English Paper 3 Questions and Answers - Bunamfan Post Mock 2021 Exams

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  • Answer THREE questions ONLY.
  • Questions one and two are compulsory.
  • Each of your essay must not exceed 450 words.
  • ALL answers must be written in Blue ink.
  1. Imaginative Composition (20 marks)
    1. Write a story to illustrate the saying: Strength lies in unity
    2. Write a composition discussing the assertion that living with a pandemic calls for both behavioral and lifestyle change.
  2. The Compulsory Set Text (20 marks)
    Blossoms of the Savannah; Ole Kulet
    When people build a strong friendship, they easily endure and overcome any obstacle that come their way and emerge successful. Using examples from Ole Kulet’s Blossoms of the Savannah, write an essay to show the truth of this statement.
  3. Optional Set Texts (20 marks)
    Answer one question only
    1. The Short Story: Memories We Lost and Other Stories (ed) Wanjala Chris
      Write an essay to show the validity of the statement that those who live under containment experience many challenges. Use Gigoo’s story The Umbrella Man for illustrations.
    2. The Play; David Mulwa; Inheritance
      Using examples from Mulwa’s play, Inheritance, write an essay to show that as a leader you cannot fool people all the time.
    3. The Novel: John Steinbeck; The Pearl
      Drawing illustrations from the story of Kino Steinbeck’s The Pearl, write a composition to show that sometimes human strive and struggle can be an effort in futility.


    General Guidelines on marking compositions.
    • The question tests the ability to communicate effectively in English. This communicative ability is tested at various levels such as: correctness, intelligibility, originality, fluency, accuracy and pleasantness.
    • It is the linguistic mark that counts not the number of points raised by the candidate.
    • Read through the composition, establish the level of communication by determining its class then award the mark commensurate with the class of the composition.
    • The underlining should point to the class of the composition eg.
      • Heavily underlined- a bleeding script (has construction, spelling, poor paragraphing, vague parts, redundancies, unnecessary repetitions etc)
      • Clean and unassuming (fluent but no merit items, bookish)
      • Pleasant and attractive( captivating, twists and turns, communicates whole self, conscious of culture- the dos and don’ts, has attitude, infuses mood, many merit-able items on the margin)
        Categories of compositions
        D Class ( 01-05): Features of such compositions

        • There is no communication at all.
        • The reader guesses what the candidate intended to say.
        • No valid punctuations.
        • There are all kinds of errors.
        • Chaotic script
          C Class (06-10)
        • There is difficulty in communication.
        • Lacks confidence in language use.
        • Subject is undeveloped and often repeated.
        • The flow is jerky
        • Unnecessary repetitions.
        • Mother-tongue influence can be felt.
          B Class (11-15)
        • Fluent/Pleasant.
        • Uses English as normal way of expression.
        • Ambitious and overambitious.
        • Items of merit- one word or expression type.
          A Class (16-20)
        • Fluent and attractive
        • Shares deep feelings, emotions and enthusiasm.
        • Has many items of merit(inversion, well managed paragraphs, well punctuated dialogues, suspense, ellipsis, appropriate use of idioms, twists and turns, clever climax)
        • Has “SPARK”(convinces beyond doubt; good choice of words, has tone, mood, attitude, sets the virtues and vices, high sense of morality-knows limits and consequences, draws the reader into the story)
        • Uses language for effect- to pass a moral message.
          Guidelines for marking discussive compositions
        • Identifies a point.
        • Explains the point.
        • Illustrates the point either using statistics, facts, published information, makes relevant quotations from authentic sources- to convince beyond doubt.
        • Invokes authority.
          1. Points of Interpretation
            • It must be a story if not deduct up to 04AD.
            • The story must begin with sentence if not deduct 02AD,
            • The story should be illustrative of how unity/teamwork makes it easier to achieve than when alone.
          2. Points of Interpretation
            • It must be argumentative if not deduct up to 04AD.
            • The candidate MUST take a stand if not deduct up to 02AD
            • Some points to consider for the argument may include: Acceptance, Embracing change, adhering to the laid down protocols; changing the way we do business to conform with emerging developments etc.
            • Points against the argument may include: It has caused death. It has disrupted livelihoods. The changes are adversarial to progress. Etc.
    1. Points of Interpretation
      • Who have strong friendship?
      • What challenge/obstacle/problem do they face?
      • How does their union come in handy to help alleviate/overcome the challenge?
        NB: How their strong friendship works to help in a given challenge must clearly be brought out for the candidate to score a full mark in any point.

        In Blossoms of the Savannah, Taiyo and Resian, Resian and Nabaru and Resian are some of the characters that forge deep friendship which helps go over the many problems that befall them.
        (Accept any other relevant introduction) 2marks
        1. When Taiyo and Resian are accosted by a vagabond on their first day in Nasila, their closeness helps them avert a would worse scenario. Resian asks the vagabond to leave her sister’s hand. She reminds him that they don’t have any money on them. Taiyo on her informs the vagabond that they are not the type of women he thinks. Later when Resian is traumatized by the experience, Taiyo comes in to reassure her by promising to talk to their father about the possibility of going back to Nakuru. Pp. 14-19; 32-33.
