History Paper 2 Questions - Kapsabet Boys Post Mock 2023 Exams

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  •  This paper consists of three sections A, B and C.
  • Answer all questions in section A, three from Section B and two from Section C.
  • Candidates should answer the questions in English



Answer all the questions in this section.

  1.  Name the proponent of the scientific theory of the origin of man (1 mark).
  2. Give two characteristics of Australopithecus (2 marks).
  3. Name two methods of irrigation used in the development of agriculture in ancient Egypt (2 marks).
  4. Give two advantages of the land enclosure system in Britain during the Agrarian Revolution
    (2 marks).
  5. Mention two roles of the Berbers in the Trans-Saharan trade (2marks).
  6. State two limitations of fire and smoke as means of communication in ancient times (2 marks).
  7. Give two disadvantages of coal during the industrial revolution (2 marks).
  8. State two factors that led to the growth of Athens ( 2 marks).
  9. Give the name of the African ruler who collaborated with the British among the Lozi/Luyi in the
    nineteenth century ( 1 mark).
  10.  In which part of Nigeria did the British use indirect rule? ( 1 mark).
  11. State two reasons as to why 1945 marked a turning point in the development of African nationalism (2 marks).
  12. Name the organ formed under the League of Nations to address the plight of workers (1 mark).
  13.  Define cold war ( 1 mark).
  14. What do abbreviations COMESA (economic bloc) stand for? (1 mark).
  15. Mention one reform undertaken by Mobutu Sese Seko upon ascending to power in the Democratic
    Republic of Congo in 1965 ( 1 mark).
  16. Identify one major political challenge that faced Tanzania’s second president Ali Hassan Mwinyi
    ( 1 mark).
  17. Name the upper house of the US Congress ( 1 mark).

Answer any three questions in this section.

    1. Name three species of Australopithecus (3 marks).
    2.  Explain six aspects of the culture and way of life of the early man in the Old Stone Age period
      (12 marks).
    1. Give the names of the titles of the kings who presided over the following African communities in the nineteenth century (3 marks): i. Asante ii. Baganda iii. Shona
    2. Explain the social organization of the Shona in the nineteenth century (12 marks).
    1. State three ways in which a good transport network can facilitate industrial development in a country (3 marks).
    2. Explain six factors that have led to industrial development in Japan (12 marks).
    1. Give three aspects of assimilation in French West Africa (3 marks).
    2. Explain six effects of assimilation in Senegal ( 12 mks)

Answer any two questions in this question.

    1. State three aims of Pan- Africanism (3 marks).
    2. Explain six challenges faced by Pan- African Movement (12 mrks).
    1. Name three European countries that formed the Triple Entente before the outbreak of the first world war ( 3 marks).
    2. Explain six factors that enabled the Allied Forces to defeat the Axis Powers in the second world war (12 marks).
    1. Give three ways through which a person can become a member of the House of Lords in the British parliament (3 marks).
    2. Explain how the government of India is organized (12 marks).
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