CRE Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Moi Kabarak High School Mock 2020/2021

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  • Answer any five questions in the answer sheets provided.
    1. Identify any five National goals of Education that the learning of Christian Religious Education achieves in Kenya today (5mks).
    2. Explain seven ways in which Christians in Kenya use the Bible today (7mks).
    3. Why should Christians in Kenya take care of the environment?(8mks).
    1. State six challenges faced by Abraham before and after his call (6mks).
    2. Outline six requirements of the Sinai covenant in Exodus 19&24: 1-8 (6mks).
    3. Give eight reasons why the Ten Commandments were important to the Israelites (8mks).
    1. State seven reasons why Samuel was against Kingship in Israel (7mks).
    2. Identify six ways in which David promoted the worship of God in Israel (6mks).
    3. Mention seven ways in which Christians today demonstrate their faith in God (7mks).
    1. Outline five similarities between Prophets in the Old Testament and the Traditional African Communities (5mks).
    2. Describe the five visions of Prophet Amos concerning judgment on Israel (10mks),
    3. How does God reveal Himself to Christians today? (5mks).
    1. Outline six measures taken by Nehemiah to restore the Jewish community after the completion of the wall of Jerusalem (6mks).
    2. Explain four evils condemned by Prophet Jeremiah during the temple sermon (8mks).
    3. State ways in which church leaders communicate God's message to the people in Kenya today (6mks).
    1. Identify seven reasons why sacrifices are made in Traditional African Communities (7mks).
    2. Explain the significance of the rituals performed after the death of a person in Traditional African Communities (7mks).
    3. List the moral values promoted during funeral ceremonies in Traditional African Communities (6mks).

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