KCSE 2010 Business Studies Paper 1 Questions

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  1. In the spaces provided below, indicate the type of utility created by each of the following commercial activities: (4 marks)

    1. Selling goods to customers;
    2. Transporting goods;
    3. Storekeeping;
    4. Making a chair.

  2. Give five reasons why the government may find it necessary to start a parastatal. (5 marks)

  3. Name the types of warehouses associated with each of the statements given below: (4 marks)

    1. Good can be stored before payment of customs duty
    2. Individuals can hire storage facilities.
    3. Goods are stored from several manufacturers
    4. Specialized goods are stored

  4. The figure below shows a shift in the supply curve of a given commodity.

    supply curve kcse 2010

    Outline four factors that may have caused the shift of the supply curve from S0 to S1. (4 marks)

  5. The balances given below relate to Enotika Traders for the year ended 31st December 2008.

    balance sheet kcse 2010

    Prepare a balance sheet as at 31st December 2008. (5 marks)

  6. Give two reasons why a three column cashbook is used as both a journal and a ledger. (4 marks)

  7. The management of national debt, credit control and lender of last resort are some of the functions of the Central Bank. Match these functions with the statements given below. (3 marks)

    functions of central bank kcse 2010

  8. State the meaning of the following terms as used in international trade. (4 marks)
    1. LOCO
    2. C.I.F
    3. F.A.S
    4. F.O.Q

  9. The manager of Tasa Limited constantly walks around various departments. State four merits of this style of management. (4 marks)

  10. State four reasons why the government should create an enabling environment for investors. (4 marks)

  11. Outline four differences between insurance and assurance. (4 marks)

  12. State four factors that may influence the level of national income. (4 marks)

  13. Outline the difference between cash and credit transactions. (2 marks)

  14. The terms capital employed, working capital, owner’s equity and borrowed capital are types of capital found in a business. Match each of the statements given below with the relevant type of capital. (3 marks)
    1. Resources into the business by the owner
    2. Excess current assets over current liabilities
    3. Amount invested into the business by outsiders

  15. Explain four ways in which the government expenditure may stabilize the economy of a country. (4 marks)

  16. State four problems associated with development planning. (4 marks)

  17. State four services that a wholesaler may offer to a manufacturer. (4 marks)

  18. Give four reasons why flower exporters would transport their produce by air rather than by sea. (4 marks)

  19. The diagram below represents the relationship between population and income per capita.

    population and income per capita kcse 2010

    State what is represented by P and S axes, and letters R and Q. (4 marks)

  20. The following information was exteacted from the book of Helen Traders:

    salary expense account kcse 2010
    Prepare a salary expense account using the above information. (5 marks)

  21. State four circumstances under which one may decide to start a personal business. (4 marks)

  22. Highlight four ways in which a business idea may be implemented. (4 marks)

  23. Outline five measures that a manager can take to improve the working environment in the office. (5 marks)

  24. Highlight four challenges that a person may encounter when using a cell phone. (mobile phone). (4 marks)

  25. The diagram below represents the long-run equilibrium of a firm under a monopolistic competition.

    monopolistic competition kcse 2010

    Name the curves represented by the letters a, b, c, and d. (4 marks)
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