Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education (KCSE 2009) English Paper 3

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Answer three questions only

  1. Imaginative composition (compulsory) (20 marks)
    1. Write a composition to illustrate the saying.
      "Truth will always set you free".

    2. Write a story beginning:
      The birds have already started their morning songs, and here i was wondering whether...

  2. The compulsory set text (20 marks)
    Ngugi wa Thiong'o, The River Between
    Drawing your illistration from Ngugi wa Thiong'o The River Between, write an essay on the challenges of reconcilliation.

  3. The Optional Set Texts (20 marks)
    Answer any one of the following three questions

    1. The Short story
      Macmillan (Ed.), Half a Day and other stories
      With illustrations from Fatmata Contheth's short story "Letter to my Sisters", show how traditions have been used to oppress women.

    2. Drama
      John Ruganda, Shreds of Tenderness
      "During a civil war, those who flee their contry suffer as much as those who remain behind". Drawing illustrations from Ruganda's Shreds of Tenderness, Write an essay in support of this statement.

    3. The Novel
      Velma Pollard Homestretch.
      Write an essay on ways of encouraging "domestic tourism" drawing your examples from Velma Pollard's Homestretch.
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