MOKASA Joint Evaluation Examination English Paper 3 2016- Pre MOCK

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  1. Imaginative Composition (Compulsory) (20marks)
    1. Write a story to end with
      …………..……………………………………………..she looked at me and shook her head.

      -Must be a story
      -Must end with the given statement, if not, deduct upto 2marks
      -should relate with the ending words.


    2. Expectant school girls should be allowed to continue with their education. Discuss.

      -Must be argumentative
      -Must have points for and against.
      -Must take a stand at the end of essay.

  2. The Compulsory Set Text (20 marks)

    Drama: Caucasian Chalk Circle – Bertolt Bretch

    “The judge was always a rascal! Now a rascal is a judge.” Write an essay in support of the statement basing your illustrations on The Caucasian Chalk Circle: By Bertolt Bretch

    Change is good and sometimes necessary but there are times when the person who takes over an office may have undesirable qualities just like his predecessor. These are ironies of life. Azalar who is rogue takes over from a judge who was equally a crook as brought out in The Caucasian Chalk Circle, true justice is not served.
    “Accept any relevant introduction” (2 marks)
    1. Azdak who is the new judge lacks decorum, he sits on the judges chair and peels an apple (p 75) he also sits on the statute book (pg 90). He exchanges words with Grusha in court (pg 95) ... and you silly girl.....
    2. Azdak openly asks and receives bribes (pg 77), (pg 75), (pg 94,95)
    3. He is unconventional in the way he administers justice. He allows an accused person to sit on the judge’s chair and he sits on the floor (pg 81)
    He at one point move from the courtroom to the crime scene (pg 77) “It does justice good to be done in the open ...”
    He shaves in court (pg 83) Azdak sits in the floor, shaving...
    4. Azdak is drunk he allows drinking to take place in the court room. He shares his drink with the accused pg 84.
    He says “they will hang for drunkness (pg 81)”
    “Azdak sits on the floor, glass in hand .........” (pg 82)
    Pions man, empty a pitehec of wine...
    5. He favours the poor and let’s them get away with crimes. (pg 84), pg 82), pg 87), pg 92) he favours the weak and the oppressed.
    6. His rulings are not based on the rule of law. He uses unuthodox means and ancient wisdom to divide on cases (pg 97) he makes a test to decide who the mother to Michael is.
    Azdak is presented as a rasial in his manner of dispensing justice and character. He comes out as corrupt, dishonest and irrational. Though his era as judge is described as golden, he has glaring weaknesses, which leads to skewed justice.
    “Accept a relevant conclusion” (2 marks)
    Lang max 4 marks

  3. The Optional Set Text
    Answer any one of the two questions
    (20 marks)


    1. The Novel:
      The Whale Rider – Witi Ihimaera

      “Determination is key to success” Using illustrations from Witi Ihimaera’s novel The Whale Rider, write an essay showing how Nani Flowers contributes to Kahu’s success.

      Introduction (2 marks)
      In life whenever one has a strong will, they will always get what they want. This is clearly brought out by Nani flowers in her struggle to make Kahu succeed in the text Whale Rider by WitiIhimaera.
      She supports porourangi’s suggestion of naming Kahu after the founder of the tribe KahutiaTeRangi’s. This move meant that Kahu was going to be linked to her father’s people and the land forever. It will therefore necessitate her close protection and care from Nani flowers.
      She organized and presided over the burial ceremony of the birth cord umbilical cord near the carved figure of KahatiaTeRangi’s to signify full acceptance and care of Kahu throughout her life. This determination of burying the cord signified that no matter where Kahu goes she will always return and never be lost to her father’s people.
      There was a lot of struggle to have KoroApirana appreciate Kahu as one them. She made him not to growl at the child anymore and she was excited when Kahu bit KaroApirana’s toe. All these were due to her persistence to see Kahu succeed.
      She was upset and even hit Rawiri for having taken Kahu to the movies.
      Nani flowers did not want to take chances.
      She was so protective now that she had hoped that Kahu would grow to become the leader of the Maori people.
      Her determination is also seen when she reluctantly lets Rawiri take Kahu out to the sheaving session and when they come back and she hears the many things the girl did, she is corss with Rawiri for overworking the poor child.
      When Kahu dived into the water to retrieve the stone Nani flowers screamed she thought the girl had drowned. She instructed Rawiri to search for her. When Rawiri didn’t find her, she grabbed the mask and tried to swim in search of her. She was keen on seeing Kahu survive to be the savour of her people.
      Even during the exercise of pushing of the Whales that were stranded on the beach. She did not want Kahu to participate. She wanted her to remain on the beach so that in case of anything she is safe. This gesture is a clear indication that she wanted Kahu to succeed.
      She attempt to build Kahu into a leader was seen when she forceful puts her in the hands of KoroApirana at least to bless the child with leadership skills.
      Conclusion 2 marks
      In conclusion it is extremely clear that Nani flowers effort to make Kahu succeed as the leader of the ‘man’ people despite a lot of rejection from KoroApirana bore the fruit.


    2. Drama
      Francis Imbuga, Betrayal in the City
      When people try to practice their rights under an intolerable government, they land in trouble. With reference to characters in the Betrayal in the City by Francis Imbuga, illustrate the statement.

      Introduction 2mks
      Issues of basic human rights such as freedom of expression, justice and others are at times not a priority in many African countries, therefore those who push for the same end up being in problems with the government as seen in Francis Imbuga’s Betrayal in the City.
      When individuals like Jusper push for what he feels was a right,he together with other characters find themselves in trouble with the government which lands him in prison.
      NB.The introduction can be specific or general.
      Ri. Adika who was a university student leader, leads students to participate in a strike to protest the employment of expatriates at the expense of qualified Kafira citizens which they felt was a violated right . This gets him killed.
      Rii. Jusper,Adika’s brother decides to fight for justice for his brother’s brutal death by killing the alleged brother’s killer Chagaga, the sub-chief’s brother. This leads to him being arrested and imprisoned.
      Riii. Mosese, a university lecturer,tries to exercise his freedom of expression during Adika’s funeral, against the directive of the state. A drug is planted in his car to enable his arrest which eventually leads to his imprisonment.
      Riv.Regina, Mosese’s sister in her quest to have her brother freed from prison,goes to plead his case to Boss at Tumbo’s advice. She is almost raped by Boss and is forced to to jump out of a ten-foot high window.
      Rv.Doga and Nina,Jusper’s parent insist on carrying out their son’s Adika’s shaving ceremony which they had been asked not to. With the aid of Jere, they go ahead and carry it out. They are later murdered in cold blood.
      Expect any four(4) well explained points.Award 3:3:3:3
      Conclusion. 2Mks
      It is true that when people practice their rights, they end up being in trouble with the government.

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