        2. On realizing that Resian is always tempestuous after the father’s constant tongue-lashing and that even their mother would not help them, Taiyo takes it upon herself to mob her sister’s tears. Right from nursery school through to secondary, Taiyo who was ‘fiercely devoted to her sister’ ensured that she protected her sister from the bullies. She was also keen and ‘always sensed her sister’s yearnings.’ PP. 32-34.
        3. The two sister bank on their love to outwit Oloisudori upon realizing that their mother and father would not assist them at all. They come up with a conspiracy to return the gifts as a reciprocal gesture to Oloisudori. This is to prove a point- that they are focused girls with a clear map of what they want in life. They also plan that they would feign innocence until when Oloisudori’s intentions become apparently clear to them. Taiyo advises Resian to ensure that he doesn’t remain alone in the house with oloisudori for he may harm her. This plan works to their favour as Resian is able to face-off Oloisudori and beat them at their plan- that of forced marriage. Pp. 195-205
        4. After Resian is rebuked by her father for refusing to serve Oloisdori, Resian runs out into the cold at night. Taiyo follows her out in the cold and condemns her for endangering/risking her life. She urges her to go back into the house so as not to catch a cold. Pp. 169-173
        5. Resian forms a formidable alliance with Nabaru to defeat Olarinkoi and the enkoiboni’s schemes. Nabaru becomes Resian’s confidant. She buys into Resian’s dream. She reveals the evils planned out against Resian and goes out of her way to rescue Resian into the Ranch. Despite Olarinkoi’s infantile threats, she delivers Resian safely to her nirvana. Pp.220-223; 230-245; 248-252; 262-265
        6. Taiyo and Resian forge a strong bond with the Minik and the over 400 girls they find at the Ranch. It is this bond that has thrived between them that helps them to vanquish Oloisudori. Because of the love Minik has developed for the girls, he faces Oloisudori, a man of means and humiliates him publicly. Together with other enegetic workers they burn down Oloisudori’s convoy and ashes and also beat him thoroughly. With their biggest threat behind them, the two girls embark on their academic journey. Pp. 279-284.
          (Accept any 4 well illustrated points. Mark 4;4;4;4. Total 12 marks)
          Grammar and Presentation 4marks
          • True friendship knows to obstacle raised on its way.
            (Accept any other valid conclusion) 2marks
      1. The Short Story; Memories We Lost
        Write an essay to show the validity of the statement that those who live under containment experience many challenges. Use Gigoo’s story The Umbrella Man for illustrations.
        Living under restrictions, be it in a cell, ward or due to a pandemic can pose a lot of challenges to an individual.
        (Accept any other relevant introduction) 2marks
        1. Those in containment have to content with restricted movement. For example the inmates are contained in their wards or cells and are only allowed out of the wards in the evenings. Number 7 is the only person allowed out the gates to a nearby street but this was a privilege not a liberty. Even so Number 7’s movement also ends in a limited ninety yard. For the other inmates their world ended at the wall they were enclosed in. No wonder Number 7 admires the freedom that the ant (puny fellow) has yet he is restricted.
        2. Contained people experience loneliness. The inmates were allowed no visitor. Because of lack of company Number 7 decides to cling on the umbrella as his ‘inseparable companion’. The other inmates who are lonely envy him for having a company. As a result they admire the umbrella making it be the most admirable thing in the entire cell and they would long to hold it.
        3. Those who are confined live a life of delusion. Number 7 imagines that he is not alone in his cell. He sees the image of a child and mumbles words to the child in an alien language. He comforts the imaginary child from an unpleasant dream. This happens night after night. He even prays for grace upon the child. He feels that he has become both father and mother to the child.
        4. Confinement makes people develop a fascination with some things. Number 7 is obsessed with the thought of rain. He walks around with his umbrella unfurled in the hope it would rain and this would give his umbrella its purpose. When he visits the barber he enjoys him about his obsession.
        5. Containment can make one develop a bizarre behaviour. Number 7 meets an ant- the puny fellow and starts a conversation with it. He regular visits the bench so as to have a chat with the ant. The ant too teases him about his obsession with the rain. The ant reminds him that his yearning for the rains portends danger for him because a deluge would destroy his habitat.
        6. Those in confinement are deprived of possessions. No one was allowed to possess anything. It surprises them how Number7 came to own an umbrella. All they are allowed to have are two sets of clothes; one made of cotton and the other of wool. They are said to be ‘bereft of worldly possessions.”
        7. If you stay in confinement for long you may find it challenging to adjust to the world outside upon release. When Number 7 is released, he finds it hard to make a decision as to which path to take. To him the path on right is blocked and the left one was just bush. He tries waiting for the puny fellow to appear in vain. After some waiting goes on his own.
          (Accept any 4 well illustrated points. Mark 4;4;4;4. Total 12marks)
          Grammar and Presentation 4marks
          • Containment disorients and can make one suffer.
