Christian Approaches to Selected Issues related to Modern Science, Technology and Environment Questions and Answers - Form 4 Topical CRE

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    1. Outline six main causes of desertification in Kenya.
    2. Give six reasons why Christians condemn Euthanasia
    3. Explain four reasons which will compel a doctor to assist one commit abortion
    1. State ways in which a Christians can contribute to the conservation of the environment
    2. Outline five advantages of genetic engineering to mankind
    3. Identify five ways in which modern science and technology undermine Christian teaching on respect to life
  3. Outline ways through which Christians can help control desertification.       
    1. Give seven reasons why Christians are against Euthanasia
    2. Outline the negative impact of deforestation on the environment
    1. Explain seven ways in which Science and technology  has contributed to the spread  of the gospel today       
    2. Give four ways in which Science and technology has promoted promiscuity in the society  today      
    3. Give reasons why Christians are against Euthanasia     
  6. What role has science and technology played in the evangelisation process
  7. State seven ways in which Christians make use of science and technology to spread   the gospel.
    1. Explain how Science and Technology has helped to improve human life  
    2. Give five reasons why Christians are opposed to the term Abortion in the proposed Constitution of Kenya
    3. Outline seven relationships that exist between the church and the state in Kenya
    1. Outline advantages of Genetic engineering to mankind
    2. State ways in which some people misuse the Bible.


