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    1. Teachings about human beings from creation stories
      • They were created in the image of God
      • They share breath of life with God
      • They were given dominion over other creation
      • They communicate with God
      • They are special
      • They have ability to reason
      • They are blessed
      • Man and woman are complementally
      • They are to use other creations                                   7x1
    2. Outline the differences in the two accounts of creation in Genesis 1 and 2
      • The creation is in order form in the first account while there is no order in the second account
      • In the first account, creation is out of nothing but in the second account man is made out of dust of ground as the plants are made to grow out of a garden
      • In the first account, human beings are created last while in the second account they are created first
      • In the first account human being are to subdue the earth while in the second account God confines them in the garden of Eden
      • In the first account, creation completed in six days while in the second account there are no numbers of days given
      • In the first account God gives names to what He orders to be  while in the second account man is made to give names to all that God created
      • God rested on the seventh day in the first creation account but there is no day of rest given in the second account
      • In the first account, there is no garden of Eden while in the second creation there is
      • In the first account the spirit of God was moving over the face of the water  while in the second account it is not mentioned
      • In the first account God appreciated everything as good while in the second account He said it is not good for a man to be alone
      • In the first account God created human beings for procreation while in the second account He created man for companionship     8x1
    3. How do Christians care for God’s creation today?
      • They should conserve the environment
      • They should treat the rest of the creation with respect
      • They should take good care of wild animals by establishing game reserves and game parks for them
      • Should take care of God’s creation by opposing deforestation and helping to control soil erosion
      • Christians can contribute to scientific discovery of medicine for various diseases by giving monetary donations to relevant institutions            5x1
    1. Describe how God prepared the Israelites for the making of the covenant at Mt. Sinai (Exodus 19)
      • God told Moses to remind the people of Israel of how He had brought them out of Egypt
      • God told Moses that  he wanted to make a special relationship with them/make them the kingdom of priests
      • Moses called all the people and told what God has said
      • God told Moses that He wanted them to obey Him
      • The Israelites promised to do all that God has said
      • God promised to come down and meet with the people on the third day
      • The people were asked to wear their garments
      • Moses set the bounds for the people not to go up the mountain
      • On the third day, there was a thick cloud cover upon the mountain, loud trumpet blast and earthquake 
      • Moses brought the people out of the camp to meet with God they took their stand at the foot of the mountain
      • The Lord came down to the top of the mountain and called Moses to go up to Him  8x1
