Discuss the composition and functions of mammalian blood - KCSE Biology Essays

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Mammalian blood consists of two main components: Blood plasma; and the blood cells; (Red blood cells/Erythrocytes, White blood cells/Leucocytes and Platelets/Thrombocytes);

Blood plasma transport nutrients (glucose, amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids and glycerol, dissolved oxygen) to tissues; transports hormones, enzymes/metabolic regulators to target organs and tissues; Transport excretory substances/wastes from the cells; to excretory organs for elimination from the body; Distribute heat energy; helping in thermoregulation; Transports/contains water, plasma proteins and dissolved mineral salts; important in osmoregulation; Suspends blood cells;

Red blood cells transport oxygen; and dissolved carbon (IV) oxide; helps in regulation of pH;

White blood cells help in protection/immunity; by engulfing or producing antibodies to kill/destroy invading micro-organisms/pathogens;

Platelets help in blood clotting; preventing excessive blood loss; entry of pathogens; and promotes healing of wounds;

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