Bunyore Maranda MOCKS 2016 English Paper 1

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  1. Yaswa security firm seeks to recruit guards for its newly established firm based in Bondo District. The guards will be responsible for:

    • Guarding learning institutions and homes within the district
    • Transporting mails to different parts of the district

    Qualifications - Candidates must

    • Have at least KCSE education with a mean grade of C
    • Have at least a C+ in English and Kiswahili
    • Be fluent in both Kiswahili and English
    • Be computer literate
    • Be at least twenty two years of age

    Interested candidates should send their letters of application and curriculum vitae to reach the Chief Executive Officer not later that 1st June, 2014. Write a curriculum vitae that would accompany your letter of application. (20 marks)

  2. Fill in each of the blank spaces in the passage below with the most appropriate work. (10 marks)
    The way people speak, their tone, cadence, roughness or smoothness of voice, the way they 1..... their hands and eyes, the way they stand 2..... they are speaking to us, all convey 3..... These additional ways of communicating are all instances of non-verbal communication channels. Non-verbal messages supply different kinds of meanings 4... the verbal ones.
    With the 5..... of special situations, non-verbal messages either act to modify the meanings of the verbal 6..... to transmit information 7..... the general attitudes and feelings of the speaker. Non-verbal messages can be divided into three types, based 8.... the kind of energy involved in 9..... transmission that is, aural (pitch,cadence,timbre,intonation,clarity of articulation) visual (Facial expression, eye contact, posture, gesture) 10.... tactile(touch).
    (Adapted from Nev Society and Culture: 1996)

  3. Read the poem below and answer the questions that follow
    1. By day the bat is cousin to the mouse
      He likes the attic of an aging house
      His fingers make a hat about his head
      His pulse beat is so slow we think him dead
      He lops in crazy figures half the night
      Among the trees that face the corner light
      But when he brushes up against a screen
      We are afraid of what our eyes have seen
      For something a miss or out of place
      When mice with wings can hear a human face
                     Theodore Roethre
      (From: Glencoe Literature: The Reader's choice 2001)

      1. Identify any three pairs of rhyming words in this poem. (3 marks)
      2. How would you perform the last two lines of this poem? (4 marks)
      3. What is the effect of the recurrence of the word "His" in this poem. (1 mark)

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