English Paper 2 Questions - Alliance Girl's High School Mock December 2020

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Instructions to candidates

  1. Write your name, admission number, index no, and the date of the examination in the so provided above.
  2. Answer ALL the questions in this question paper.
  3. All your answers must be written in the spaces provided in this question paper.
  4. This paper consists of 9 printed pages
  5. Candidates should check the question paper to ascertain that all the pages are printed indicated and that no questions are missing.

For Examiner's use only

Question Maximum Score  Candidate's Score 
3  20  
4  15  
Total score  80  

1. Read the following comprehension passage and answer the questions on it.

Kenyan roads hold two things in equal measure: great promise and great disappointment. They begin with a promise, in this case, the construction. Everyone is excited about the possibilities that the road presents. If it happens to be a new road, commuters will talk about nothing else except how pleasantly things will change for them. Soon, the construction is completed, and people are so excited, some are even tempted to lie on the tarmac! Change does not happen; value of property appreciates a hundred fold, businesses and farmers do better and the general outlook of that area changes.

Three years down the road however, due to poor workmanship, cracks begin to appear, small ones at first, which become bigger by the day, and finally, they develop into the craters the we Kenyans know too well. Vehicles are damaged; dust returns with a vengeance and accidents increase, with them, permanent scars and loss of lives. Right in front of our eyes, what held geen promise and hope to us becomes a source of disappointment and anguish. Yet every single day we ply the roads going about our business in spite of the difficulties

Relationships behave much the same way. In every relationship, hope and promise are intricate intertwined with the potential for disappointment. And just like with the roads, we don't give relationships the nourishment they need to withstand the bad times. When it begins to crack, the disappointment to block our view of the promise that the relationship stai! holds. Here are some thoughts to consider. First, just like roads, relationships are spite of their challenges. People come into the relationship with expectations, some realistic, some unrealistic and everything in between them.

The backgrounds we come from inform those expectations to a great extent, and these are turs reinforced by folktales and fantasies of romance, family, wealth and so on. When these expectations are not met, disappointments are bound to occur. Yet like the roads, relationships still hold great promise for happiness, health and wealth. M Gungor, the creator of the video "Laugh your way to a Better Marriage" quotes research the married people are happier, healthier and make more money on average than singles, the challenges notwithstanding, I am of the opinion that human beings have not yet discovered: other source of companionship, love, friendship, and pleasure that is greater than that whicl: found in relationships.

Another thought is the permanent nature of roads. Every time I visit my home town, I am a that most of the roads are still there. I can actually direct someone to my home without the fu that the road will have disappeared. Generally, roads have a permanent nature

In the same way, relationships must be approached with a view of staying put, for better oric worse. This was the major plank in the traditional marriage in Africa, as well as a central tet the Christian tradition to which most Kenyans pledge allegiance. Unfortunately, these tradit ideals of love, courtship, marriage and family have largely been discarded and without clear guidelines, relationships are likely to be a difficult proposition for anyone.

The proliferation and acceptance of come-we-stay arrangements and other forms of noncommittal type of unions is a challenge. This is because the roles that marriage plays in the society-producing and nurturing of children to maturity, providing companionship and buik wealth, require a high level of permanency. The promise of relationships lies in commitme if approached from any other angle, relationships become unfulfilling,

  1. Why do people look to the construction of a new road with optimism? (2 mks)
  2. Explain two comparisons made between roads and relationships in the passage.(4 mks)
  3. Describe the tone used in the second paragraph of the passage.(2 mk)
  4. Identify and illustrate the image used in the third paragraph of the passage.(2 mks)
  5. In note form, outline the consequences of poor road workmanship(5 mks)
  6. Why do marriages need to be permanent according to the writer?(3 mks)
  7. Explain what the following word and phrase mean as used in the passage.(2 mks)
    1. proliferation
    2. pledge allegiance

2. Read the following excerpt and answer the questions after it.
he accepted him without any resistance. Tradition did not allow her to offer any and as expect her, she did not resist. So at eighteen, after undergoing the mandatory initiation rituals, she á married Parsimei Ole Kaelo who was then twenty-four years old. And although over the cars he had scolded and bullied her, like a halfwitted child, she knew he was a good man, a gree provider, a foresighted planner and a man with a will to succeed in whatever he put his mind on The also knew that he loved her genuinely. For even after all those years of marriage he still pampered her. She loved him too and had a childlike dependence on him. She, however, knew hat she had failed miserably by not giving him the sons that he had so much looked forward to. But she also knew it was still not too late. God could still favour her with one or two. And now that she had gone back to the home of the gods of motherhood, she was going to join the rest of Nasila women in their ancestral prayer, song and praise - Enkai Aomon Entomono - a prayer ehorting God to open women's wombs.

