Home Science Questions - Form 4 Mid-term Exams Term 1 2022

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  1. State three points on choice,use and care of a charcoal iron(3mks)
  2. List three disadvantages of using hard water in the home(3mks)
  3. Define the term accessories(1mk)
  4. Write four points to consider when planning meals for the family(4mks)
  5. Suggest three reasons for using fullness in garment construction(3mks)
  6. State four advantages of using carpets as floor covering material(4mks)
  7. Give four reasons why most families prefer to take care of their sick members at home(4mks)
  8. Discuss four measures that should be taken to prevent the spread of infections while taking care of the sick at home(4mks)
  9. List two examples of pollutants that make air stale in a room(1mk)
  10. Give three dangers of poor ventilation in a room(3mks)
  11. State four types of fuel commonly used in kenya today(2mks)
  12. Explain why biogas is becoming a common fuel in most rural homes in Kenya(2mks)
  13. Define light(1mk)
  14. Identify with examples in each case give two categories of sources of light(2mks)
  15. Highlight two common types of colour schemes(2mks)
  16. Name two common types of collars(2mks)
  17. Highlight five advantages of using convenience foods(5mks)
  18. State three advantages of using left-over foods?(3mks)

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