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Marking Scheme

    1. What took place when Mary visited Elizabeth
      • She entered Zacharias’ home
      • She greeted Elizabeth
      • When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting the baby in her womb leaped
      • Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit
      • Elizabeth exclaimed with aloud cry
      • She blessed Mary and the child in her womb
      • Elizabeth wondered why the mother of the lord had visited her
      • Elizabeth informed Mary that the child in her womb had leaped for joy min her greetings
      • Mary responded by praising God
      • Mary stayed with Elizabeth for three months 6 x 1 = 6 marks
    2. Lessons that Christians learn from the lives of Zachariah and Elizabeth
      • Christians should be righteous
      • They should obey God’s commandments
      • They should persevere / be patient
      • They should serve God faithfully
      • They should be prayerful
      • They should be depend on God
      • They should believe on God’s word
      • They should thank God for blessing
      • They should praise / worship the Lord
      • They should desire to be led by the Holy Spirit
      • Christians should rejoice the blessing of others
      • God is not limited by age factor for his blessings
      • What is impossible to man is possible for God they were blessed with a child at old age 6 x 1 = 6 marks
    3. Ways through which Christians in Kenya express their joy for the birth of Jesus
      • They sing / listen in Christians songs
      • They attend Christian worship services
      • They partake of the Holy Communion / Eucharist
      • They exchange gifts
      • They visit / invite friends / relatives
      • They rest from normal duties
      • They hold Christian concerts / drama
      • They watch movies / films on the birth of Jesus
      • They read Christian stories / Bible
      • They help the needy / act of charity
      • They repent themselves to God 8 x 1 = 8 marks
    1. Reasons why Jesus used parables in His teachings.
      • It was popular  methods teaching during his time
      • To provoke his listeners to critical thinking for them to understand issues
      • To explain unfamiliar message for his listeners to understand
      • In order to identify the people who were seriously looking for the kingdom of God
      • To challenge his listeners and stimulate their imaginations
      • To avoid direct conflict with the Jewish leaders  
      • To stimulate the interest of listeners to avoid boredom and absent mindness
      • In order for the listener desire and ability to meditate over the teachings and apply to mediate over the teachings and apply them in their lives
      • It had been foretold by the prophets 8 x 1 = 8 marks
    2. Reasons why the people were amazed at the way Jesus taught
      • Jesus teaching would have authority
      • Had attracted a great crowd
      • Had command over unclean spirits
      • He had a lot of wisdom
      • He forgave even sin which was believed to be God’s work
      • The teachings were spiced miracles 6 x 1 = 6 marks
    3. Lessons Christians learn from the parable of the Mustard seed
      • The kingdom of God starts form humble beginning but spread all over the world
      • The mustard seed is the kingdom of God which is invisible church on earth
      • The birds of air symbolize how the nation of all the world find refuge in the church of Christ
      • He teaches about the universality of the kingdom of God
      • The planter of the seed is church
      • There is joy / plenty in the kingdom 6 x 1 = 6 marks
    1. Jesus teaching on human beings relate to one another from the sermon on the plain (Luke 6:27 – 38)
      • Human beings should love their enemies
      • They should do good to those who hate them
      • They should bless those who curse them
      • They should pray for those who mistreat them
      • They should help those in need
      • They should show mercy on others
      • They should lend without expecting anything in return
      • They should not judge others
      • Human beings should forgive one another
      • They should be generous
      • They should do unto others what they expect done to them 5 x 1 = 5 marks
    2. Incident in which Jesus calmed the storm inn Luke 8:22 – 25
      • Jesus got into about with his disciples
      • He told them that they should go to the other side of the lake so they sent out
      • As they sailed the wind came down on the lake
      • The boat was filled with water / they were in danger
      • The disciples went and woke Jesus “saying master we are perishing”
      • Jesus got up rebuked the wind / the raging water / waves
      • The storm subsided / ceased
      • Jesus asked the disciples where their faith was
      • The disciple were afraid they marveled
      • The disciples wondered who Jesus was even the wind and water could obey Him 10 x 1 = 10 marks
    3. Virtues that Christians learn from the miracles of feeding of the five thousand
      • Service
      • Obedience
      • Faithful
      • Humility
      • Cooperation
      • Thankfulness
      • Carefulness
      • Responsibility
      • Kindness/generosity/sharing
      • Concern/compassion/mercy
      • Respect
        NB: No one word answer. Let students write full sentence to score. 5 x 1 = 5 marks
    1. Five fruits of the Holy Spirit taught by Saint Paul in Galatians 5:22 – 23          
      •  Love
      • Joy
      • Peace
      • Kindness
      • Goodness
      • Self-control
      • Gentleness
      • Patience
      • Faithfulness 
        NB: Let students write full sentence to score                    5 x 1 = 5 marks
    2. Teaching of Jesus about the unity of believers form the Vine and Branches
      • God is the Vine dresser / Jesus is the true Vine
      • The followers of Jesus / Christians are the branches
      • Christians are related to God through Jesus
