AGRICULTURE Paper 2 Questions - KCSE 2022 Past Papers

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Answer all the questions in this section in the spaces provided 

  1. Give four reasons why a famer may use a jembe  instead of a disc plough
  2. Name four sheep breeds reared in kenya 
  3. Give four ways in which a famer can restrain a bull in the farm 
  4. Name four stages ticks go through in their life-cycle 
  5. State four factors that determine the amount of water taken by an animal . (2marks)
  6. Distinguish between each of the following pair of terms as used in livestock production 
    1. selection and breeding (1mark)
    2. inbreeding and line breeding  (1mark)
  7. State four signs of parturition in goats  (2marks)
  8. Name four materials a farmer requires in order to construct a barbed wire fence . (2marks)
  9. State four symptomps of coccidiosis infection in chicks . (2marks)
  10. State four management practices carried out to prevent accurrence of parasites  in a poultry house . (2marks)
  11. Name four components of milk  (2marks)
  12. State four uses odf sollar energy in a farm . (2marks )
    1. State the colour difference between the Galla and saanen goat breeds. (1marks)
    2. Name one  goat breed that is reared for 
      1. mohair  (1/marks)
      2. meat  (1/2 marks)
  14. State four ways in which proper housing helps to control livestrock diseases   (2marks)
  15. State one use of the following farm tools ;
    1. pruning hook  (1/2marks)
    2. dosing gun    (1/2marks)
    3. bow saw   (1/2marks)
    4. crowbar  (1/2marks)


Answer all the questions in the section in the spaces provided 

  1.  A farmer wants to prepare 100kg ration containing 20% DCP from wheat (10%DCP) and sunflower seed cake ( 35%DCP).Using  the pearson's square method , calculate the quantity of wheat and sunflower seed cake the farmer requires . (5marks)
  2. The picture below shows a poultry rearing system .agricqn17
    1. Identify the rearing system .
    2. From the picture , state two ways in which the system can lead to low eggs production. (2marks)
    3. State two ways in which the rearing system can lead to lose of birds . (2marks)
  3. The diagram below shows a  practical carried out by poultry farmers to determine productivity od layer birds.
    1. Give one reasion for carrying out the practice in poultry rearing . (1mark)
    2. Apart from the practice  shown above , give two other features on the birds to determine  productivity . (2marks)
    3. From the diagram , which advice shoud be given to the farmer on each of the birds;
      Bird E(1mark)
      Bird F (1mark)
  4. Below is a diagram  of a livestork parasite.
    1. Identify the parasite.  (1mark)
    2. Name  the intermediate host of the parasite..  (1mark)
    3. Explain  how each of the following practices help to control the parasite ;
      1. Applying copper sulphate on stagnat water     (1mark)
      2. drenching infested animals with antihelmintics  (1mark)
      3. rotational grazing   (1mark)


Answer any two questions from this sections in the spaces provided after question 22.

    1. Give five disadvantages of natural incubation in poultry rearing . (5marks)
    2. Describe five ways of  minimising stress in a deep litter poultry rearing system .(5marks)
    3. Describe  ten routine management practices carried out during calf rearing  (10marks )
    1. Explain five reasons why farmers use animal drawn impliments. (5marks)
    2. Describe five  maintainace practices for the water cooling system of a tractor . (5marks)
    3. Explain the defference between  a spray race and a cattle dip . (10marks)
    1. Describe ten routine management practices carried out in the  rearing of male calves   (10marks)
    2. Describe anthrax disease under each of the following sub-headings;
      1. causal organism  (1mark)
      2. symptoms of infection  (4marks)
      3. control measures (5marks )
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