Computer Studies Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Form 3 End Term 3 Exams 2023

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Instruction to Candidates

  • The Paper has two questions.
  • Answer all the questions.
  • Write your name and on the CD.
  • Write the name and version of software used in each question on the answer sheet.
  • Password should not be used on CD.
  • All answer must be saved on the CD.
  • Hand in all the printouts and the CD.


  1. Using an appropriate word processing, type the following passage and save it in as: Data (10mks)
    Data security and control
    External threats
    1. Fire. Floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, these are the potential threats hut are not the most common external problems,
    2. Theft of equipment- theft of pc’s laser printers and even memory chips after a Break into a building are quite common.
    3. Espionage (intelligence) - information in the wrong hands can do a lot of damage. Example access to a payroll or accounting information is restricted so such information should be shielded from external and internal spies.
      Internal threats
      Internal threat would include.
      1. hacking
      2. Fraud
      3. Hardware failure
      4. Corruption of databases
        Viruses load and run without the user requesting them to run and cause considerable damage e.g.
        1. Modifying another program
        2. Hiding inside other programs with an aim of spreading to another machine
        3. Destroying data and programs.
          It is a computer code which usually designed to carry out two tasks:
          1. To replicate itself’ from one computer s stem to another.
          2. To locate itself’ within a computer system in such a way as to make it possible for it to amend or destroy programs and data files, by interfering with the normal processes of the operating system.
            1. Copy the document to the next page. (2mks)
            2. Format the headings as follows: (6mks)
                 Front Size  Font type  Underline  bold
               Data security and control  14  Times New Roman  Yes  Yes
               External threats  14  Monotype Corsiva  None  Yes
               Internal threats  14  Default  Yes  No
            3. Change the numbering to bullets; as follows: (2mks)
               Headings  Bullet
                 i) External threats
                (ii) Internal Threats
            4. Strike through the word internal threats (2mks)
    1. Insert the ANY clipart at the bottom center of the document. (3mks)
    2. Create word art as indicated by the symbol. (2mks)
    3. Using auto shape, design a logo as indicated by the symbol. (2mks)
  3. Save the document as security (2mks)
    1. Copy the original document (data security) to the next page(2mks)
    2. Drop cap the first letter of the document (D) to cover two lines (1mk)
    3. Spell check the whole document. (2mks
    4. Double space and italics the first paragraph (3mks)
    5. Insert a header ‘computer threat’ to appear in every page (2mks)
    6. Number the pages using the format I,ii,iii..... at the center of the page.     (3mks)
  5. Save the document as COMPUTER THREAT (2mks)
  6. Print the document
    1. Data security (1mk)
    2. Security (1mk)
    3. Computer threat (1mk)


The table below shows an extract of the Form Three Performance in the three exams of the term. Using spreadsheet package create a workbook and save as: Class Performance MERIT. (12mks)

 S/no  Adm. No.  Name  1st Exam  2nd Exam  3rd Exam
 1.  2131  JOY KAMAU  70  92  52
 2.  2132  JOHN NJUGUNA  80  72  62
 3.  2133  FRED OWINO  92  83  72
 4.  2134  LILIZ MAINA  46  49  89
 5.  2135  WINNIE OKWACH  78  50  35
 6.  2136  ANN OWILI  89  78  48
 7.  2137  MARY KASGWANA  30  72  68
 8.  2138  SAMUEL WILLIS  47  89  72
 9.  2139  OKIDIZ KIDII  58  30  74
10.  2140  NEREA REBECA  92  42  74


  1. In column F calculate the average performance of all the students. (2mks)
  2. In row 12, find the lowest score in every exam. (3mks)
  3. In cells B15, B16 and B17 insert the values 0.25, 0.35 and 0.4 respectively. (3mks)
  4. Rename the cells B15, B16 and B17 as EX1, EX2 and EX3 respectively. (3mks)\
  5. Insert a column between 3rd exam and average and name as score. (2mks)
  6. Using absolute cell reference Calculate the score for Rebeca as Sum of 25% of 1st Exam, 35% of 2nd Exam, and 40% of 3rdExam. (3mks)
  7. Copy the formula upwards to calculate the score for all the students. (3mks)
    1. Create a pie chart showing the students admission number and the average on the same sheet. (5mks)
    2. Have the chart title as 'Performance Merit’ (1mk)
    3. Put the legend to the left of the chart. (1mk)
  8. Copy the admission number, 1st Exam, and 2nd Exam to sheet 2. (2mks)
  9. Create a column called points to award the students points based on the average of the two exams as follows: (4mks)
     Average  Points
      >80   12
      >60   8
      >40   6
      >0   2
  10. Calculate the total points scored by all the students. (2mks)
  11. Calculate the number of students who have 70 and above in Exam 2. (2mks)
  12. Print sheet 1. (2mks)

                                                                                           MARKING SCHEME

 a  File name Data  0.5
   Correct Case  0.5
   Memory chips underline  0.5
   Break into…. Bold  0.5
   Internal threats…. underline  0.5
   Internal threats…. bold  0.5
   Operating System …underline  0.5
   Numbering……  1.5
   Typing of each sub paragraph@1  5
 b  (i)  Copying to next page  2
    (ii)  Formatting three headers @¼ *4 max 2 each  6
    (ii)  Change bullets  
   External  threats  1
   Internal threats  1
   Strike through  2
 c  (i)  Clip art inserted  1
   Bottom of the document  2
    (ii)  Word art inserted  1
   Correct case  1
    (ii)  Auto shape inserted  1
   Text with correct case  2
 d  Saving security  1
   Correct cased  1
 e  (i)  Copying the original page 1 to new document  2
    (ii)  Drop cap   1
   (iii)  Spell check... Run spelling ad grammar for any error  2
   (iv)  Double space first page  2
   Italics  1
   (v)  Insert header  1
   Correct case  1
   (iv)  Page numbering  1
   At the centre   1
   Correct format  1
   Correct case  1
 g  Printing three pages @1  3
   TOTAL  50
Q2.  Save  1
   Correct case  1
   Column header  1
   Superscript  1
   Boarder  2
   Column entry@ 2mk  6
 a  Title  0.5
   Formula  0.5
   Copied  1
 b  Lowest score each exam @1mk  3
 c  Insertion of each value in B15, B16, B17  3
   Renaming of cells  3
 d  Column inserted  1
   Named score  1
 f  Use of absolute reference on B15, B16, B17  3
 g  Copy the formula to the rest of the cells even if wrong @f  3
  (i)  Apostrophe on adm no. To convert Number to text  1
   Correct data  ref   2
   Pie chart  1
   Same sheet  1
  (ii)  Chart title  1
  (ii)  Legend to the left  1
 h  Copied to sheet 2  1
   Correct data  1 
 i  If(Average(cell reference, conditio)) deny 1mk if the value is on the bracket  4
 j  Total points calculated  2
 k  Use of countif  2
 l  Print of both chart and sheet on one page  2
   TOTAL  50
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