INSTITUTIONAL WRITING - English Form 1 Functional Writing Notes

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Public Notices

  • A public notice is a notice given to provide information for the public that is widespread in a wide geographical area via media.
  • They are mostly placed in newspapers by businesses, county and national government, and individuals.
  • They include:
    1. Unclaimed property
    2. Wanted person
    3. Dangerous person
    4. Government contracts
    5. Aunction
    6. Foreclosures, etc.

Public Notice Format

The parts of a public notice include among others:

  1. Name of the organization/institution. Letterhead is preferred.
  2. Then write/type “PUBLIC NOTICE”.
  3. The topic/theme/subject. Let the public know what you want to inform them about.
  4. Date, time, and venue(if need be).
  5. Picture to reinforce the message.
  6. Name of the writer of the notice and the job position(and signature, for the more formal ones)

Sample Public Notice

sample notice

In the notice above, a picture of the plot can be included.


  • An inventory is a complete list of items such as equipment,property, goods in stock, or even the contents of a particular place.
  • A list of things possessed by a person or company.
  • It is a good idea to keep the records of items owned by a person or company.
  • An inventory will have the following basic elements:
    1. Name of the institution. Name of the person, if individually possessed.
    2. Date when the records are taken.
    3. Item number
    4. Item category
    5. Item
    6. Quantity of items
    7. Description of the item
    8. Approximate value of the item
    9. The name and designation of the person keeping the records.

A Sample Inventory.

sample inventory


You are St. Monica’s Mission Hospital Resource Manager. At this hospital, records of items in it are kept at the end of every August. Write the inventory of all the items here.

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