            (Accept any valid conclusion) 2marks.
      2. The Play; David Mulwa; Inheritance
        Using examples from Mulwa’s play, Inheritance, write an essay to show that as a leader you cannot fool people all the time.
        If you are leader of any sort and you think that your subjects are easily deceived you may be in for a rude shock.
        (Accept any relevant introduction) 2marks
        1. Lacuna Kasoodiverts donor funds to personal use and stashes some in his own personal accounts. He uses the money to buy himself a personal jet claiming that he cannot crawl like his subjects but to fly above them. When the financiers visit him his foreign accounts are frozen and this makes him even more desperate.
        2. Lacuna sacks Juddah from his prime government job when he refuses to kill Bengo his brother on an account that he is leading an opposition against him. He dispossesses Juddah making him resort to a life of squalor and poverty. When he learns that Juddah has a job at the theKasoo Mines, he organizes his death but camouflages it under a freak accident. Lulu and Tamina learn of the untimely death of their father and put up a spirited onslaught against Lacuna’s leadership.
        3. Lacuna increases taxation by 100% and orders that the money be deposited in his personal bank account. This is because he wants to rebuild new wealth after his accounts have been frozen. Instead of making him happy, this decision irks the subject who resolve to an insurrection that sees him finally toppled.
        4. Leader Kasoo organizes the late father’s commemoration ceremony which is an annual event with the sole aim of getting a virgin to “rejuvenate himself”. At the end of the ceremony he detains Lulu in the palace with the sole intention of making him his wife. He cajoles the mother Tamina with rewards such as a piece of land in the Bukelenge Valley. He kills Juddah with the intention of coercing Lulu into submission but it fails. In the end the young lass slaps him- a humiliating feat for a leader of his standing.
        5. Kasoo despises Sangoi. He claims that she doesn’t know who her mother was and that she doesn’t belong. This does not stop the masses from recognizing her efforts. They finally crown her their leader.
        6. The leader of Kutula detains Bengo with the hope that he would suppress dissent from any quarter. He paints Bengo in a negative light as the enemy of the government and by extension the people’s enemy. This does not stop Bengo from teaming up with the like-minded people like Sangoi to bring about the much needed change to their people.
        7. Kasoo recruits his relatives into the armed forces hoping to please them and use them to suppress revolt against his leadership. This does not work. Force fails to stand against a united front.
          (Accept any 4 well illustrated points. Mark 4;4;4;4. Total 12marks)
          Grammar and Presentation. 4marks
          •  When a leader thinks that he is more cunning than his subjects he may have to confront stiff opposition from those he undermines.
            (Accept any other valid conclusion) 2marks
      3. The Novel: John Steinbecks’, The Pearl
        Drawing illustrations from the story of Kino Steinbeck’s The Pearl, write a composition to show that sometimes human strive and struggle can be an effort in futility.
        INTERPRETATION: One may put a lot of efforts in trying to change his/her status but all that work may be vain.
        Many time people invest a lot of time and resources in certain things with the hope that it would change their outlook but their efforts may not yield anything tangible.
        (Accept any other relevant introduction) 2marks
        1. Kino goes into great lengths to search for the pearl in the hope that it would help bridge social barriers that the society has created. He goes to the sea, pushes the canoe on the sea, dives, sifts the oysters. Finally he lands on the great pearl of the world. With it he hopes to change his life completely. Instead of bringing good tidings, the pearl ushers him into the labyrinth of suffering. 28-29; 31-36. 41-44
        2. Kino walks to the pearl dealers in an effort to sell the pearl but fails to get the right price for the pearl. He visits the first, second and third dealer before and fails to agree on the price. He walks back home and decides that he would go to the capital and fetch a better price for his pearl.Pp 63-75
        3. Kino does everything to defend the pearl and in the process lands himself in greater agonies. He is hurts from ear to chin, beats up Juana who attempted to dispose of the pearl, kills a man who attempts to snatch the pearl from him. Because he has killed, he ends up losing his property; house and canoe. P.78-80; 83-87
        4. Kino flees to the northern mountains hoping to keep his pearl safe. He chooses a covert as hide-out but soon realizes that it is unsafe. He decides to move deeper into the mountains. While on flight he is hyper- conscious, carries a knife, endures a mountainous rugged terrain to secure his pearl. Pp. 90-92;95-100; 102-105 106-110
        5. Kino decides to attack the trackers before they could attack him. He manages to kill all of them but in the end loses his only child to a stray bullet. The death of Coyotito makes Kino efforts vain for henceforth he sees the pearl as worthless and together with his wife, the trudge back to La Paz and cast the pearl back into the sea. All his efforts have ended up in nothing. Pp.110-118
          (Accept any 4 well illustrated points. Mark 4;4;4;4. Total 12marks
          Grammar and presentation 4marks
          • Kino’s efforts to change his socio-economic status using the pearl turn out to be an effort in futility.
            (Accept any other valid conclusion) 2marks
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