English Paper 3 Questions and Answers - KCSE Prediction Papers 2022

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Instructions to candidates

  • Answer three questions only
  • Question one and two are compulsory
  • In question three choose only one of the optional texts you have prepared on.
  • Each of the essays must not exceed 450 words
  • All answer should be written in the answer booklet provided.


  1. Imaginative composition (20 marks)
    1. Write a composition to illustrate the saying: 'Patience pays’.
    2. Write an argumentative composition in support of herbal medicine.
  2. The compulsory set text (20 marks)
    Henrik Ibsen: A Doll's House

    Write an essay to show that appearances can be misleading. Draw your illustrations from Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House.
  3. The optional set texts
    1. The short story (20 marks)
      Wanjala Chris (Ed): Memories We Lost and other stories.
      'A great man has the power to inspire others to greatness.' Using illustrations from The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World by G.G. Marquez, discuss this statement.
    2. Drama (20 marks)
      David Mulwa: Inheritance
      Basing your arguments on Inheritance by David Mulwa, show how citizens can influence their own governance.
    3. The novel (20 marks)
      John Steinbeck: The Pearl
      The pearl of the world arouses the destructive power of greed.' To what extent do you agree with this statement? Base your arguments on The Pearl by John Steinbeck.








Marking Scheme

    1. This must be a creative story. If not deduct 4 marks. The story must illustrate the saying 'Patience pays.' The candidates should not define or explain the meaning of the saying. If not, deduct 2 marks.
    2. The composition should be argumentative. If not deduct 4 marks. The candidate should acknowledge that the composition had two sides and support the argument and use convincing evidence to support his/her argument, for example:
      1. It should give the advantages of herbal medicine. Include such points as:
      2. Herbal medicine is cheap/inexpensive.
      3. It is natural
      4. It is easily available.
      5. The side effects are minimal.
      6. The candidate will be awarded marks for the other points listed (a) above.
        NB: The focus should be on the linguistic competence and not the number of points given.
  2. The following points can be included. Accept any other relevant points with suitable illustrations.
    • Introduction
      Indeed, appearances can be deceiving. In A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen, some characters portray naivety yet they are not. Others look harmless yet they are capable of blackmail.
    • Illustrations
                Appearances can be deceiving. Nora appears naive and helpless. Her role in the home is taking care of the children and her husband yet she is very intelligent. She takes a loan secretly and women are not allowed to take loans without their husband's consent. She forges a signature so that it looks like her father signed the bond. What Torvald does not know is that Nora takes a loan and to pay for his trip to Italy to save him as he is very ill. Nora makes him believe she also wants to go on a trip. He believes the money came from her father. What he does not know is that Nora deceived him.
                Torvald thinks Nora is a plaything and is expected to be a wife and a homemaker. When she tells Torvald she is leaving him, he tells her she is deserting her most sacred duties of being a mother and a wife. He does not realize that Nora is awakening and taking back her independence.
                He still thinks her as naive. She even tells him to shut up as she talks. She takes charge of the situation for the first time since she got married.
                Krogstad is a friend to Nora and helps her secure a loan only to blackmail her later. He wants her to ask Torvald to retain him at the bank or he will tell him about the loan Nora took. He wants to retain the bank job to help him repair his reputation which had been damaged.
                Torvald is confident that he has power over Nora. When he learns of his wife's secret letter, he severely reprimands her. When a second letter absolves them from the debt, he tells her they will live together but only for the public. When she tells him she is leaving, he begs her as he always thought he had power over her. Nora takes back the power that Helmer always had taken from her.
                Dr Rank is a loyal friend of Helmer, but the whole time he is secretly in love with Helmer's wife, Nora. He is loyal to Helmer though and retreats when Nora does not seem interested in his love.
    • Conclusion
      It is evident that appearances can be deceiving. Nora is not as innocent as Helmer thinks, Krogstad is out to blackmail Nora for his own good yet he at first pretends to be her confidant. Nora looks like she cannot leave Helmer but she does it so easily to Helmer's shock.
      1. Introduction
        Sometimes the greatness that a person inspires can be felt after they are dead. In G.G. Marquez story The Handsomest Man in the World, Esteban inspires the villagers to be positive and to better themselves after he is dead. They do not even know him but they claim him as one of them.
      2. Illustrations
        The children in the village stumble on a body of a drowned man and they play with him, burying him and digging him up. A villager sees them and informs the village about the dead man. The men go out to other villages to find out if any of the villages has lost a man. The women are left to care for the dead man. They admire him even in his death. They think that he had borne his death with pride, as he did not have the look of drowned men who came out haggard and needy. The women decide to sew him a pant from a piece of sail and a shirt from bridal Brabant linen. They want the man to continue his death with dignity.
