Bunyore Maranda MOCKS 2016 CRE 2

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    1. Describe the concept of the Messiah in the New Testament. (7 marks)
    2. Outline activities that took place when Mary visited Elizabeth. (Lk 1:39-56) (7 marks)
    3. Identify SIX ways in which Christian youths should show gratitude to God. (6 marks)

    1. Relate the story of the healing of a man with a withered hand LK 6:6-6-11 (8 marks)
    2. Explain the teachings of Jesus from the parable of the Sower. (4 marks)
    3. Write down EIGHT ways in which churches are assisting the sick. (8 marks)

    1. Give reasons why Jesus was arrested. (6 marks)
    2. Describe an incident when Jesus was questioned about his authority during Jerusalem ministry LK 20:18 (6 marks)
    3. Outline the importance of Easter holidays to Christians. (8 marks)

    1. Mention St. Paul's teachings on how the gifts of the Holy Spirit should be used in the Church. (8 marks)
    2. Explain the New Testament teachings on Christian unity. (6 marks)
    3. State SIX challenges that church ministers face today. (6 marks)

    1. How did the African community view marriage? (7 marks)
    2. Give SEVEN circumstances under which divorce is allowed in traditional African Community. (6 marks)
    3. How is the Church encouraging the Youth to prepare for Marriage? (6 marks)

    1. State ways in which the church can help to reduce poverty in Kenya. (6 marks)
    2. Why is the Church against death penalty as a form of punishment? (7 marks)
    3. Suggest ways in which order may be created in the modern society. (6 marks)

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