HOME SCIENCE Marking Scheme - Form 1 End of Term 1 2019 Examinations

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SECTION A (40 marks)

  1. Five parts of the dermis (2 1/2 marks)
    • Blood capillaries
    • Sweat glands
    • Hair follicle
    • Sebaceous glands
    • Nerve endings
  2. Skin infections that affect humans (11/2 marks)
    • Dandruff
    • Ringworm
    • Athletes foot
  3. Importance of home science to the individual (3 marks)
    • Helps the individual to improve his/her wellbeing
    • It lays a foundation for career development in areas related to home science such as hotel management, catering, nutrition and dietetics
    • It helps the individual to become a better household manager
    • It helps one to maintain environmental hygiene
  4. What is personal hygienen (2 marks)
    • This is the personal care one gives to him/herself so as to look good
  5. Items referred to as accessories as far as good grooming is concerned (4 marks)
    • Hats, belts, shoes, handbags, scarfs, gloves, jewelry
  6. Three ways of preventing skin diseases (3 marks)
    • Avoid sharing personal items
    • Eat a diet rich in vitamins
    • Bath regularly
    • Sterilize personal items regularly
  7. Functions of the human skin (4 marks)
    • Protect the body against germs, dirt and injury
    • It maintains a constant body temperature
    • It is an excretory organ through which salts and water are eliminated in form of sweat
    • It takes part in the synthesis of vitamin A
    • Stores fat and retain body fluids
  8. Give the points to consider when selecting clothes for a short plump figure (4 marks)
    • Where clothe with vertical lines to give illusion of height
    • Avoid tight clothes as they show bulges and extra curves
    • Avoid fluffy or bulky fabrics
    • Avoid shining fabrics as they have an enlarging effect
    • Use limited jewelry to avoid drawing attention to fat arms and neck
  9. Dangers that may occur due to the misuse of cosmetics (4 marks)
    • They can lead to skin damage
    • They can cause skin irritation and blackheads
    • They can bleach the skin hence destroy the skin melanin
    • They can cause allergies of the skin
    • May also cause skin cancer

  1. Reasons why and adolescent should practice good hygiene (2 marks)
    • They are active and hence seat easily
    • To avoid or reduce acne
    • Girls start menstruating therefore they need to keep clean to avoid body odors
  2. Difference between burns and scalds (3 marks)
    • Burns are injuries caused by dry heat or chemicals while scalds are injuries caused by moist heat
  3. Four ways of preventing cuts at home (4 marks)
    • Knives should be washed and stored separately
    • A chopping board should be used for cutting food
    • Broken pots, bottles and empty tins should be disposed appropriately
    • Splinters, thorns, sharp sticks and bones should be cleared off the compound


    1. Care of the feet and toes (10 marks)
      • Always wash them with soapy water
      • Use pumice stone to remove dead skin
      • Dry the space between the toes to avoid bad smell, foot rot and athletes foot
      • Aerate the feet often to avoid bad smell
      • Cut the nails regularly to prevent them from breaking or storing germs
      • Wear the correct size of shoe to avoid corns and bunions on the feet
      • Dust feet with talcum powder to keep them fresh
      • Wear clean socks and shoes
      • Avoid high heeled shoes while walking or working
      • Do not share shoes or socks as they would transfer germs
    2. How to launder white cotton handkerchief (10 marks)
      • Collect the equipment and materials needed and take theme to the place of work
      • Soak the handkerchief in cold salty water to dissolve mucus. Soak for half an hour
      • Rinse off the salty water
      • Wash the handkerchief in hot soapy water using friction method
      • Rinse in clean hot water to remove dirt and soap
      • Finally rinse in cold water to freshen
      • Hang on the line under direct sunlight and secure with pegs
      • Press with a hot iron to remove creases
      • Air fold and store
      • Clean the equipment used, dry and store appropriately

SECTION C (40 marks)

    1. Types of modern houses (3 marks)
      • Bungalow
      • Flats/apartment
      • Maisonette
    2. Different types of kitchen plans (4 marks)
      • One wall kitchen plan
      • L-kitchen plan
      • U- kitchen plan
      • Corridor plan
    3. Points to consider when renting a house (4 marks)
      • The rental fee should be affordable
      • The size of the house should suit the family requirement in terms of the pace and size
      • The house should be located near social amenities
      • The tenancy conditions should not be harsh
      • The house should be in a safe neighborhood
    4. Disadvantages of using grass as a roofing (4 marks)
      • dry grass catches fire and burns easily
      • it harbors insects and pests
      • it is not durable and has to be repaired frequently
      • easily blown by the wind
      • it leaks easily during the rainy season
    5. Five cleaning equipment used for cleaning the house (5 marks)
      • buckets and basins
      • brooms, cobweb brush
      • dust pan
      • dust brush/hand brush
      • scrubbing brush
      • mop
      • vacuum cleaner
    1. Reasons for cleaning the house (8 marks)
      • To maintain the appearance of surfaces
      • To make articles and surfaces durable
      • Secure a healthy environment free from disease causing microorganisms
      • To make the house dwellers feel psychologically satisfied in a clean environment
      • To prevent dirt from becoming fixed and hence difficult and costly to clean
    2. Five improvised cleaning agents (5 marks)
      • Ash
      • Fine sand
      • Crushed egg shells
      • Rough leaves
      • Sisal fibers
      • Maize cobs
      • Crushed charcoal
    3. Define the following types of cleaning
      1. Daily cleaning (3 marks)
        • This is cleaning done on the daily basis to remove loose dirt from surface in the house. It involves activities such as sweeping, dusting and suction cleaning
      2. Weekly cleaning (3 marks)
        • This is cleaning done on a weekly basis to remove loose dirt from surfaces. It involves weeping, dusting, wiping and scrubbing
    4. What is dirt (1 mark)
      • Dirt is any unwanted substance which settles on surfaces making them look unsightly

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