Teachings from selected Old Testament Prophets Questions and Answers - Form 3 Topical CRE

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    1. Explain five conditions which led to the Babylonian exile
    2. What problems did the Israelites experience during the Babylonian exile
    3. State five difficulties Christian go through as they serve God
  2. Mention six roles of the Prophets of God in the Old Testament
  3. Explain seven characteristics of true prophets in the old testament                        
  4. Identify seven duties of God’s prophets in the old testament
  5. Identify ways in which a Christian can identify a true servant of God      
  6. Identify five methods  used by  the  old testament prophets   to  pass their  messages    
    1. Highlight the difference between the traditional and Old Testament prophets     
    2. Identify various ways through which the Old Testament Prophets communicated their messages to the people   
    3. What lessons can a Christian learn from the Old testament Prophets



      • Babylonians had become powerful and had defeated Egypt
      • The Israelites had forsaken the covenant way of life/commands of God
      • They had broken their relationship with God e.g. worshipped idols.
      • Intermarriages with foreigners 
      • Israelites refused to listen to Prophets
      • They also persecuted the prophets of Yahweh
      • The Israelites failed to repent of their sins
      • They had weak leaders who failed to return people to the covenant way of life(Any5x2=10mks)
      • They lacked adequate food/famines
      • They suffered from various diseases and ailments
      • They lost their identity
      • They found it hard to adopt to a new environment
      • They had to keep/follow the Babylonian officials
      • They lived in fear of the Babylonian officials
      • They were turned to refugees
      • Their religious loyalty to God was undermined
      • They lacked places of worship
      • There were false prophets (Any5x1=5mks)
      • Temptation from worldly/devil pleasure
      • Face opposition/persecution/oppression due to their faith
      • Communication barriers
      • Challenges form other religions
      • Bad examples set by leaders discourage them
      • Challenges from science and technology
      • Disagreement /division within the Church
      • False teachings/Prophet who contradict Christian teachings (Any 5x1=5mks)
    • Mediator between God and people 
    • God’s spokesmen/communicate and predict the future
    • Condemned injustices and defended the law of God
    • They were conscience of Kings and advise them if they go wrong 
    • Acted  as priests /offer sacrifice e.g. Samuel Aaron/ Moses
    • They gave people hope /encouraged people in times of difficulties
    • They all received a vocational call from God
    • They all responded positively/ in obedience to God’s call
    • They all stood for the covenant way of life
    • They all spoke with authority from God
    • They all condemned the social evils in the society of their times
    • All inspired/ led to by the Holy Spirit
    • Suffered rejection/ opposition/ criticism from Israelites
    • All were courageous and ready to die for the truth
    • Acted as mediator/ bridge/ link between God and the Israelites 
    • Their prophecies always come true/ pass
    • Preached monotheism
    • Were morally upright
    • Communicated God’s message to the people 
    • Taught the people the covenant way of life
    • Called people to repentance
    • Warned people of God’s impending judgement
    • They revealed God’s will to the people
    • They gave people hope of salvation
    • They condemned the evils in society
    • Gives free services
    • They are prayerful
    • They are humble/honest/kind/patient/loving/faithful
    • They condemn evil in the society
    • Sharing of their resources with the needy
    • Being exemplary /role model
    • Preaching the word of God
    • Through  sermons/public  speeches
    • By  performing  miracles
    • Through  demonstration/symbolic actions
    • Using  personal  experiences
    • Writing letters to their audiences
    • Through songs
    • Through  dialogue with  the  audience
      • In tradition Afr5iccan their received their  powers through inheritance/ spirits of the living dead while old Testament prophets were appointed and received theirs from God.
      • In traditional, they ere highly respected and obeyed while the Old Testament ones faced opposition most of the time.
      • In traditional, their prophecies have been preserved and  passed on mainly through  oral traditions while the old testament  ones were recorded and preserved in written from.
      • The Old Testament prophets some of them had an idea of a glorious Messiah ho would come while the traditional ones, the concept of the Messiah does not exist.
      • The traditional recognized and worshipped many gods and goddesses while the Old Testament ones stressed on Monotheistic religion that is worship of only one God.
      • The traditional ones limited their Messages to their communities while the Old Testament ones gave the messages to the Israelites and the whole world
      • Lyrics
      • Prose/narratives.
      • Sermons
      • Letters e.g Jeremiah
      • Song/poems.
      • Lamentations
      • Symbolizations.
      • Lifestyle e.g Hosea
      • They should prophecy for the glory of God.
      • They should stand firm for the truth
      • They should condemn all corrupt practices in the society.
      • They should be ready to obey God’s call.
      • They should lead holy lives.
      • They should be ready to be rejected.
      • They should preach the gospel all over the world as god is universal.


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