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    1. The competition was different from others because it emphasized both beauty and brains (1mk)
    2. Looking at their faces, my instincts told me that something was amiss.
    3. The write admires Atieno. He describes her using phrases such as: she walked with elegance and style; she stood out among the beauty contestants; she was eloquent and articulate; she answered questions intelligently and with precusion, she was cool and composed; etc 1 mk for describing attitude 2mks for giving atleast illustrations
    4. Irony. The audience expected Atieno to be announced the winner but the judges went ahead and announced someone else. Secondly the audience did not know that mzalendo Lakenya was Atieno(2mks)
    5. The minister was overcome by joy and excitement as the tufn of events made him extremely happy (2mks)
    6. Atieno walked elegantly and in style has intelligent, articulate and composed. She was also humane and beautiful. She was a mamage of beauty and brains (5mks)
      1. The audience was not disappointed by Atieno(1mk
      2. I had no doubt they would judge fairly (1mk)
      1. Epitome-embodiment, perfect example.(3mk
      2. resumes –qualifications and achievements/cvs
      3. Ululations –long cries of joy
      4. articulate –clear, effective
  2. Passage based on set-book
    1. The guests have just learnt that the war is over and that the Grand Duke is back in power though the princes are against him (2mks)
    2. THE OLD WOMAN thinks that Grusha is excited about marrying Jussup but ironically, Grusha is unhappy and she marries Jussup for convenience, for Micahel’s sake. Grusha is taken by surprise on haring that the war is over and the soldiers are coming back, thus what is on hr mind is simon, her soldier fiancé (2mks)
    3. The statement means that in times of war, soldiers suffer physically and emotionally once they are the ones directly involved in the conflict; Their leaders do not experience any of this suffering though they are the ones considered to have won or lost the war.(3mks)
    4. She kneels to thank God that the war is over, and to pray that Simon, her fiancé, is one of the survivors and that he will come back to her (2mks)
    5. Jussup says –“Where’s the wife you’ve saddled me with?” (1mk)
    6. Effects of war: Tax rise-“….Only the taxes’ll go up because now we’ll have to pay for the war
      Physical disability of soldiers as a result of wounding in the war-“You can buy persean saddles from the soldiers too. Though many want crutches in exchange of them.”
      Hypocrisy: Jussup has been pretending to be dying of an illness so as not to go to war; When he heart the war is over he rises from his bed. Any one theme (2mk)
    7. Grusha:
      Loving-she kisses the cross in remembrance of her love for simon
      Fearful-she cowers in fear of Jussup after he “resurrects”
      Hypocutical-pretends to be dying  only to rise from his bed after hearing the war is over.
      Abusive-asks defiantly if the guests thenic he shits money.
      Hostile-yells at the guests to get out before he throws them out (2mks)
    8. Narration by the singer if is effectively used to bring out the confusion, Grusha is in on learning the war is over meaning her fiancé, Simon, will come back to her yet she is now married to Jussup, who “resurrects” after the news about the end of war reach him (2mks)
    9. Grusha is afraid to attend to her husband, Jussup,since she is aware that Simon is on his way home after the war (2mks)
    10. Lavrenti, Grusha’s brother had agreed to pay MOTHER-IN-LAW 400 piasters for the marriage between Grusha and Jussup to be contracted. On learning later that Grusha has a child, MOTHER-IN-LAW demands to be paid more and is added 200 piasters in addition to her inheriting the farm after jussup’s death. (2mks)
    11. Get out before I throw you out, will you? (1mk)
    12. Jussup demands that Grusha scrubs his back.
      He refers to Grusha as a simpleton and to Michael as an illegitimate object.
      He warns Grusha to remember that she is now married, even if simons comes back.
      Jussup complains about  Grusha not giving him his conjugal rights. Any 2, 1mk each
  3. Oral poem (20marks)
    1. It is  a work song. The song urges people to work by Filling the land so as to fill their grananes (2mks)
    2. Hard work- a lot of good is wished all those who are willing to work eg the mother who wones let her happily cook.
      Valour-young men are expected to win in battle
      Strength-Young men who work have the reward of strength.
      Beauty-Young women who work are rewarded with beauty and suitors see them (4mks)
    3. Call-response structure: This harvest who will eat?
      The fathers, may they be wise….

      Repetition: The….who works
      May they…..

      Ideophones:Whaa! Eeeeh

      Personification: may grananer groan…..

      Direct translation: The mothers, may they both nations
    4. men give words of wisdom –The man who works, let his words be hearkened.
      The fathers; may they be wise women cook: The mother who works, let her happily cook
      Young men gout to war/protect the community: The young man who works; may he in battle win.
    5. Social: going to war: young man…may he in battle win (3mks)
      Economic: crop farming/cultivating: The seed…..may granaries groan under your weight (2mks)
    6. They believe that God is the owner of the sky, the owner of the land, the creator of people and the one who gives good harvests.
    7. People who are lazy will sparve for they will have no food to eat. (1mk)
  4. GRAMMAR: 15 Marks
      1. If Bali had prepared adequately for the interview, he would have passed.
      2. Not once did I fail  to switch off the lights after ten.
      1. of
      2. of
      1. negotiable
      2. Commendation
      1. Meets
      2. abandoned
      3. exposed
      1. This time round, you have gone beyond the limit
      2. When he abused her, he made her annoyed.
      3. Eat meat ravely.
      1. The boy swept his room while father prepared lunch.
      2. I feel unwell but I will attend the meeting.
      3. This is the man to whom I gave my bag.
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