Christian Approaches to Law, Order and Justice Questions and Answers - Form 4 Topical CRE

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  1. Discuss the role of Christians in the transforming the political life of the society . 
  2. Show how a Christian can contribute to the maintenance of law and order
    1. Give some causes of crime in the society today.
    2. Give reasons why some Christians are opposed to the use of capital punishment.
  4. Write down seven reasons why Christians should participate in the law reform process
    1. Explain how Christians can contribute to the maintenance of law, order and justice      
    2. Give five reasons why rape is rampant in Kenya today       
    3. Identity five areas of conflict between the Church and state       
  6. Give seven traditional African practices that promote law, order and justices


    • Offer civic education
    • Participate in law-reform processes/ constitution review process
    • Condemn evil in society
    • Participate in state function/ public holiday e.g. offer prayers
    • Reconcile marrying parties
    • Preach love, peace and unity
    • Obey laws of the country
    • Rule in national elections
    • Obey the authorities 
    • Observe all the laws.
    • Pay taxes.
    • Report errant members of society to law enforcement /agents/authority.
    • Take part in decision making of the right representatives in parliament.
    • Working hard.
    • Not bribing people or receiving bribes.
    • Practice love and charity.
      • Poverty - Most people live below the poverty line. In order to get their needs they resolve to unlawful means like robbery e.t.c.
      • Public mistrust for law enforces: where they are not entrusted by the public in handling those who have committed crime hence resolve into mob justice
      • Migration and urbanization and the effects that accompany it i.e. break of African kinship ties where virtues were taught by virtually all the adults in society
      • Lack of parental care and guidance. Most parents have abdicated their responsibility of imparting necessary virtues to their children
      • Greed which leads to temptation to commit crime
      • Drug and substance abuse which leads to many criminal activities
      • It is against the human rights to take away an individuals life
      • God’s law forbids human beings from killing/ committing murder (You shall not kill)
      • Capital punishment does not serve/ fulfill the purpose for which punishment is intended i.e. retribution/ warning/ reform/ discouragement from repeating the offence
      • It is an attack on the human dignity of an individual
      • Human beings are made in the image of God. So capital punishment is destroying the image of God in human beings
      • It is a criminal attack on another person in the eyes of Christians
      • It is God who gives life and only god has the right to take it
      • The judge who pronounces capital punishment on an accused person may be prejudiced/ unjust/ might take the wrong judgement
      • It kills the element of forgiveness which must dominate in crime and punishment
      • Human beings are perfect/ they cannot asses the responsibility of the offender with absolute accuracy (God alone is accurate) how much evil is done
    • To exercise their democratic rights/ citizenship
    • To ensure that just and laws are enacted/ formulated
    • To ensure that quality leadership is achieved
    • It is service to humanity
    • To improve quality of life of the people
    • It is a sign of accountability
    • It shows a sense of unity in nation building/ collective responsibility
    • It leads/ helps to develop a whole person
    • It is an opportunity to infuse Christian principles in the law e.g. freedom of worship
      • Obey and respect authorities.
      • Observe all laws.
      • Pay taxes.
      • Report errant members of society to law enforcement agents or authorities.
      • Take part in decision making of the nation.
      • Respect and protect people’s property and lives.
      • Refuse to be bribed.
      • Practice love and charity.
      • Lack of concern for other peoples welfare.
      • Selfishness and lack of self control.
      • Psychological illness/madness.
      • Alcoholism and drug abuse.
      • Beliefs that having sex with young girls cures HIV/AIDS.
      • Loose morals among the youth.
      • Improper dressing by girls/women.
      • Frustration and anger in society due to social problems i.e. poverty, unemployment.
      • Mass media/phonograph.
      • No set government policies on punishment of rapists i.e. minor fines.
      • Victims fear stigmatization so they don’t report the rape to police.
      • Police are ineffective in dealing with rape.
      • Legal system in place is weak.
      • Poverty and development of slums.
      • The state fails to execute justice punish offender while the church expects justice to be done.
      • The government advocate for artificial family planning methods i.e. use of condoms while church. 
      • advocates natural.
      • The state legalized abortion while the church does not/ condemns it.
      • When politicians use their power to buy votes.
      • State denies the church media permits.
      • State refuses to give church title deeds.
      • When the state takes criticism negatively and retaliates.

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