INSTITUTIONAL WRITING - English Form 4 Functional Writing Notes

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Curriculum Vitae

  • This is a written overview of a person’s experience as well as their qualifications.
  • It brings out a person’s life accomplishments, especially those related to academic realm.
  • Try to present all the relevant information that you can.
  • The CV need to reflect your abilities within your discipline.

Sample Curriculum Vitae


Personal Details

Date of Birth8th​ April, 1989
Sex: Male
Nationality: Kenyan
Religion: Christian
Marital Status: Married
ID Number: 28724770
Address: 924-40400 Suna-Migori
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone Number: 0716602808 or 0764602808
Languages: English and Kiswahili

Personal Profile

A highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated teacher of English who has been praised for hard work and perseverance. Committed to creating classroom atmosphere that stimulates and encourage learners. Has the passion to work under minimum or no supervision at all.

Educational Background

2011-2013  Utumishi University Bachelors of Education (First class honors)
2005-2008  Kajira Secondary School  KCSE {52 Points(C+)}
1996-2004  Kajira Primary School KCPE(304 Marks)

Work Experience

September 2015-December
Joy Girls’ Secondary 1. Guiding candidate class in revision.
2. Offering guidance and
counseling to my class.
3. Coaching students in soccer.
June 2015-August 2015 Kisimani Secondary School  1. Chairing guidance and counseling meetings.
2. Coaching students in soccer and volleyball.
3. In charge of discipline.
4. Chairing languages department’s meetings.
January 2014-June 2015 Right There Muslim Girls’ 1. Guiding and counseling students.
2. Training the students both in the classroom and in the field.
3. Preparing programmes for various activites held at the school.
4. Heading languages department.


 2014-2015    Right There Muslim Girls’  1. Appointed head of departments: Languages and Games.
2. Appointed member of the disciplinary committee.
3. Patron of clubs(Debate and Journalism)
4. Class teacher.
 Right There Muslim Girls’  KCSE 2014:
5.667 up from 3.5.
 2015  Kisimani Secondary School Head of both Games and
Languages Departments.
Form 2 class teacher.
Acting as Deputy Principal.
 2015  Joy Girls’ Secondary Assistant Head of Department, Games.
Class teacher

Written manuscripts in areas such as:

  • Grammar in English.
  • Oral Skills in English.


  • Strong personal skills.
  • Problem solving skills.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Reading novels, journals and plays.
  • Playing soccer and volleyball.
  • Writing manuscripts.


 Mr. Mfupi Mbilikimo  Head of English Department  Joy Girls’ Secondary  0711223344
 Mr. Issa Abdikadir  Deputy Principal  Right There Muslim Girls’  0734527272
 Mr. Kimoke M.  English Department  Utumishi University  0754647484




  • Speech delivery requires adequate preparation. Writing itself is part of that preparation.
  • To write a good speech:
    • Select a topic that you enjoy talking about.
    • Compose your specific purpose statement.
    • Compose your Thesis statement or central idea. This is the most important part of your speech.
  • Writing your thesis statement is a four step process:
    • choose your topic
    • Determine your general purpose. For example, to persuade, entertain, educate, etc.
    • Write your specific purpose statement. This is what the speaker wants to accomplish.
    • Tie it all together by composing a clear concise thesis statement.

Sample Speech


“The principal, deputy principal, teachers, and my fellow students, good morning? I am grateful for being offered this rare chance to address this large crowd. Thank you for this great opportunity. Today I want to particularly address form fours who are only 3 months away from reaping the hard work. 

Dear candidates, where are you going to be in three months? What will you be doing from the time you wake up to day fall each day? What will you achieve when KCSE Results are announced? In other words, what is your target? Some of you might be thinking that three months is a lot of time to first waste and only revise with one week left. They might be thinking it is too early to revise. Let me assure you that it is high time you decide on doubling your effort.

In fact, with my one year experience since I left this school, I can suggest you two alternatives. Either you think about your future after form four – now! – or you leave this a frustrated individual, and regret later in life. Not encouraging at all to depend completely on your parents. I like the proverb: You reap what you sow. Remember no one reaps beans when he plants potato. Only if you work hard that work of your hands will handsomely be rewarded.


According to my deepest conviction, happy person is the person who always brings his own sunshine, wherever he goes and whatever the weather. Hope to see these sparks in you in you next year March when the results will be announced. Thanking for you listening to me. ”

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