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  1. Give two reasons for folding clothes when storing. (2 marks)
    • To prevent creasing
    • To ensure that the items fit properly in the storage space
    • For neatness of the storage place
  1. Give two reasons for thawing frozen food completely before cooking. (2mks)
    • For heat to penetrate through easily in order for the food to cook faster hence saving on time and energy
    • In order for the food to cook faster hence saving on time and energy
  1. State two points to note on the care of ears when cleaning your face daily. (2mks)
    • Use soft cotton buds to remove excessive wax
    • Clean behind the ears well
    • Do not insert sharp objects into the ears to avoid damaging the ear drums
  1. Give two importance of classifying clothes before storage. (2mks)
    • To ensure certain clothes are not stored together e.g. kitchen clothes with inner wear
    • To store similar clothes together
    • Enables easy access to an article since one knows where to find it
    • It helps when taking stock of similar articles.
  1. Identify two ways of preventing insect  bites and stings. (2mks)
    • Lit the house well
    • Air bedding regularly
    • Change beddings regularly, maintain high standard of cleanliness to avoid infestation by insects and other pest.
    • Use insecticides.
    • Use of mosquito nets.
    • Ventilate the room well.
  1. Mention two disadvantages of cross method of ventilating a room (2mks)
    • The room tends to be chilly/ cold
    • Draught in the room causes disturbances in the room e.g. falling of seat covers accidents/ damage can occur due to the banging of doors/widows
  1. State two disadvantage of roasting as a method of cooking food (2mks)
    • Shrinkage of food due to loose of juice
    • Loss of weight of food
    • Expensive method since it uses a lot of fuel in heating up-
    • Only tender cuts of meat can be roasted.
    • If not well managed food may dry up.
  1. Name two categories of convenience foods. (2mks)
    • Ready to eat food
    • Dehydrated foods
    • Frozen foods
    • Canned foods
  1. Differentiate between a dart and a pleat in clothing construction. (2mks)
    • A dart is a double fold (1) of fabric whereas a pleat has (3) fold (1).
    •  A dart is stitched in W.S (1) where a pleat is stitched on R-S (1).
  1. State two ways of saving energy when lighting a home (2mks)
    • Using light colour surfaces i.e. walls and ceiling they distribute light easily.
    • Switch off light when not in use
    • Use the necessary wattage.
    • Choose the right lighting for each area.
  1. Define simmering in cookery (1mks)
    • Simmering is cooking below boiling point.
  1. List two food substances used for coating food during deep frying of foods (2mks)
    • Bread crumbs
    • Egg white
    • Thin butter
  1. Identify two characteristics of fabric which develop static electricity (2mks)
    • They cling to the body
    • They attract dirt.
    • They produce sparkles if pulled from the body
  1. State two advantages of using self-neatening seams in garment construction (2mks)
    • They give a neat finish that does not require extra neatening.
    • They give a decorative effect on R.S e.g. double stitched seam.
    • They are strong seams e.g. double stitched.
  1. Give two causes of drowning in children. (2mks)
    • Leaving children to play in swimming pools unattended.
    • Leaving water in basins, buckets and bath tubs.
    • Leaving bathrooms and taps unlocked.
  1. Give two reasons why aluminium is widely used in making kitchen equipment. (3mks)
    • Light in weight.
    • Good conductor of heat and electricity.
    • Does not break on impact,
    • Does not rust.
    • Easy to maintain.
  1. Give two function of water in the body. (2mks)
    • Excretion of waste materials from the kidney and in sweat.
    • Maintaining body temperatures by perspiration
    • Aiding the digestion and absorption of food.
    • The formation of all body fluids.
  1. State two properties that make linen suitable for making kitchen tea towels. (2mks)
    • It can with stand high temperatures.
    • Can be boiled to disinfect and remove stain.
    • It is absorbent and less fluffy thus suitable for drying glass utensils.
    • It is strong thus with stands frequent washing.
  1. Mention three qualities of a well-made seam. (4mks)
    • Correct size.
    • Even width
    • Neatly stitched
    • Well pressed and flat.
    • Strongly stitched to last long.
    • Matched where they cross or meet each other
  1. Give two reasons why hot water is not suitable for cleaning wooden surfaces (1mks)
    • Hot water softens the surface
    • It makes/ensures the wooden surface to swell / warp.
    • It causes wooden surface to discolour / become darker.


