Nehemiah Questions and Answers - Form 3 Topical CRE

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  1. How did Nehemiah try to restore the independence of the Israelites through religious reforms   
    1. Identify eight occasions in which Nehemiah prayed to justify his needs in Judah
    2. What were the socio-economic problems that Nehemiah faced as the Governor of Judah after completing the wall of Jerusalem
    3. Mention six good qualities in Nehemiah which can help modern leaders in Church and society to Execute good leadership today
    1. Explain the problems experienced by Nehemiah as governor of Judah
    2. What lessons can a Christian leader learn from the problems faced by Nehemiah
    1. Describe the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem by Nehemiah               
    2. Give seven similarities of the experiences of both Nehemiah and Jesus during their ministries     
    3. Explain the kind of reforms a  Christian may make in our present churches if given a chance     today         
    1. Explain five teachings christians can learn about patriotism from the characters of  Nehemiah.  
    2. Mention the promises the Israelites made during the first renewal of the covenant under Nehemiah.
    1. Outline the promises the Israelites made during the renewal of the covenant under   Nehemiah.
    2. Identify six problems that Nehemiah faced in his leadership.
    3. State six qualities that Christians learn from Nehemiah’s life


  1. He cleansed the temple by expelling tobiah
    He restored the Levites to their rightful duties
    He stopped the Israelites from marrying foreigners
    He reinstated the true worship on the Sabbath by abolishing business activities
    He led the people in the renewal of the covenant
    He improved their tithing system
    He gave the singers their rightful position in the temple
    He purified the priests and the people as a sign of making them fit for gods service
    1. When he received report from Hanani about the condition of the Jerusalem wall and oppression of his people
      Before expressing his sorrow and sadness to King Artexexes,
      When Tobiah/Sanballet and other enemies discouraged the workers at the temple not to build the wall
      When he donated his dues to the needy in society, he wanted God to reward him
      When Sanballet/Tobiah and Geshem threatened to harm him
      When Shemiah attempted to frighten him to hide in the temple
      After cleansing the temple
      After warning people of Judah against violating the Sabbath
      After chasing away the son-in-law of Sanballat
      After cleansing the Israelites from mixing with foreigners
      When he learnt of the conspiracy to invade Judah
    2. Mortgage their children as tithe deeds (security) to buy food
      Mortgaging of their field /vineyard houses to get grain during femine
      Giving out of their fields /children as slaves to pay the Kings tax
      During famine people could pay high prices for emperors
      There was a rapid increase in population leading to economic crisis
      Borrowing of loan and paying back at a high interest rates
      Daughters were sold off to creditors
      Cost of building the wall brought huge debt, that forced Nehemiah to allow forced labor to pay tax
    3. Diplomacy
      Faith and trust in God
      Courage and Bravery
      Leaders to sacrifice for the well being of others
      Leaders should have ability to mobilize his people for effective development
      Leaders should be honest
      Leaders should be initiative
      Leaders should show love/compassion
      Leaders should understand their people through interacting with them freely
    1. Opposition to the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem
      Opposition from Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem
      Plots against Nehemiah’s life by Sanballat and Tobiah
      Accusations of treason against the emperor of Persia by Tobiah and Sanballat
      The rebuilding project was ridiculed by Sanballat
      The Jew’s were despised by their enemies as a minority and hence harassed
      Prophet Shemiah was to force Nehemiah to commit sacrilege by hiding in the temple
      There was poverty and famine in Judah
      The wealthy land owners exploited the poor
      People were heavily taxed in order to finance the rebuilding of the wall and to pay the Kings fat
      People took loans in order to pay tax and paid interest on it contrary to the Mosaic law which demanded that the poor people of Israel should not be charged interest on loans
    2. They should be prepared to face opposition as they preach the gospel
      They should have faith in God and persevere as they carry out their duties
      They should fight for the rights of the poor in the society and their wealth to benefit others
      They should learn how to correct wrong doers
      They should learn to condemn all forms of injustice e.g. corruption
      They should be ready to forgo their personal interests for the sake of God’s kingdom
    1. When the wall was completed the Jews were overjoyed.
      Nehemiah invited Levites who were custodian of Israelites religion.
      He also invited Priests, political leaders and the Israelites
      Singers were also invited & they came with cymbals, harps & lyres
      Priests &Levites purified themselves, the people,
      The gates and the walls were also purified
      Nehemiah brought leaders (Princes) of Judah upon the wall he then appointed two groups who gave thanks and then went into a procession
      1st group led by Ezra went t the wall to the right
      The 2nd group went to the left
      Two groups finally converged at the temple, where there was singing, sacrifices & rejoicing
      Nehemiah then chose people to be in-charge of tithes, offerings and contributions & ensure they are handled well
      The city was once more seen as the city of God
    2. Both were prayerful thy prayed for strength and courage when they faced challenges
      Both had good leadership qualities and courage, Jesus on the other hand courageously withstood hostilities
      Both cared for the needy
      Both condemned evil & injustices in society
      Both encourage repentance & forgiveness of sins (Nehemiah during renewal of the covenant, Jesus , in his parables)
  5. They should have great love for their country
    They should participate in developments projects of their country as Nehemiah did
    They should be mindful of the welfare of other citizens and cater for their needs
    They should promote justice as Nehemiah condemned those who exploited the poor
    They should be ready to defend their country in event of external aggression
    They should defend the values of their country and avoid bad foreign influence
    They should be law binding citizens and respect the constitution of the country
    They should pay taxes promptly to enhance development
    They should recognize and respect public national days like Nehemiah did for Sabbath
    They should participate in national elections by praying and choosing good leaders

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