Computer Studies Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Maranda Mocks 2021/2022 Exams

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Paper 2

Instruction to Candidates

  • The Paper has two questions
  • Answer all the questions
  • Type your name and index number at the Right- hand corner of each printout
  • Write your name and index number on the CD-RW.
  • Write the name and version of software used in each question on the answer sheet. 
  • Password should not be used on CD-RW.
  • All answer must be saved on the CD-RW.
  • Hand in all the printouts and the CD-RW.


Question One

  1. Using a word processor , type the document as it appears and save it as Biogas Main (30marks) BIOGAS PLANT

1.0 Domestic Biogas Presentation
1.1 Value Chain
1.1.1 General Presentation

Biogas is a gas produced through the digestion of organic materials in anaerobic condition by specific bacteria called Methanogenic or Methanogens
Biogas is mainly composed of Methane (CH4) and is thus flammable gas. It can therefore be used to as fuel for heating, cooking and lighting. Biogas can also be used to feed engines to produce electricity. For information the following table compares the equivalent between biogas and other possible fuels in terms of heating value

Fuel Unit Value
Charcoal 5  0.7
Firewood 7 1.3
Gasoline 10 0.75

2.0 Potential Impacts
The dissemination of Biogas plant have various environmental, social and economic benefits
2.1 Environmental impacts

  • Reduction of the biomass resource depletion
  • Reduction of Green House Gases emission

2.2 Social Impacts

  • Biogas plants help improve beneficiaries quality of life by reducing the workload usually required for typical tasks such as firewood collection and fire tending
  • Improve gender equality Women can spend more time on other activities and on education hence a reduction in Gender
  • Health and sanitation Bio-digester reduce the pathogens content of organic materials
  • Education - The installation of biogas lamp can enable children to study later in evening

2.3 Economic Impacts

  • Economic impacts for beneficiaries by displacing the use of fire word or charcoal , Biogas can help to reduce household energy expense
  • The most common technologies for domestic biogas – biogas production at a household scale are
  • Plastic tube digester or Polythene Tube Digester (PTP)
  • Plastic tank digester
  • Technologies based on the fixed Dome Model
  • Floating Drum Digester

3.0 Technologies
3.1 Possible Technologies for domestic biogas

  1. Create a pie chart showing Fuel values as indicated in the table. Insert appropriate chart title (5marks)
  2. Copy the chart to a new document and saving as Chart (1mark)
  3. Insert the following
    1. Page number at the bottom center of the page (1mark)
    2. Biogas Technology is Eco friendly as a footer (1mark)
    3. Your index number and Name as header (1mark)
  4. Replace the word used with utilized (1mark)
  5. Print Biogas Main and Chart (2marks)

Question Two
Chianda School has employed several workers. In order for it to monitor the performance of its workers and the different duties assigned to its workers the school needs a database to organize the information

Name Department Salary Paid Age Date of 


Joy HUmanities 50 000 Yes 42 28.3.2017
0022 Ruth Mathematics 40 000 Yes 38 28.3.2017
0024 Cate Applied Science 42 000 No 28 27.3.2017
0023 Mary English 38 000 Yes 33 26.3.2017
0025 Alex  Mathematics 42 000 Yes 38 28.3.2017
0026 Isaac Applied Science 50 000 Yes 42 27.3.2017
0027 Faith English 57 000 No 44 28.3.2017
0028 Jude Mathematics 58 000 Yes 28 29.3.2017
0024 Cate Applied Science 42 000 Yes 28 28.3.2017
0029 Jude Mathematics 57 000 Yes 28 28.3.2017
0021 Joy Humanities 50 000 Yes 42 26.3.2017
  1. Create a database file and name it Chianda (2marks)
  2. Using the table below create the appropriate fields and splits the data into two tables and set the primary Key (12marks)
  3. Create screens for each table for inputting the data in the tables (10marks)
  4. Create relationships between the tables (2marks)
  5. Validate Paid field to allow text that either begin with Y or N (2marks)
  6. Create a query to calculate the amount earned by each employee on the month of March if the employer decides to increase the salary by 10%. Save the query as Increment (2marks)
  7. Create a query for all the employees who were paid on 28/3/2017 and Save the Query as Paid (2marks)
  8. Create a query that will assign digit 1 to the paid employee and digit 0 to the unpaid employees, the data should appear on a new field save the Query as Number (3marks)
  9. Create a tabular report with landscape orientation from the tables to display the fields in the following order EMP. No, Name, Department, Salary and Paid. Save the report as Chianda Employees (6marks)
  10. Sort the records in the report in alphabetical order of name field (2marks)
  11. Add SALARY REPORT on the header and INDEX NUMBER on the footer (2marks)
  12. Compute Total Salary for all employees and place it below salary column save the report as Salary Report (2marks)
  13. Print Increment , Paid and Chianda Employees (3marks)

Marking Scheme

Q1  Description Marks Marks Awarded
 a Saving the file with name Biogas Main  2  
   Title as Biogas Plant  1  
 Title center aligned and Bold  1  
 Numbering paragraph 1.0  1  
 Sub Title Domestic Biogas  1  
 General presentation Bold and Initial caps  1  
 Methane Subscript  1  
Table 1 Caption 1  
Table 1 Availability 1  
Table 1 All Border 1  
Table 1 Completeness @1 mark Max 4 4  
Table 1 Shading 1  
Numbering paragraph 2.0 1  
Sub heading in paragraph 2 @ 1 mark max 4 4  
Initial Caps for sub heading @ 0.5 mark max 2 2  
Figure 1 Caption 1  
Three Circles @1 mark max 3 3  
Text labels in the figure @1 max 3 3  
Caption Figure 2 1  
Figure 2 Availability 1  
Correct text label @ 1 max 6 6  
b Create a piechart    
  Availability 1  
Correct parameters @ 1 mark max 3 3  
Correct title 1  
c Copy chart to a new document 1  
d Insert    
  Page number at the bottom center of the page 1  
Biogas Technology is Eco friendly as a footer 1  
Your index number and Name as header 1  
e Replace the word used with utilized 1  
f Print Biogas Main chart @ 1 mark max 2 2  
Total 50  
Q2 Description Marks Marks Awarded
a Create a database file and name it Chianda 2  
b Normalization @ 1 mark Max 2 2  
  Key field table 1 1  
Correct Data Type @ 1 mark Max 4 4  
Table 2 Foreign Key 2  
Table 2 Correct Data Type @ 1 mark max 3 3  
c Input Form 1 Correct name 1  
  Correct controls @ 1 mark max 4 4  
  Input Form 2 Correct Name 1  
  Correct controls @ 1 mark max 4 4  
d Correct Relationship 1 to many 2  
e Validate payment of Y to N 2  
f Create query increment all fields available 1  
  Query increment correct calculation (Check builder) 1  
g Create query paid All fields available  1  
  Correct criteria 1  
h Create query number 1  
  Assig paid to 1 and Unpaid to 0 2  
i Create a report with a title chianda employees 1  
  Report title ! 1 mark max 5 5  
j Sort the records in the report alphabetically 2  
k Correct text for footer INDEX NUMBER 1  
  Correct Text for Header SALARY REPORT 1  
l Computer Total Salary 2  
m Print increment, Paid and Chianda Employees 3  
TOTAL 50  


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