PERSONAL WRITING - English Form 1 Functional Writing Notes

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A diary is a written record of things that happen each day.

It is also a record of things you plan to do per day and the time you plan to do so.

A diary is also the book in which you write down things that happen to you on daily basis.

Diaries to Record What is Planned to be Done

Here, we record things we plan to do.

Let us look at the sample below:

diary of plan

Diaries for Recording the Daily Observation

I started writing my first poem. I thought of what to write and by lunch time, an idea crossed my mind. I decided to write about corruption. I entitled it “Another Bond - Eurobond”. I had a lot to write about it. As I write now, my dear, I have completed writing it. Hopefully, I will write another one before the week ends. I will inform you about it once that is done. Bye


An address is a superscription of a letter directing who the letter is meant to reach.

The writer also writes their address in the letter to allow for the reply.

An address is written on an envelop, letter, or package.

Addresses in Letters

Address format vary according to the type of letter written.

Even though they are written differently, there are common features such as:

  • The post office box number
  • The postcode
  • The street, road, or building where the post office is located
  • The city or town
  • The country

There are two formats of writing addresses:

  • Block format
  • Indented format

Block Format

Address written in a block.

Paragraphs also blocked.

An example is
P.O BOX 555-35400,

Indented Format

Written on a slant.

The paragraphs in the letter are also indented.

An example is:
  P.O. BOX 555-35400,


Write each of the addresses below as they would appear on your envelope:

  1. Migori Polytechnic-40400- P.O. Box 654- The Principal-Kenya- Migori
  2. Kenya Labour-The Director-30210- P.O. Box 90100- Kenya- Nairobi

Packing Lists

At times you find yourself forgetting something when packing for a trip.

It is important to get organized.

Writing a packing list will be key in ensuring no item intended to be carried during a trip is forgotten.

A packing list is therefore a checklist for what to bring along with them.

To make the most out of your trip you have to pack the right items.

What you pack will highly depend on factors such as:

  • The place you are visiting. If for example, you are visiting a place where it is hot, there will be no need of carrying heavy clothes.
  • Means of transport. There is a limit to what one should carry depending on the weight.
  • Number of days.
  • The reason for visiting. For example if going on a camp, you need carry camping gear.

How to Start

  • Get a piece of paper and a pen and write “PACKING LIST”. This forms part of the title. The other part is the place to visit.
  • Write number of days. It is advisable to do this as it will help you tell how many clothes you will need. It might not sound good to carry only two underpants, for example, if the trip will last a week.
  • Draw a table with columns containing item category, item, quantity, and description. The various item categories are:
    Entertainment list, for example, CDs, Radio, etc.
    Clothing List, for example, underpants, skirts, etc.
    Camping Gear, for example, sleeping bag,
    Toiletries, for example, toothpaste, soap, etc.
  • In that table fill all the items and all its columns appropriately.

packing list


You are Manchester City Football club Player. During one of the summer holidays, your club go for a 5 day camp to a very hot place in United Arab Emirates. Here, no beddings are provided. Write a packing list of all the items you would carry with you to this trip.

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