She turned and looked at her daughters. They were full of animation as they walked hurriedly own the road that led to the gate. That made her happy. She was even happier to see Resian ho was often a pessimist, looking exuberant that afternoon. She hoped they would always be at happy. But she knew things had not been easy for them. At that delicate stage of their lives. e knew relocation to an extremely harsh environment devoid of their friends and all that they dl known throughout their lives was not only trying, but cruel. But she feared even a worse ning scenario. Poor innocent things! How she wished she could shield and protect them. But Id she? She knew Nasila people were extremely intolerant of those who ignored their urished cultural sensibilities. And the case of her daughters was no exception.

  1. What happens before this excerpt?(2 mks)
  2. Identify and illustrate three styles of evident in this excerpt.(6 mk:)
  3. Describe the character of the following.
    1. Ole Kaelo
    2. Mama Milano
  4. Identify and explain two themes evident in this excerpt.
  5. From elsewhere in the novel, how do Resian and Taiyo suffer the consequences of offending the cherished cultural sensibilities? (2 mks)
  6. Add a question tag to the following statement.
    She accepted him without any resistance
  7. Explain the meaning of the following words as used in the passage.
    1. mandatory
    2. pampered
    3. animation
    4. pessimist
  8. What happens after this excerpt?

3. Read the following oral poem and answer the questions that follow.
The earth does not get fat. It makes an end to those who wear
The head plumes (the older men)
We shall die on the earth
The earth does not get fat. It makes an end to those who act swiftly as heroes
Shall we die on the earth?
                                   Listen earth. We shall mourn because of you.
                                   Listen O earth. Shall we die on the earth?
The earth does not get fat. It makes an end to the chiefs
Shall we die on the earth?
The earth does not get fat.
It makes an end to the women chiefs
Shall we die on the earth?
                                   Listen O earth. We shall mourn because of you.
                                   Listen O earth. Shall we die on the earth?
The earth does not get fat. It makes an end to the nobles.
Shall we die on the earth?
The earth does not get fat. It makes an end to the beasts.
Shall we die on the earth?
The earth does not get fat. It makes an end to the beasts.
Shall we die on the earth.
                                   Listen you who are asleep, who are left tightly closed in the land,
                                   Listen you who are asleep, who are left tightly closed in the earth.
Shall we all sink into the earth?
Listen O earth, the sun is setting tightly.
We shall enter into the earth.

  1. Classify the above oral poem.
  2. Identify and illustrate three features of oral poetry evident in the above poem. (6 mks)
  3. Describe the nature of death as brought out in the poem.
  4. Give two functions of the above poem.
  5. On which occasion would the above poem be performed? Support your answer. (2 mks)
  6. Explain the meaning of the following lines in the poem.
    1. Listen you who are asleep
    2. We shall all enter into the earth.

4(a) Complete each of the following sentences by filing in the blank space with the correu

  1. My uncle deals .........................second hand clothes
  2. The girl threw a shawl ....................her shoulders.
  3. The exercise was conducted in accordance ..................the regulations.
  4. I regret to say you have no aptitude .................business.

(b) Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given.

  1. It is rare for hippos to graze during the day (Begin: Seldom.........)
  2. My father told me that the next day would be a national holiday. (Rewrite in speech)
  3. This is a fairly cheap radio. (Rewrite to end with 'cheap')
  4. I was so happy that I could not keep quiet. (use too' in place of "so")

c). Use appropriate phrasal verbs formed from the words in brackets to replace the wox bold.

  1. Jada's parents could not tolerate her lack of commitment in school. (put)
  2. Good neighbours regularly visit each other. (call)
  3. The population of the animal kingdom was diminishing because men were hunting and killing them. (go)
  4. The teacher felt the action was instigated by one of the students. (set)

(d) Use the correct form of the word in brackets to complete the sentences below.

  1. Resian and Taiyo are unhappy about the ...... ..............of some aspects Nasilian culture.(just)
  2. The ........... ......of Mrs Linde umasks Torvald Helmer. (genuine!
  3. Religious ............................is unfortunate. (tolerant)
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