      • Mend appropriately if necessary
      • Shake to remove loose dirt
      • Remove stains if any
      • Take measurements and record to check
      • For shrinkage and stretching
      • Wash in warm soapy water using kneading and squeezing method, avoid lifting the sweater to prevent stretching
      • Rinse thoroughly in warm clean water to remove soap and dirt
      • Squeeze out as much water as possible using the palms
      • Empty the pot
      • Wash in warm soapy water using sisal fibres or soft sponge or cloth
      • Rinse in warm water thoroughly
      • Dry by draining it on a clean surface
      • Store appropriately when dry
      • Empty the gourd off its contents
      • Clean in warm soapy water using sisal fibres            
      • Rinse thoroughly in clean warm water
      • Finally rinse in cold water to freshen it
      • Drain upside down on a clean surface
      • Store appropriately


      • Menstruation stops.
      • Morning sickness
      • Frequent passing of urine
      • Likes and dislikes of certain foods
      • Enlarge breasts
      • Nipples become tender
      • The dark line on the abdomen running below and above the navel becomes more prominent.
      • Movement of the foetus from the fifth month.
      • Heartburn
      • Change in skin complexion    (6mks)
      • Vaginal bleeding
      • False labour
      • Oedema
      • Severe and persistent abdominal pain and backache
      • Varicose veins
      • High blood pressure
      • Excessive vomiting beyond four months
      • Appearance of amniotic fluid before the baby is due (6mks)
      1. Physical needs
        • Getting adequate sleep
        • Mild exercise
        • Wearing loose fitting and comfortable clothes and shoes
        • Maintaining high standards of hygiene (3mks)
      2. Emotional needs
        • Develop confidence and positive mental attitude
        • Accept and be proud of her conditions
        • Maintain happy atmosphere and provide entertainments
        • Develop a healthy atmosphere for example protects herself from diseases.  
        • Haemorrhoids are varicose veins in the anus that are caused by constipation. (2mks)
    1. Reason for caring for the sick at home
      • To enable the sick to continue to recuperate recover at home after being discharged from the hospital
      • To nurse a person who is not too ill to be admitted to hospital
      • Terminally ill patients for example in case of cancer or HIV / AIDS spend their last days at home to avoid being over congested
      • In some cases a sick person may be home sick / emotionally vulnerable after being hospitalized for a long time he or she may request to be discharged and be nursed at home.
      • Some relative may prefer taking care of their sick person because they reckon that hospital are understaffed hence their sick nursing mothers who are ill may choose not to go to a hospital environment where they may contract diseases (5mks)
    2. Factors to consider when packing meals
      • Each type of food should be parked separately.
      • Pack soups and hot drinks in flasks
      • Wrap sandwiches in aluminium foil, grease proof paper or lining film.
      • Pack not cooked food in flask or small plastic containers.
      • Pack fruit juice in plastic bottles
      • Salads should be packed in polythene bags or plastic containers/bag/ basket
      • Include cutlery if required/ serviettes include seasonings          (5mks
    3. Factors to consider when choosing fastenings.
      • Type of opening
      • Position of opening
      • Type of garment / style /design
      • The weight of fabric
      • The colour of the fabric
      • The effect desired
      • The durability/ quality of fastening
      • Age of the wearer
      • The size of the fastener    (5mks)
    4. Ways of conserving nutrients when cooking vegetables.
      • Cook immediately after cutting as long exposure leads to more loss of nutrients through oxidation
      • Cook in the shortest time possible as prolonged cooking leads to destruction of nutrients.
      • Where necessary use as little water as possible to avoid loss of water soluble nutrients to the cooking water which may be thrown away.
      • Use a fitting lid when cooking as evaporation leads to loss of nutrient through oxidation
      • Avoid using bicarbonate of soda as it destroys vitamin B and C
      • Use high temperatures for cooking to ensure fast cooking as low temperature leads to prolonged cooking hence loss of nutrients.   (5 marks)
      • Colour, texture and patterns should create harmony with existing decor
      • Should drape well
      • Resistant to sun rays
      • Easy to launder
      • Long lasting
      • Attractive
      • Drape well
      • Suit the area to be used e.g. water proof for bathroom.
      • Easy wearing and removed
      • Design features e.g. cuts on sleeves that are bound.
      • Easy movement e.g. slit on a skirt.
      • Decorative e.g. zips on a track suit.
      • To attach fastenings e.g. fly opening on a trouser.
    3. Reasons for ironing/ pressing at every stage of construction
      • Knife edging
      • Accuracy in stitching
      • Removing creases / neatness
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