KCSE 2012 Woodwork Paper 2 with Marking Scheme

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Using the materials provided, make the COFFEE STOOL as shown on the working drawings.


  1. The project should be made using HAND TOOLS only.
  2. All dimensions are in millimetres unless otherwise stated.
    1. ± 0.1 mm on all dimensions greater than 250 mm.
    2. ± 0.5 mm on all dimensions less than 250 mm. 
    3. 0.5 mm on all joints.
  3. Use your discretion to determine dimensions not shown
  4. Assemble the project using glue and screws as appropriate.
  5. Apply clear finish on the project

KCSE 2012 WW PP2 Q1

KCSE 2012 WW PP2 Q2

KCSE 2012 WW PP2 Q3

KCSE 2012 WW PP2 Q4

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