    2. Give four reasons that made the Israelites to break the covenant while at Mt. Sinai (Exodus 32:1-35)
      • Moses their leader delayed to come down from the mountain
      • Aaron who had been left in charge of the people was a weak leader
      • The people demand for god they could see
      • The people were still influenced by the Egyptian way of worship
      • Moses teachings had vanished from the people’s mind
      • People lost faith in their invisible God        6x1
    3. What do Christians learn about the nature of God from the Exodus?
      • God is caring
      • He communicates
      • He provides
      • He is powerful
      • He guides
      • He protects
      • He commands
      • He is to be obeyed
      • He punish those who disobey Him
      • He is holy
      • He is faithful
      • He is patient
      • He is merciful
      • He is jealous  6 x1
    1. Explain seven functions of Jerusalem Temple.
      • Used for worship
      • Where Jewish law was taught
      • Place for sacrifices/offerings
      • Used during purification rituals
      • Residence for Levites
      • Place of dedicating children
      • Commercial/business Centre
      • Acted as a judicial court
      • Jewish festivals were conducted there  7x1
    2. Identify six expressions of syncretism in Israel at the time of Prophet Elijah
      • Former places of worship for the Canaanite gods were turned into places of worship for Yahweh
      • The Canaanite agricultural calendar was adopted by Israel for the timing of the pilgrimage festivals
      • Names of Canaanite gods were also used for Yahweh e.g EL
      • Parents began naming their children after Ball
      • The Canaanite sacrificial system was incorporated into Israelites worship
      • The Israelite practiced temple prostitution
      • The Israelite offered human sacrifices to the Canaanite gods
      • The Israelites placed idol/symbols of Canaanite gods in places of worship for Yahweh   7x1
    3. State seven qualities of a good leader that modern leaders can learn from King David
      • Courage/bravery
      • Faith in God
      • Gratitude/thankfulness
      • Loyalty
      • Justice/fairness
      • Humility
      • Kindness
      • Respect
      • responsibility
      • wisdom       6x1
    1. Give five visions of Amos
      • Swarm of locusts
      • Great fire
      • Crooked wall being measured by a plumb line
      • Basketful of ripe summer fruits
      • Destruction of the altar   5x1
    2. Outline the teachings of Amos on Israel election
      • God favoured Israel by electing them
      • God delivered Israelites from Egypt
      • God led them during Exodus/guided them
      • God protected them against enemies
      • God gave them land to inherit
      • God raised prophets among them
      • God will punish Israelites when they sin
      • God protected them in the wilderness    7x1
    3. State the evils that Prophet Amos would condemn in Kenya today
      • Luxurious life/opulence by the rich
      • Bribery and corruption
      • Cheating in business/cheating scales
      • Sexual immoralities
      • Land grabbing
      • Murder
      • Drunkenness
      • Robbery and violence
      • High interest charged on loans 8x1
    1. State the causes of judgment and punishment on Israel as stated by Jeremiah.
      • Failure by the Israelites to repent and turn back to God
      • Priests and prophets spoke lies about peace when there is none
      • Worshipping Yahweh using foreign religious rituals
      • Practicing divination and witchcraft
      • Oppression of the poor by the rich
      • Worship of idols and heavenly bodies
      • The rulers and the scribes leading peoples away from the covenant way of life
      • Offering human sacrifice contrary of God’s commandments
      • Defining the temple by placing image of idol in it  6x1
    2. Differences between Mosaic covenant and the covenant foretold by Jeremiah
      • Mosaic covenant was for Israel while the new covenant was universal
      • Mosaic covenant was written on stone tablet while new covenant is written on peoples heart
      • Mosaic covenant was sealed with blood of animals while Sinai covenant was sealed with the blood of Jesus
      • Sinai covenant had collective responsibility of sin while new covenant had individual responsibility of sin
      • Mosaic covenant had people who taught others about God while in the new covenant, there is personal knowledge of God
      • Not all sins were forgiven in the mosaic covenant, but the new covenant had spontaneous forgiveness of sins and non-Jews 4x2
    3. Identify five methods used by Christians to communicate God’s message today
      • Preaching to the congregation
      • Using print media
      • Going out for mission
      • Visiting the needy
      • Composing songs
      • Using electronic media
      • Translating/publishing bible
      • Sending out missionaries
      • Helping the needy
      • Supporting the teaching of C.R E in school    6x1
    1. Give the traditional African concept of community
      • Members included the unborn, living and the ancestors
      • Speak common language
      • Related by birth or marriage
      • Occupy same geographical location
      • Had similar economic activities
      • Made up of clans
      • Had distinct taboos/beliefs
      • Showed mutual concern for other members of the community
    2. What are the responsibility of the living towards ancestors?
      • Name children after them
      • Take care of their graves
      • Offer them libations
      • Invite them during occasions
      • Show respect to them
      • Guard traditional customs
      • Sacrificing for them
      • Managing their property wisely  6x1
    3. Factors that undermine traditional medicine men in today’s society
      • Clearing of forests where they get herbs.
      • Adoption of modern medicine/hospitals
      • Medicine men die without being replaced because people are not learning the art.
      • Christianity relates traditional medicine with black magic.
      • Some people find it unhygienic.
      • There is no specific dose for the medicine hence overdose and hence negative effects.
      • Some traditional healers appear primitive and people opt for modern medicine.
      • Modern education lays emphasis on conventional medicine
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