Computer Studies Paper 2 Questions and Answers - MECS Cluster Joint Pre Mock Exams 2021/2022

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  • Type your name and admission number at the top right hand corner of each printout
  • Sign and write the date of the examination below the name and index number on each printout
  • Write your name and index number on the compact disks
  • Write the name and version of the software used for each question attempted in the answer sheet
  • Passwords should not be used while saving in the compact disks
  • Answer all the questions
  • All questions carry equal marks
  • All answers must be saved in your compact disks
  • Make a printout of the answers on the answer sheets provided
  • Hand in all the printouts and the compact disks.


  1. Table 1, Table 2 and Table 3 are extracts of records, kept in a carpentry shop. Use the information to answer the questions that follow:
     1. Carpenter Table 
     Carpenter_ID  Carpenter Name
     CAP_002  JOHN KANYO
     CAP_003  ALEX MUYA
     CAP_004  ISAAC WESA

    2. Customer Table 

    CAP_001 CUST_01 1721 Bench JANUARY 18,000
    CAP_002 CUST_02 1722 Coffee table JANUARY 25,000
    CAP_003 CUST_03 1723 Office table JANUARY 10,000
    CAP_004 CUST_04 1724 Single bed JANUARY 18,000
    CAP_005 CUST_05 1725 Arm chair JANUARY 60,000
    CAP_001 CUST_01 1726 Double bed FEBRUARY 75,000
    CAP_002 CUST_04 1727 Dining table FEBRUARY 85,000
    CAP_004 CUST_03 1728 Arm chair FEBRUARY 60,000
    CAP_001 CUST_02 1729 Double decker bed FEBRUARY 72,000
    CAP_002 CUST_06 1730 Kitchen table FEBRUARY 82,000
    CAP_004 CUST_02 1731 Bench MARCH 18,000
    CAP_003 CUST_06 1732 Bench MARCH 18,000

      1. Using database application package, create a database named; CARPENTERINFORMATION. (1mk)
      2. Create three tables named CarpenterTable, CustomerTable and Ordertable that will be used to store the above data. (10mks)
      3. Set the primary key for the above tables. (2mks)
      4. Create relationship among the tables. (2mks)
    2. Create a data entry form for the table. (3mks)
    3. Enter the data in CarpenterTable, CustomerTable and Ordertable respectively. (11mks)
      1. Create a query named Individual income to display the amount received from each customer every month. (4mks)
      2. Create a database object that computes Total income for each month. Save the query as TotalIncomeMonthly. (6mks)
    5. Create a query named Loyalty to compute the total number of orders made by each customer over the three months. (3mks)
    6. Create a report to display order details, save the report as Order report. (4mks)
    7. Print the three tables and the report. (4mks)

Use a spreadsheet to manipulate data in the table below.

AdmNo Name Stream Comp Art Bus Eng Math Mean Rank
C001 Barasa  H  56  45  36  56  36    
C002 Wangila  K  58  57  90  54  23    
C003 Wafula H  48  56  54  45  25    
C004 Wanjala K  78  95  78  46  24    
C005 Kerubo H 49  86  68  35  52    
C006 Akinyi K 56 45 25 63 54    
C007 Odhiambo H 75  78 45 65 56    
C008 Okunyuku K 89 69 65 53 51    
C009 Nekesa H 69 58 45 54 52    
C010 Simiyu H 85 46 78 52 53    
  Total  For H              
  Total For K              


  1. Enter the data in all bordered worksheet and auto fit all columns. Save the workbook as Mark1. (15mks)
  2. Find the total marks for each subject. (3mks)
  3. Find total for each subject per stream using a function. (5mks)
  4. Find the mean mark for each student using a function. (5mks)
  5. Rank students in descending order using the mean. (5mks)
  6. Create a well labeled column chart on a different sheet to show the mean mark of every student. Name the sheet as chart1. (7mks)
  7. Copy Mark1 in a new sheet, use subtotals to find the average mark for each subject per stream. Rename the worksheet as Mark2. (7mks)
  8. Print mark1, mark2 and the chart. (3mks)


      Mark Allocation Score awarded
       CARPENTERINFORMATION  Correct name(case sensitive) 1mk  
  Carpenter Table
Customer Table
Order Table
Availability of all field names @ ½ mark
Correct data types @ ½ mark
  Carpenter Table
Customer Table
One primary key on each of the two table @1mark  2marks  
  Relationship Correct links @1mark 2marks  
  Entry form for the three tables @1mark 3marks  
  Data entry Award 1mark for any two correct records 11marks  
  Individual income query Correct formulae 3marks
Correct output 3marks
  Total income query Correct formulae 3marks
Correct output 3marks
   Loyalty Query  Correct formulae 2marks
Correct output 1marks
  Order report    4marks  
  Print outs Printout @1mark  4marks  
      50 marks  


              Mark Allocation  Score awarded 
a Presence of workbook  1mark  
  Correctly saved (correct name-case sensitive) 1mark  
  10 records correctly entered (5) ½ *10 5marks  
  Auto fit columns @ ½ * 10 5marks  
  Presence of borders 1½mark  
b Subject totals using a function/formula ½ *5 2½marks  
c Total marks per stream ½ *10 5marks  
d Mean mark for each student ½ *10 5marks  
e Ranking for every student ½ *10 5marks  
f Presence of a column chart 1mark  
  Correct content 1mark  
  Labeling x-axis 1mark  
  Y-axis 1mark  
  Legend 1mark  
  Title 1mark  
  Different sheet 1mark  
g Sorting of records subtotals 4marks  
h Average using subtotals 5marks  
i Printing the three sheets 3marks  
  Total 50marks  


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