SOCIAL WRITING - English Form 2 Functional Writing Notes

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  • Sending invitations is the appropriate way to communicate to your guest what is it that you are celebrating and what the event is all about.
  • There are two types of invitations:
    • Informal invitations
    • Formal invitations
  • Invitations also take form of: invitation cards or invitation letters.

Invitation Cards

  • They are designed to invite individuals to various ceremonies and parties.
  • When designing an invitation card remember to :
    • Provide the name of the host for the party.
    • Extend the invitation by choosing appropriate formal wording, such as, “request your presence” or less formal wording, such as “totally invites you”.
    • Include honorifics (Dr./Mr./Ms/ etc.) before the guest’s name especially if formal.
    • Answer the question “what?” Tell the guest what the event is for. Is it for birthday party, wedding party, birth of a new baby, fundraising etc. if, for example, it is a birthday party ensure you tell them who is it for and age the person is celebrating. By the same token, if it is graduation, tell them who it is for and mention the education milestone they completed. The purpose of the event is stated clearly.
    • Be clear about the date and time of the event. Day of the week should also be included. Example Saturday, 16thMay 2016 at 4.00 pm.
    • Be clear on the venue. Tell them where the party will be held. If the party is held off-site (not where is known to all), you can even give directions.
    • Write “RSVP”. Under this, write the name of the people to be contacted and their contact details.
    • You can write the phone number to allow them contact you so as to inform you ahead of time whether or not they will be attending. RSVP is French abbreviation for “respondez sil’vous plait” which simply means “please respond”.
    • Give instructions to your recipients on for example, how to dress, or bring something, if to bring another guest, or any other thing to do.
    • You can also include the teaser. Include something that will drive them to the party even before the actual day. You can mention things like drinks, dance, etc. These make them looking towards attending the party.
    • Include simple but a picture that ties with the party. You can have a picture of a cake if birthday party.






Sample Invitation Card

Informal Invitation Card

Because you have believed in
Celebrated with them
Loved and encouraged them,

We, Ruth Kimani​ and John Kimani
Ask you to join us in honouring our

Jenifer Wanjiku
Joseph Njoroge

As they celebrate the beginning of
Their adventures together
Saturday, January 11th​ , 2016
At 9.00 am

 Ceremony followed by dinner,
 Drinks, and awkward but
 Enthusiastic dancing

 Mr. john Kimani        or Ms Ruth Kimani
 Mobile: 0711111111     Mobile: 0712121212

Formal Invitation Card


 Calls for the contentment of

 Mr/Mrs/Ms/Eng/ ……………………………………………..


 At the marriage of
 Arsenal Chelsea​ and Migingo Island

     On Saturday, the second of January; 2016
 at half past 4.00
​ in the evening

      At their Kasarani home
 Eat as you wish, dine as you like
 Leave as you please

 Mr Kaimosi                  Mrs. Kaimosi
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Phone: 0716602808


Invitation Letters

  • An invitation letter, normally business, is written to invite people to various events, such as, seminars, conferences, and many other functions.
  • It takes the format of other business letters.
  • In an invitation letter one should include the details required. Only the pertinent information regarding the event should be included.
  • They are written to invite:
    • A resource person to school
    • Teachers, students, etc to seminars, conferences, drama festivals, etc

Elements of Invitation Letters

  • An invitation letter will include things like:
    • Brief description of the institution/ organization. Let the recipient know what you do and to know whether you have the right to hold such an event.
    • Include all the pertinent information.


Jehova Jireh School,
P.O. Box 2345 – 30456,

February 6th, 2016.

The Chairperson,
P.O. Box 966 – 40500,

Dear Mr. Herod:


On behalf of Environmental Club, Jehova Jire School, it is my pleasure to extend the invitation to our school parents’ day in the school refectory on Friday, 6thMarch, 2016 at 9.00 am. You are invited to give a talk on drug abuse.

Jehova School is one of the three schools in Bethlehem in which students have continued to abuse drugs. However, most of them are ready to respond to what they are told on dangers of hard drugs. Environmental club has been given the power to curb the use of such drugs.

I do hope you will be able to confirm your attendance to this invitation. We look forward to your presence at this big day.

Yours sincerely,



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