English Paper 3 Questions - Lugari Constituency Joint Pre Mock Exams 2023

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Answer three questions only.
  1. Imaginative Composition (Compulsory) (20 marks)
    1. Write a story beginning:
      I looked through the window to see who was knocking.
    2. Write a composition explaining why the Government should be blamed for the rising cost of living in this country.
  2. The Compulsory Set Text (20 marks)
    H.R Ole Kulet, Blossoms of the Savannah.
    Insensitive individuals take advantage of certain cultural practices for personal gain. With close reference to Blossoms of the Savannah by H.R Ole Kulet, write an essay in support this statement.
  3. The Optional Set Texts (20 marks)
    1. The Short Story
      Godwin Siundu (Ed.), A Silent Song and Other Stories.
      “Disobedience and arrogance leads to regret and agony.” Write an essay in support of the above assertion drawing evidence from, “Talking Money,” by Stanley Gazemba.
    2. Drama
      David Mulwa, Inheritance.
      Lucuna Kasoo is not entirely to be blamed for the problems that face his subjects. Drawing illustrations from David Mulwa’s Inheritance, write an essay to support this statement.
    3. The Novel
      Kazuo Ishiguro, An Artist of the Floating World.
      Citing illustrations from Kazuo Ishiguro’s An Artist of the Floating World, write an essay validating the statement, “Our actions today may have far reaching consequences in future.”
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