6 and any other TWO questions from this section.
  6. The table below shows hypothetical values of crude oil produced by some countries in Middle East in hundred thousand barrels in the first three months of year 2020. Use it to answer the questions that follow.
    Country January February March
    Kuwait   35.0  20.1  25.2
     Saudi Arabia  25.3   15.0  17.1
     Iraq  20.2  15.7  25.4
     UAE  40.4  18.5  30.6
      1. Draw a divided rectangle of length 10cm for the month of February(7 mks]
      2. Describe two changes in production of petrol over the months.[2 mks)
      3. State two limitations of using divided rectangles in data presentation. [2 mks) 
    2. State three conditions necessary for the formation of petroleum. [3 mks)
      1. Name one by-product obtained when crude oil is refined. [1 mk]
      2. Name three other methods used to extract minerals occurring deep below the surface of the earth. [3 mks)
    4. State two problems likely to be caused by oil mining in Turkana. (2 mks)
    5. State two ways in which oil mining will positively impact the Turkana County in Kenya. [2 mks]
    6. State three problems facing petroleum mining in the middle East. [3 mks]
      1. What is fish farming?[2 mks]
      2. Give three methods used to process fish. [3 mks]
      1. Name three fishing grounds in the Northern Hemisphere.
      2. Study the diagram below representing a fishing method.[3 mks)
        Describe how it is used in fishing. [5 mks)
    3. Explain three physical factors that favour fishing in Japan. [6 mks)
    4. Explain three ways in which fishing promotes industrialization. [6 mks]
    1. Differentiate between a game sanctuary and a national park. [2 mks)
    2. Explain how the following factors influence the distribution of wildlife in East Africa. 
      1. Climate[2 mks)
      2. Relief [2 mks]
      3. Vegetation[2 mks)
      1. Apart from establishing national parks and game reserves, state four other ways through which the government of Kenya conserve her wildlife. [4 mks)
      2. Give three reasons why wildlife conservation is encouraged in Kenya. [3 mks)
      1. Explain three factors which hinder the development to domestic tourism in Kenya, [6 mks]
      2. State four similarities between tourism in Kenya and in Switzerland. [4 mks)
    1. Differentiate between land reclamation and land rehabilitation [2 mks)
      1. State three human factors that influenced the location of Mwea Irrigation Scheme. [3 mks)
      2. Describe how paddy rice is cultivated in Mwea Irrigation Scheme. [5 mks)
      1. Identify two main aims for setting up Perkewa Irrigation Scheme. (2 mks) 
      2. Explain three problems facing irrigation schemes in Kenya,
    4. Identify the role of the following measures taken in reclaiming land in the Netherlands.
      1. Construction of Ring Canals.[1 mk]
      2. Cutting of drainage ditches and laying of drainage pumps.[1 mk]
      3. Planting of reeds.[1 mk] 
    5. Give four benefits of the Zunder Zee Project in the Netherlands.[4 mks)
      1. What is pastoralism? [2 mks]
      2. Explain four measures taken by the government to improve pastoral farming in Kenya.[8 mks)
      1. Contrast dairy farming in Kenya and Denmark under the following headings.
        1. Market [2 mks)
        2. Soils [2 mks]
    3. Give four problems facing livestock farmers in Kenya. Your class visited a beef ranch for a field study on Beef Farming. [4 mks]
      1. Outline three characteristics of beef cattle that you observed during the study. [3mks)
      2. List two breeds of beef cattle you identified during the study.[2 mks] 
      3. State two methods you used to collect data in the field.[2 mks)
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