                  They imagine that the sea is restless and the wind steady because of the dead man. They imagine the authority of the man to have been so great that he would have called the fishes out of the sea by their names. The women imagine that if the man had lived in their village, his wife would have been the happiest, his house the one with the widest roof and highest ceiling.
                  They compare the dead man to their husbands and they dismiss them in their hearts. They name him Esteban. When the men return to say that no village has lost a man, the village claims the dead man. They hold the most splendid funeral they could conceive for the abandoned drowned man. the women go to the neighboring village to get flowers for his burial. A family is chosen for him from the best people in the village so that the inhabitants of the village can become kinsmen. From then on, the people know things will be different since the dead man has inspired them. a-heir houses will have wider doors, higher ceilings and stronger doors, and Esteban's memory will live on. They will paint their houses gay colors and plant flowers on cliffs. They want their village to be Esteban's village.
      3. Conclusion
        Esteban inspires the people to be different. They begin to aspire to live in a better environment because they imagine the life Esteban had lived. He thus has the power to inspire them to greatness even though he had drowned.
      1. Introduction
        An oppressed people will at some point find ways and means to be heard and liberate themselves. The people of Kutula through characters like Bengo and Sangoi stage an uprising against the oppressive regime led by Lacuna.
      2. Illustrations
        People in Kutula decide how they will be governed. Bengo refuses to be governed by Lacuna and forms an opposition. He mobilizes the people to rebel against bad governance. The people want a leader who does not oppress them and one who does not shed innocent blood.
                  The people have had enough of oppression and dictatorship and they rebel against the leadership of Lacuna. They choose their own leaders to lead them to revolt. Bukelenge occupants organize a peaceful march carrying doves. The army has no reason to hurt them. They do not use weapons as they do not want any bloodshed.
                  The people have support from all tribes including some of Lacuna's supporters. They are planning to get Lacuna out of the palace from the inside and with no weapons. Bengo and the leaders do not want bloodshed and they insist on unity if they want to win. They choose a Sangoi, a spiritual leader and a leader who chooses peace. In doing so, they are in charge of their governance. Bengo is also a patriot and does not want any bloodshed in the process of liberating the people.
                  Authority is given to people who have fought bad governance like Bengo. These people know the way to govern the people as they have fought bad leaders like Lacuna Kasoo. They lead the people peacefully to get what they want without violence.
      3. Conclusion
        The people choose the leaders that they want and the way to be led. Bengo and Sangoi lead the people to rebel but no weapons are used. They are still able to remove Lacuna from power.
      1. Introduction
        The pearl of the world arouses greed in the Kino, the doctor, the priest and the people of La Paz. Everyone begins to plan their life around the pearl even though it belongs to Kino. They want a piece of it. Kino wants to get more for his pearl than the pearl buyers are offering.
      2. Illustrations
        The pearl of the world arouses destructive power of greed. Everyone wants a piece of the pearl. The doctor at first refuses to treat the baby because Kino cannot afford to pay him. Later when he hears about the pearl, he even says he is the baby's doctor. Moreover, he poisons the baby just so he can get more money.
                  The priest visits Kino when he hears of the pearl. The church needs some repairs and he can get money from Kino. He tells him to remember to thank God and probably give a portion of the money from the pearl as thanksgiving. He also wants to preside over Kino and Juana’s wedding and baptize Coyotito.
                  The pearl buyers want to pay very little money for a pearl they know is worth so much. They operate as different agents though they are under one person so as to maximize on the profits. Kino is attacked by thieves at his house as they too want the pearl of the world. When they do not get it, they put a hole in his canoe and burn his house.
                  Kino is liked and people say his wife is good. They hope the pearl will not change him, but it does. When Juana thinks it has brought evil and she wants to throw it into the sea, Kino slaps her, kicks her in the side and he is angry with her. He guards the pearl with all he has, and even injures a man and kills another. Later Kino wants to go to the city to sell the pearl for a better price and get more money. In the process he kills three men who are tracking him to take the pearl. In the process, the baby gets shot and dies.
      3. Conclusion
        Kino is changed by the pearl because he only sees what it can do for him. He fails to realize the most important thing in his life is his family and, in the end, his greed destroys him.

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