      • Insufficient or unreliable rainfall which cannot support plants and animals making land desolate.
      • Interference of human beings with ecosystem which has led to climate changes resulting in less rainfall and higher temperatures.
      • Imbalances in the factors that favour growth of vegetation.
      • Deforestation or cutting down trees.
      • Overgrazing, especially among pastoralist communities.
      • Continual lxs of fertile land on the fringe of deserts due to human encroachment.
      • Poor farming methods like cultivation on riverbanks and slopes which covers soil erosion which leads to diversification.
      • The Ten Commandments forbids killing.
      • It is a form of suicide.
      • It shows lack of faith in God.
      • It is contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ in restoration of life.
      • It is a rebellion against God and rejection of God.
      • It deprives relatives, friends, nurses and doctors willingness of giving loving care to the dying persons.
      • It discourages medical research on vaccines.
      • When life of a mother is in danger.
      • If conception is out of rape.
      • When the child to be born is having complication.
      • When child to be born has contracted is incurable
      • A Christian should understand that environment was created and sanctified by God hence should be kept Holy.
      • Teach others the importance of preserving the environment.
      • Make contributions towards the conservation of environment e.g. planting trees/ build gabions etc.
      • Join others i.e. tree planting day.
      • Not to participate on activities leading to destruction of the environment.
      • It has increased the rate of growth and maturity of livestock beneficial to human beings in livestock products.
      • It has added research in manufacture of human growth hormones.
      • It increases diseases resistance in crops.
      • Helps to identify / determine biological / parent of a child.
      • Increase in plant and animal yields for the benefit of over increasing human population.
      • People are able to carry out abortions which lead to death of unborn/ not the mothers life / mercy killing/ euthanasia
      • Cloning / test tube babies undermine human sexuality.
      • Machines / fertilizers pollute the environment thus endangering the lives of human beings.
      • Vasectomy / tubal litigation undermines God’s purpose for procreation.
      • Weapons of mass destruction lead to loss of life.
      • Human beings have been rendered jobless due to modern science and technology.
      • Accidents caused by machines and vehicles lead to loss of lives.
      • Organ transplant/ plastic surgery undermine God’s creation.
    • Participate in a forestation and reafforestation programmes
    • Educate the public on ways of controlling and protecting forests
    • Help to strengthen ones 
    • Use alternative energy sources like biogas, solar, wind
    • Avoid cutting of trees
    • Report cases of forest destruction for authority command
    • Practice better farming techniques that do not promote desertification
    • Irrigating land through irrigation and planting of trees
      • It demeans the sanctify of life. It is murder. Only God can take away life
      • Euthanasia destroys life which has potential that is unknown to the patient, doctor or family members
      • Those who suffer severe pain and incurable diseases should accept the condition humbly than resort to Euthanasia
      • One should seek God’s will instead of taking matters into their own hands
      • Euthanasia discourages scientific research into the cure of incurable diseases i.e. cancer
      • Clinically depressed people can be visited, comforted and played for and treated with medicine and hence avoid Euthanasia
      • Euthanasia can increase cases of suicide
      • Euthanasia can discourage patients and make them lose hope in life as they feel rejected by those who are supposed to care for them
      • Loss of locally available products such as fruits; honey and herbs
      • Threat to continued supply of wood products
      • Destruction of forests which attract rain
      • Soil erosion caused by rapid run-off of rain- water accelerate deforestation
      • Increase in global carbon build-up in the atmosphere causes global warming and green house effect
      • Extinction of certain species of plants and animals 
      • There is destruction of natural beauty
      • Printing press has been used to produce Christian literature /Bible
      • The production of cassettes with Christian songs
      • The use of public systems/microphones has enhanced evangelization zeal
      • The introduction of Braille had enabled the blind to read Christian messages
      • The use of cell phones /e-mail/internet to spread the gospel
      • The presence of large modern architectural designs/building with ample space for the church
      • The use of mass media in broadcasting he gospel
      • The production of Christian films
      • Modern means of transport that has facilitated the movement of priests/evangelists     
      • The use contraceptive devices e.g. pills , condoms
      • The use of pornographic materials /literature
      • Poor dressing codes
      • Presence of lodges
      • Presence of night clubs/discotheques
      • Induced abortion
      • he use of hard drugs e.g. cocaine / mandrax
      • Influence form mass media/television
      • It is against medical ethics
      • It is against Bibilical teachings
      • It is murder/it is against God’s commandments
      • it is against human rights/declarations
      • It can also encourage suicidal tendencies when one is healthy
      • Those who ware stressed should accept suffering as part of Christian suffering
      • It discourages medial research on vaccines that may cure various diseases
      • A patient may recover affecter a long period of time/deep comma
    • electronic  media  e.g. TV, radio are  used  to teach  goodnews
    • the  public  address system  is used  to preach  to a  large congregation
    • modern  men  of  transport/communication  ease  the  movement of  evangelists
    • recorded cassette/CDS/DVDS are used  to preach recorded  sermons/music etc
    • modern  musical instruments  e.g. keyboard are  used  for accompaniment
    • computers/printing  presses/type writers  are used  in putting the  writings  in text  intended to reach more people
    • technology  in  architecture has enabled teaches  to put  up sanctuaries from where  preaching  is  conducted
    • churches have  used  modern  technology  to  equip  hospitals for  the treatment  of  the  sick
    • scientific research  has enabled evangelist to  come up with effective  methods in  spreading the  gospel
    • Through the use of electronic media e.g. radio, television, video cassettes, cinemas to preach/ teach the good news
    • Christians use public address systems when preaching to large congregations during Christian crusades, rallies and conventions. They make use of modern means of communication, automobiles, aeroplanes and trains to travel from place to place to preach, teach, evangelize and to send missionaries
    • Christians make use of recorded cassettes to preach or for recording gospel music which people can listen to.
    • Christians make use of modern musical instruments, electronic guitars, key boards for accompaniment in music
    • Christians use telephones, fax, postal services that are efficient and fast to stations, country to country which are essential in running of the churches
    • Use of typewriters, computers, printing machines has enabled the churches to put messages/ teachings in writing so that they can be read by more people or enable them print their literature for wider readership
    • Technology in architecture: Building technology has enabled the church not only to put sanctuaries from where to preach to the people but also to put up other complexes e.g. halls, schools offices for the work of the church
    • In medicine, the churches have used modern technology to equip the hospitals and modern medicine to treat the sick/ carry out the healing ministry
    • Scientific research, innovations in different disciplines which have been adopted by the church and this has contributed to their critically looking at methods and approaches sued in spreading the gospel with the intention of changing to modern methods and approaches
    • The use of modern technology in industry, agriculture and commerce has helped to bring more money to the churches which is essential in spreading the gospel and for work of the church
    • The use of modern equipment for leisure e.g. games, chama, social activities, parties has helped enhance the work of the church
    • Scientific discoveries and exploitations have gone a long way to affirm and attest the truth of the gospels e.g. archeological discoveries (Any 9 points x 1 mark total 9 marks) 
      • Transport /communication has improved social interaction/faster movement.
      • Improved efficiency at work where machine are sued.
      • Improved Agricultural development hence increasing food production.
      • Improved human understanding of their environment e.g weather forecasting.
      • Brought better healthcare through modern medical technology.
      • Human beings are better placed in security matters by use of radar, alarms and electrical fencing.
      • Led to creation of job opportunities through industrial development.
      • Formal education and training has equipped human beings with new skills for survival.
      • May promote sexual immoralities
      • May lead to rampant killing  of urban children/murder
      • It is disregard to the sacredness of life.
      • May lead to other infections in the reproductive system.
      • May cause death of the mother.
      • Mother  may suffer depression and psychological  disturbances because  of guilt.
      • May lead to conflict in marriage.
      • politicians support the church through  making monetary  contributions for the running  of church affairs.
      • Both have the same goal of ensuring that  people live  in peace/harmony.
      • The government  through the local councils allocates premises to the church to build worship place.
      • The church supports the government in fight against corruption and other social evils.
      • Both  work together in providing social amenities and creating job opportunities.
      • Church –state co-operate in offering civic education to enlighten the masses on their duties.
      • The church nourishes the spiritual growth of its  members where as the state is concern with the socio – economic affairs of its citizens.
      • When the state fails to fulfill its duties to the citizens the church acts as its conscience  by rebuking it and offering possible solutions.
      • Both deal with welfare  of the people.
      • Co-operate in tackling many social issues that affects the people.

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