      • The unfaithful Christians are the unfruitful branches which are cut away / destroyed
      • The faithful Christians / fruitful branches are pruned so as to produce more fruits
      • Christians can only be fruits / do good things in they remain united to Christ
      • Christian should rely on God for all providence
      • Love is passed on to the Christians form God through Christ
      • Christians should observe / keep God’s commandments 4 x 2 = 8 marks
    3. Ways in which Christian can prevent divisions in the church today
      • Treat each other with love
      • Avoid discrimination in the church
      • Preach / teach the word of God / Bible truths to believers
      • Assist those in problems
      • Practice humility / avoid arrogance
      • Pray for one another during problems
      • Practice transparent leadership style
      • Give financial reports within acceptable period of time
      • Follow the chinch doctrines
      • Repent sins
      • Prepare the budget annually
      • Forgive one another
      • Guidance and counseling to those who have gone wrong 7 x 1 = 7 marks
    1. Work is ordained by God / command from God
      • Human beings should work to subdue / conquer the earth
      • Work is good / God himself worked
      • God blesses a hard worker / work is rewarded
      • Christians should work to acquire basic needs
      • Christians should work to assist those who are needy
      • Christians work as co-creators with God
      • People should work to emulate Jesus who was a worker
      • Those who do not work should not eat / enjoy the benefit of work
      • Work became a curse / unpleasant after human being fell into sin
      • Christian should not overwork
      • Those who work should get a just wage
      • People should take rest
      • People should work in faith / diligently
      • Work should be done in orderly manner
      • Work is ordained by God / command from God.                           8 x 1 = 8 marks
    2. The role of professional ethics in work place
      • They guide the workers on how to relate with one another
      • The define how workers should handle / relate with their clients
      • They help to create healthy interaction between the workers / employees and their supervisors / authority
      • They help in maintaining the standards of the service offered /goods produced in a work place
      • They determined how one should perform his/ her duties/keep up the date with the demands of the profession
      • They help to maintain dignity of the professional integrity of the worker
      • They help they public respect the professional work
      • They protect the employee/workers/professional from undue pressure from other interested party
      • They help to determine the entry requirement/qualification needed in a given profession 6 x 1 = 6 marks
    3. Ways in which the church is helping to reduce the rule of unemployment
      • The church encourages people to start income generating activities
      • The church provides loans to the unemployment to start small scale business
      • The church creates job opportunities through establishing church projects
      • It teaches the youth about the dignity of manual work/encourage the youth to participate in agriculture/the clinical fields
      • It organizes sermons for the youth/unemployment on how to utilize their potentials
      • It condemns corrupt practices which interface with the recruitment/economic growth
      • It encourages its members to pay taxes
      • It trains / sponsors the youth on vocational skills that are necessary for employment
      • The church tires to be faith when recruiting people for various jobs 6 x 1 = 6 marks
    1. Reasons why it is important to have laws in a country
      • Laws safeguard people’s rights people’s property is protected under the law
      • They protect the consumer from exploitation
      • It provides economic development
      • Individuals are able to enjoy freedom of worship
      • The law act as a check/measure of those I authority
      • The laws outline how foreigners should be handles
      • They control taxation
      • It enables the government to protect its citizens
      • It encourages political stability
      • It outlines the relationships between different nations
      • Peoples property is protected under the law. 6 x 1 = 6 marks
    2. Problems related to maintenance of the law and order in Kenya today
      • Some legislators/parliamentarians do not observe law/lack of role models
      • There are a lot of unfaithfulness/injustice cases of tribalism/nepotism/religious affiliation/gender
      • Intimidation/people in high offices use their power to influence certain decisions regarding law breaking
      • Economic inability makes the poor to resort to lawlessness
      • Availability of dangerous weapons and terrorism
      • There is few resources to cater for the ever growing population
      • People lack interest/do not care about others
      • Bribery/corruption has destroyed credibility of the government
      • Interference from the civil society/human rights who oppose the government
      • Inadequate modern technology hampers maintenance of the law
      • Inadequate personnel to handle issues to do with law
      • People are not conversant with the laws of the country
      • Greed for powers / wealth 8 x 1 = 8 marks
    3. Ways in which Christian in Kenya help those who have been released from prison
      • Praying for them
      • Visiting them so that they can feel wanted in society
      • Preaching the good news of salvation to them
      • Showing them care/concern
      • Providing them with basic needs
      • Offering guidance and counseling to them
      • Involving them in community/church activates
      • Helping them to become self-reliant
      • Listening to them/help them
      • Counseling their families  6 x 1 = 6 marks

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