English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Bunamfan Post Mock 2021 Exams

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  • Answer all the questions in this paper.
  • All your answers must be written in the spaces provided in the question paper.
  • Candidates should answer the questions in English.g.
  1. FUNCTIONAL WRITING (20 marks)
    You passed very well in your KCSE. Your former school is holding a prize-giving ceremony.
    You have been invited through a letter as one of those receiving the awards. However, you have lost a neighbour and he will be laid to rest on the same day and so you will not attend the prize giving ceremony.
    1. Reply to the letter declining the invitation. (12 marks)
    2. Write a condolence note to your neighbour’s parents. (8 marks)
  2. CLOZE TEST(10 marks)
    Read the passage and fill the blanks with an appropriate word

    Olive oil is good for the bones, a two-year (1)...................... has found. People who consume olive oil have higher amounts of osteocalcin, a special (2)……………….......that is found in bones which helps keep (3)......................... strong. They also found that osteocalcin lowers the risk of osteoporosis a (4)……………..in which bones lose density and become fragile and more likely to fracture.
    In addition, osteocalcin was found to (5)…………….......in metabolic regulation. These findings help explain (6)………….. people from the Mediterranean area of Europe are the least (7)…………………….to developing osteoporosis. These people consume a lot of olives and olive oil, along with (8)…………....and vegetables. Other (9)..................................of olive oils include reduced stroke and breast (10)............................risk and liver protection.
  3. ORAL SKILLS(30 marks)
    1. Read the following oral poem and answer questions that follow (8 marks)
      One hand cannot manage work
      A threshing stick cannot thresh millet with one hand
      Some hands breed hatred at the eating time
      Nobody hates being assisted

      Let millet be threshed
      Let it be threshed, let it be threshed
      Cut a threshing stick for me
      A lazy wife
      Is taken back to her parents
      When the rain fails
      It blames the wind
      And a lazy woman
      Blames the threshing stick

      Cut a threshing stick for me ii
      My co-wife cut me a threshing stick

      You woman, owner of this occasion
      Remember that work is the stomach
      Take care not to starve us
      The threshing sticks are sounding
      Let the millet leave the threshing ground
      (Adapted from Oral Literature of the Embu and Mbeere by Ciarunji Chesaina)

      1.  Identify and illustrate two mnemonic effects (sound devices) in the poem. (2 marks)
      2. You have been asked to perform the above poem. Explain how you will prepare for it.  (2marks)
      3. What non-verbal aspects would you use in the performance of the poem and where?(2 marks)
      4. While performing the above poem you notice that members of the audience are murmuring what could the problem be? (2 marks)
    2. Provide another word that is identical in pronunciation with underlined words in the sentence below. (4 marks)
      The maid offered the guest some juice squeezed from a berry from the farm.
    3. Identify the silent letter in the following words ( 4 marks)
      1. Debut …………………………………..
      2. Patois …………………………………
      3. Lesson …………………………………
      4. Heaven …………………………………
    4. You attend a prize-giving ceremony in your school. When the chief guest is speaking. You notice that he is sweating profusely, he is inaudible, and he stammers a lot and avoids eye contact with his audience. What could be the cause of such behaviour? (4 marks)
    5. The underlined indicates the stressed word in the sentence below. Briefly explain what each sentence means.
      (3 marks)
      1. Tom visited Mary yesterday
      2. Tom visited Mary yesterday
      3. Tom visited Mary yesterday
    6. Read the following conversation and answer the questions that follow. (7 marks)
      Becky: (Shouting) What does she have to do to be punished - commit murder?
      Vera: Go easy on her.
      Becky: (Irritably) But you know he does anything she asks him to do. It is not fair.
      Vera: Grow up! ...
      Becky: (Screaming) You hate me! You never liked me! You only came to my school to spy on me because you are jealous of me you ugly witch, you pretender.
      Vera: (Tears welling) I sacrificed my golden chance to be with you stupid girl and you return it with nothing but insults!
      1. Highlight Becky’s shortcomings in her conversation to Vera. (4 marks)
      2. What good conversational skills should they have employed to enhance communication?  (4 marks)


    1. Must be an official letter. If not deduct 2 AD.
      • Sender’s address (1 mk)
      • Date (1 mk)
      • Recipients address. (1 mk)
      • Salutation (1/2 mk)
      • RE: (1 mk)
      • Content.
        • Introductory sentence / statement (1 mk)
          • Identification (writer) (1 mk)
      • Paragraph I (2 mks)
        • Reason (1 mk)
          • Indicate when to pick award. (1 mk)
      • Paragraph II (2 mks)
        • Concluding remark (1 mk
      • Paragraph III (1 mk)
      • Yours faithfully ( ½ mk)
      • Signature ( ½ mk)
      • Name ( ½ mk)
      • F - 06 mks
      • C - 04 mks
      • L - 02 mks
        12 mks
    2. Must be a condolence note. If not deduct - 2 AD
      • Salutation (1 mk)
        • Expression of condolence (1 mk)
        • Relationship with deceased / experiences shared (1 mk)
        • Concluding remark (1 mk)
      • Writer’s name (1 mk) (Total 4 mks)
        F - 2 mks
        C - 4 mks
        L - 2 mks
        08 mks
  2. Cloze test- 10 marks
    1. study
    2. protein
    3. them
    4. condition
    5. aid
    6. why
    7. prone/susceptible
    8. fruits
    9. Benefits
    10. Cancer (10 marks)
    1. Oral poem - 8marks
        •  Repetition
          • one hand
          • Let it be threshed
        • Idiophone- Me-ii
        • Onomatopoeia-Thresh
          Any 2- half mark for identification, half for illustration-2marks
      2. Preparation
        • Rehearse to thoroughly memorize the poem
        • Prepare appropriate costumes
        • Practice the appropriate dramatization
        • Practice the appropriate tone/voice to use
          Accept any other, half mark each- 2 marks
      3. Performance
        • Appropriate facial expressions i.e. to show/express someone working etc.
        • Gestures- use finger to point... .‟you woman‟
          Half mark each-2 marks
        • Performance is not audible
        • Lack of tonal variation
        • Inappropriate costume
        • Performer is not confident, lacks eye contact
        • Performer has forgotten the lines
          Any other relevant point- half-mark each-2 marks
    2. HOMOPHONES (4marks
      1. maid-made
      2. guest -guessed
      3. berry-bury
      4. farm- firm
    3. Silent letters- 4 marks
      1. T
      2. S
      3. O
      4. E
    4. Question on stage fright-4 marks
      • Lack of preparation / research
      • Improper grooming
      • Unfamiliar environment
      • Did not write or highlight points to discuss
      • Inadequate rehearsal
      • Late arrival at the venue
        (Accept any other relevant point)
    5. Sentence stress- 3marks
      1. Its only Mary and no one else that Tom visited...1mk
      2. Tom did nothing else apart from visit Mary...1mk
      3. Tom visited Mary, not on any other day, but yesterday...1mk
    6. Conversation-7 marks
        • Rude/impolite
        • Lack of courtesy
        • Poor turn-taking-she cuts in/ interrupts Verah‟s speech
        • Use of wrong intonation (shouts, screams), this hinders appropriate communication
        • She is impatient, use of abusive language Any 4 points-4 marks
        • Use of appropriate intonation
        • Politely interrupting
        • Allow for turn-taking
        • Use of polite language Any 3 points- 3marks
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