English Paper 1 Questions and Answers- Lugari Constituency Joint Pre Mock Exams 2023

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  1. FUNCTIONAL WRITING                       20MKS 
    Imagine you are the sales manager of Wazuri Company. Your company has come up with a new model of a phone.
    1. Write an advertisement that is to appear in one of the dailies.
    2. Assume that you run The Wasafi Electronics Shop in Turbo . You have read the advert and you need Wazuri Company to supply you with the above phone. Write a letter of request. In the letter, specify the number of phones, means of transportation and any other details you deem relevant.                                     (10mks) 
    Fill in the blanks in the passage below with an appropriate word.     
                        (10 marks)
    Four weeks to the Africities Summit,  ……1………host city of Kisumu is bristling ………2………excitement and anticipation, with good reason.
    ………3……… 10,000 visitors are expected to converge on the lakeside city, drawn  ……4…… By a continental summit that happens one every three ……5……… About 5,000 of them will be foreign delegates keen to join in a discourse that African cities and how they evolving into a truly unpredictable ……6……… The other 4000 will be exhibitors at a gigantic exhibitions centre and service providers to ensure that the ………7……. do not lack anything.
    Many have been skeptical ………8…….. Kisumu could handle such a large influx of people even if it is the third largest city in the country. Well, the city is well-prepared in all aspects. It has been for a while. Significant investments have been made in infrastructure and ………9……. is still going on to complete roads around and near the Mambolea ASK Showground where the event will be held. The major streets are spruced up, as they have been for many months, thanks to the work done……10………. the County Government of Kisumu.
  3. ORAL SKILLS                    20MKS
    1. Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.
      One afternoon, a big wolf waited in a dark forest for a little girl to come along carrying a basket of food to her grandmother. Finally the little did come along and she was carrying the basket of food. “Are you carrying the basket to your grandmother?” Asked the wolf. The little girl answered,”Yes I am.” So the wolf asked the girl where her grandmother lived. When the girl told him, he disappeared to the woods.
      When the little girl opened the door of her grandmother’s house, she noticed there was somebody in bed with a night cap and a night gown. She realized that it was the wolf, so the little girl took a gun from her basket and shot the wolf dead.
      1. If you were narrating this story, how would you ensure your audience remains glued to the story?             (3 marks)                 
      2. How would you say the words of the girl and the wolf in your narration?       (2 marks)
      3. How would you prepare yourself to effectively tell the story?              (3 marks)
    2. Your class wants to put up a play. You have to decide which of the two plays among your set books to perform. Your teacher has asked you to lead a group discussion to choose one. What will you do to make sure the discussion remains calm and constructive?  (4 marks)
    3. Mary cannot bear children
      1. Identify the above genre.
      2. Give the two possible meanings of the above (2 marks)
      3. Give one function of the above genre. (1 marks)
    4. For each of the following words, write another that is pronounced the same way but is spelt differently and has a different meaning. (3 marks)
      1. Know 
      2. Gate  
      3. Bare
    5. Indicate the appropriate intonation at the end of each sentence. (4 marks)
      1. Have all the students been registered?            
      2. Stop wasting time.    
      3. That was superb!  
      4. There is hope for Cancer patients. 
    6. Read the following conversation and answer the questions that follow.
      Owuor : Before she died of liver cancer, my sister felt a lot of pain and lost a lot of weight.
      Chondo : Talking about pain, had a toothache last night.  I tell you. I couldn’t sleep.
      Owuor : Yes, so about my sister…….
      Chondo : You remind me about my own sister.  Infact she wrote to me last week telling me about her son’s fees. She believes I have more money than I need, and that I should give her some.
      Owuor : Well, maybe you have a lot of money.  But thank you for being such good listener.
      Chondo : What! Have I offended you?
      1. Point out three reasons that you think made Owuor decide to stop the conversation.  [3mks]
      2. How could Chondo have reacted to Owuor’s problems in a more acceptable manner? (2mks)
      3. List down five circumstances that may force one to interrupt a speaker. (2mks)

                                                                                          MARKING SCHEME 


  1. Has to be an advertisement; if not deduct 4 mks from the linguistic mark.
  2. The advertisement must be about a new phone model; if not treat as irrelevant and deduct
  3. The advertisement should include the following information:
    1. Name of company ½mk
    2. Contact of company ½mk
    3. Model of phone e.g celtel, safaricom econet ½mk
    4. Special features of the phone. At least four features.  2mks
    5. Price ½mk
    6. Terms of sale, e.g. “buy one phone, get one line free” (celtel, safaricom, ½mk
      Availability. ½mk
    7. Artistic qualification e.g.
      • Title        ½mk
      • Drawing of phone.  1mk
      • How advert has been designed (e.g. in a frame) 1MKS
      • Writing-capitals; cursive; ½mk


  1. the
  2. with
  3. Approximately
  4. their
  5. years
  6. future
  7. guests
  8. whether
  9. work
  10. by


      • Mimicking the wolf’s deep hoarse voice
      • Tonal variation e.g. Are you carrying the basket to your grandmother’s house?
      • Body movement – to show the wolf’s disappearance to the woods e.g. short quick steps.
      • Appropriate gestures to demonstrate the shooting. (3x1= 3mks)
      • The girl- in a polite, softly, respectful-falling intonation
      • The wolf- in an enticing and cunning –rising intonation   (2x1=2mks)
    2. Master the content of the narrative by memorizing
      • Read the story to myself or in front of a mock audience
      • Practice pronouncing the words correctly
      • Choose the correct costume.
    • I would encourage the use of courteous language.
    • I would encourage everyone to participate
    • I would ensure members observe turn taking for order.
    • Appoint the secretary to capture the key points of discussion (4 x 1mks)
    1. Know     no
    2. Gate      gait
    3. Bare      bear   (3x 1 mks)
    1. rising
    2. Falling
    3. Falling
    4. Falling   (4x 1mks)
    1. pun
      • Mary cannot tolerate children
      • Mary is barren
      • entertainment
      • enhance creativity
      • add more meaning to text       (1x 1mk)

(a) i Chondo does not seem to:

  • be interest in Owuor’s problem
  • be interested in what Owuor is saying
  • empathise with Owour
  • turn take in their conversation (he interrupts a lot). (any 3 x 1 = 3mks)

    ii Chondo should:
  • empathise with Owour
  • encourage and console her
  • take time to listen to Owour’s problem.
  • Be relevant in her speech. (any 2 x 1 = 2 mks)
    iii Circumstance that may cause interruption:
  • If you didn’t hear what the speaker said
  • when you strongly disagree with the speaker
  • when you strongly support the speaker
  • when you wish the speaker to clarify unclear issue.
  • When you want to make an addition to the speakers point.
  • When the speaker has misrepresented certain known facts. (any 5 x ½ = 2.5mks)
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