MOKASA Joint Evaluation Examination Physics Paper 3 2016- Pre MOCK

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  1. You are provided with the following;
    • a rectangular glass block
    • 4 optical pins
    • a soft board
    • a plain paper

    Proceed as follows:

    1. Place the glass block on the plain paper with one of the largest face upper most. Trace round the glass block using a pencil as shown below.

      physics practicals mokasa 2016

    2. Remove the glass block and construct a normal at B. Construct an incident ray AB of angle of incidence, i = 20o.
    3. Replace the glass block and trace the ray ABCD using the optical pins.
    4. Remove the glass block and draw the path of the ray ABCD using a pencil. Measure length L and record it in the table below.

      mokasa16pp3q1d mokasa 2016

    5. Repeat the procedure aove for the angles of the incidence given.
    6. Calculate the value of L2 and 1/L2; Record in the table.
    7. Plot a graph of 1/L2(y-axis) against Sin2 i . (5 marks)
    8. Calculate the gradient, S. (3 marks)

      Given that the equation of that graph is: physics practicals mokasa 2016

    9. Determine the 1/L2 -intercept C and the Sin2i - intercept B.
      C = _______________________________________ (1 mark)
      B = _______________________________________ (1 mark)

    10. Calculate the value of Q given by; (2 marks)

      physics practicals mokasa 2016

    11. Hand in your constructions on the plain paper together with the answer script. (2 marks)

    1. You are provided with the following:
      • A voltmeter
      • An ammeter
      • A dry cell
      • A cell holder
      • A switch
      • 7 connecting wires (4 wires with crocodile clips at one end)
      • A mounted resistance wire.

      1. Connect voltmeter across the dry cell on an open circuit. Measure its e.m.f.

        voltmeter mokasa 2016
        E = ____________________________________ (1 mark)

      2. Now connect the apparatus provided as shown below.

        physics practicals mokasa 2016

        Place the crocodile clip/jockey on the wire AB starting with L = 20 cm. Close the switch K. Record the terminal p.d. , V and corresponding current I. Repeat for other values of L shown and complete the table.

        physics practicals mokasa 2016

      3. Plot a graph of 1/v(y-axis) against 1/R. (4 marks)
      4. Given that the equation of graph is;

        1/v = r/E . 1/R + 1/E
        Determine from the graph:

        1. the intercept C on 1/v - axis
          C = ___________________________________ (1 mark)
          and hence calculate the e.m.f. E of the cell. (2 marks)

        2. the slope S of the graph. (2 marks)

        1. Use the values of C and S above to find W, given by W = S/C (1 mark)
        2. What is the physical meaning of W. (1 mark)

    2. You are provided with the following;
      • Half-metre rule
      • Knife edge (raised)
      • A thread (approx. 20cm in form of a loop)
      • 50g mass

      1. Determine the c.o.g of the half-metre rule.
        c.o.g. = _____________________ cm mark. (1 mark)

      2. center of gravity mokasa 2016

        1. Pivot the rule at 15cm mark and balance it with the mass as shown. When it is well balanced, note and record the position of the 50g mass; (1 mark)
          Position of 50g mass = _________________ cm mark
        2. Use your results to determine the weight of the rule. (2 marks)
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