English Paper 3 Questions and Answers - Form 3 End Term 3 Exams 2023

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Instructions to the candidates

  • Answer all the questions given.
  • Each question must not exceed 450 words.
  • Candidates must answer the questions in English.
  •  Answer all the questions
  1. Write a composition beginning with the following sentence.
    "The night was different from all previous nights..." (20 marks)
  2. Write a composition explaining the importance of co- curricular activities in achieving a wholesome education in Kenya schools.
    (20 marks)
  3. Despite having gained Independence; Many African nations still grapple with Neo - colonialism which adversely affects lives. Justify this assertion with illustration from Father's of Nations by John Lara. (20 marks)


    1. It must be a story that begins with the given statement.
    2.  It must be a story explaining illustrating the meaning of the given statement if not, deduct (2mks)
    3. It should be about an extra - ordinary thing that happened the night like attack or robbery.
    • Candidates must write an introduction that should be an explanation and not deduction.
    • planation and giving evidence, illustration and examples to support the points given.
    • Further the candidates must demonstrate ability to use language pleasantly and effectively.
    • There should be a conclusion on the essay.
    Leaving of white man who was a colonialist paved way for Africa to be colonized by its own people who took advantage of their positions of power to mistreat the masses. After Independence , Africans decide to govern themselves putting into leadership the people they trust who can govern them better and bring change after tough times during colonia period. Their dreams do not come true as the very leaders turn their back on them and become " black Europeans" . This is evident in Father's of Nations by John Lara.

    Comrade Melusi confesses to Mr Longway that there is no freedom, no work no unity as the new leader applies the tactic of divide and rule. African leaders does not discuss serious issues. They potray as individuals who lack etiquette and turn taking skills, hecklers and uncivilized. Like illiterates they shout at each other instead of breaking grounds on how to understand each other and discuss effectively.

    New colonialism has brought with it many other evils, political assassination. The author paints a picture of a continent where leadership is a matter of life and death and no longer a calling. They deep their feet into leadership with hidden motives. They get to power by all means and campaigns and political ventures including killing fellow killing fellow contestants

    Mp Newborn Walomu, a former junior lecturer in realizing that ignorance and education is valued and rewarded in Kenya, he dives into politics with his whole body and starts by committing atrocities to ascend to power.During the by election campaigns, Walomu use gunmen who could have been better than him This organized crimes are rampant in most African states as leaders will do anything within their powers to stay in leadership.

    Neo -colonialism bred rampant coups in various states inAfrica as leaders turned doctors.Only their voices were to be heard. With their insatiable thirst for power, African leaders go to greater heights at the expense of their nations to grasp power. Armies are at their disposal and they use them for their selfish gains.

    Indeed, new colonialism comes with many adverse affects in the masses.
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