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    You are the secretary of Debating Club in your school, recently the club held a meeting and the following issues were discussed;
    • Election of officials
    • Income generating activities in the club
    • Preparation for the great debate.
      In the meeting, 8 members were present, 3 including the vice chairperson sent apologies and the whereabouts of 2 members were unknown. The club patron also attended the meeting. Apart from the main issues, members raised some issues from the previous meeting. Write down the minutes of the meeting.
    The broadened freedom of speech bestowed upon people....... 1................. the rise of social media platforms does have its merits, as many now...... 2................... a platform where they can…….3……..their concerns about injustices within the society. ……..4..... ……,everything has its good things and bad things as ..... 5................... The freedom on social media has also rendered these avenues......... 6...... …grounds for hate……..7……. Many use it to promote their bigoted ideology. They encourage hatred.... ..8…….warring individuals or parties simply because they are..... 9..... ….to the views, beliefs, or behavior that differ from……10…...

    1. Read the oral poem below and respond to the questions that follow.


      A barefoot boy! I mark him at his play...
      For May is here once more, and so is he,...
      His dusty trousers, rolled half to the knee,
      And his bare ankles grimy, too, as they:
      Cross- hatchings of the nettle, in array
      Of feverish stripes, hint vividly to me
      Of woody pathways winding endlessly
      Along the creek, where even yesterday
      He plunged his shrinking body - gasped and shook
      Yet called the water 'warm' with never lack
      Of joy. And so, half enviously I look
      Upon this graceless barefoot and his track,...
      His toe stubbed..., his big toe-nail knocked back
      Like unto the clasp of an old pocketbook.
      1. Identify and illustrate two devices that make the poem musical. (2mks)
      2. How would you effectively recite line 13 of this poem? (2mks)
      3. Which word would you stress in line 12? Give reason (2mks)
    2. One of the features in listening skills is maintaining a meaningful eye contact with the speaker. Why do you think it is important to do so?   (3mks)
    3. Consider the following oral literature item. Kiugo kiu kiuru kiario kina kiundu kiuru (That bad word that has been spoken has something bad)
      1. Classify the above genre (1mk)
      2. Identify and illustrate two features of sound in the above genre. (2mks)
      3. Identify what is lost when the item above is translated from its original language (2mks)
      4. Give one role of the above item (1mk)
    4. Underline the silent letter (s) in the following words. (3mks)
      1. word 
      2. debris                                             
      3. grandmother 
      4. bouquet
      5. victual
      6. corps
    5. Which is the odd one out in the following groups of words based on the underlined sounds (3mks)
      1. beer       bare        bear       pair
      2. tough    giraffe     dough     photograph
      3. honest    honour    heifer      heir
    6.  Imagine you are the leader of a discussion group in class. How would you ensure that the discussion is fruitful? (5mks)
    7. There were two candidates for an interview. One was successful while the other one was not. State and explain his or her conduct before the interview that could have made him or her to be successful. (4mks)
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