English Paper 3 Questions and Answers - Mathioya Mock Exams 2022

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  • Answer three questions only.
  • Questions one and two are compulsory.
  • In question one, choose only one.
  • In question three, choose one of the optional texts you have prepared on.
  • Number your work correctly.
  1.  Imaginative composition (Compulsory) 20mks.
    1. Write a composition that ends in the following words:
      … that was a lesson learnt the hard way.
    2. Write a composition illustrating the proverb:
      ‘Pride comes before a fall’
  2. Compulsory set text ‘A Doll’s House’ by Henrik Ibsen. (20mks)
    ‘Desperate times calls for desperate measures’. Write an essay showing the truth of this statement using characters from ‘A Doll’s House’ by Henrik Ibsen. (2mks)
  3. Optional set text. ( Attempt only one question) (20mks)
    1. The short story: Moran (Ed) Memories We Lost and Other Short Stories.
      ‘Self-will is the key to surviving life threatening conditions’ Support this statement basing your illustrations on the story ‘No Need to Lie’ by Rolf Schmidt.
    2. The play Inheritance:
      ‘Citizens suffer due to bad leadership’ Write an essay showing the truth of this statement from David Mulwa’s: ‘Inheritance’.
    3. The novel: The Pearl.
      ‘Appearances and Characters can be deceptive’. Write an essay to validate the statement basing you argument on John Steinbeck’s: ‘The Pearl’.

Marking Scheme

  1. Imaginative Composition.
    1. The candidate should end with the given statement… that was a lesson learnt the hard way.If not AD 2mks
      • It must be a story illustrating the proverb ‘Pride comes before a fall’ If not deduct 4mks AD
      • The story must bring out a situation in which the character fails because of his/her pride.
      • Paper 101/3 is intended to test the candidates ability to communicate in English . Communication is established in different levels of intelligibility, correctness, accuracy, fluency, pleasantness and originality. It is the linguistic competence shown by the candidate that should carry the most marks.
        1. 10-20 The candidate deliberately manipulates language to serve his/her purpose.
        2.  11-15 This class is characterized by greater fluency and an ease of expression . The candidate demonstrates that he/she can use English as a normal way of expressing themselves.
        3. 6- 10 The candidate communicates understandably but only more or less clearly. He/She is not confident with the language.
        4. 01- 05 There is generally no communication.
  2. Compulsory Set Text A Doll’s House By Henrik Ibsen.|
    ‘Desperate times calls for desperate measures.’

                   Sometimes individuals find themselves in a situation in which they have to react desperately and hence suffer the consequence or make others suffer.( Accept any other valid introduction i.e general /contextual/generalspecific.)
    CONTENT ( 12 MKS)
    1. Loan
      Nora loved her husband Torvald and found herself in a desperate situation as she tried to source money to finance their trip to Italy as per the recommendations of the doctor. This was the only way Torvald would recover from over-working himself. Nora had tried convincing her husband to take a loan but that nearly got him angry. She tried asking to be taken for a vacation like other pregnant wives but totally refused. Having no other option Nora procured a loan from Krogstad behind Torvalds back. She also forged her father’s signature since he was very ill and she did not want to cause him any trouble. She later lied to Torvald that it was a gift from her father. For 8 years Nora kept the loan procurement deal a secret and would repay by installments from her savings of household expences and doing jobs such as writing and embroidery.
    2. Abandoned Love
      Mrs. Linde is another character who finds herself in a desperate situation. She had two younger siblings and a bedridden mother . She accepts a marriage proposal from an old rich man who was capable of taking care of her financial needs . In return she had to forfeit her love for Krogstad because he was not financially stable . Mrs. Linde had to endure a loveless and childless marriage for the sake of her family. Later her very sick mother dies and her two younger siblings are all grown and no longer need her help .She decides to go look for a job to sustain herself and find someone to live and work for.
    3. Blackmail
      Krogstad finds himself in a desperate situation as his sons are growing. Previously he had committed an indiscretion in his profession . He wants to rebuild his reputation for sake of his sons. Having no other alternative Krogstad decides to blackmail Nora to speak on his behalf to Torvald who has been promoted as the bank manager. Krogstad puts pressure on Nora that she should make sure that Torvald does not dismiss him from his position as clerk if not she goes down with him. This post had already been given to Mrs. Linde courtesy of Nora . Nora suffer psychologically and emotionally but Krogstad does not care about the money all he wants is to make his reputation change positively in the society and was ready to give his life for that. Nora’s persistence to speak on his behalf leads to the immediate dismissal of Krogstad. This in return makes Krogstad revenge by sending a letter to Torvald explaining the indiscretion that Nora had commited 8 years ago in regard to the loan procurement. Torvald reads the letter and gets very angry with Nora he calls her a criminal and even prohibits her from taking care of the children as she will infect them with her immorality. Eventually Nora realizes that she has been living with a total stranger and quits her marriage.
    4. Adopted daughter
      The nurse in a desperate move to cater for her daughter’s needs ends up giving her away for adoption . She does this because the man who had got her pregnant was irresponsible and did not care for their financial needs. The society in which they lived in did not appreciate single mothers. The nurse despite playing motherly role to Nora and later Nora’s children, which she does so well but misses out on taking care of her own daughter .She only gets communication from her daughter when getting baptized and married but only through a letter.

      From the above illustrations it is clear that the characters acted out of desperation .( Accept any other relevant conclusion)
      AWARD 2:3:3:3:3:2 + 4mks Language= 20mks
  3. Optional Set Text
    1. The Short Story Memories We Lost and Others . ‘No Need To Lie’ By Schmidt
      ‘Self will is key to surviving life threatening conditions’
      The candidate should show understanding of the question and the effort Rolf puts in to overcome the challenges of cancer (It can be general/contextual or both)
      CONTENT (12MKS)
      1. Food- Rolf ensures he eats food by forcing it down his throat despite the pain (pg126-127)
      2. Radiotherapy- Despite the dreadfull and almost frightening radiation apparatus as well as the side effects of radio therapy,Rolf faces the treatment bravely . This decreases the swelling on his neck.
      3. Chemotherapy Rolf is ready to follow through with the doctor’s advice on chemotherapy ( pg 123,128,131,135)
      4. Friends- Rolf keeps in touch with his friends who assist him to endure the pain by being there for him and providing financial assistance. He vows not let them down.
      5. Sporting activities- Rolf continues with his Pollo game at the club as a way of occupying himself and fighting the effects of cancer.(pg 129,131)
      6. Right attitude – Rolf’s right mind set makes him convince himself that he is not going to die. He tells himself that those who give up end up losing to cancer.
      7. Family – Rolf’s strong desire to be there for his wife and children give him enough reason to be strong enough and defeat cancer. He pulls himself away from pity party and realizes he has a family that needs him to live.

        In conclusion we all need a strong will in life at one point or another in order to see another new day.
        AWARD 2:3:3:3:3:2 + 4mks language= 20mks
    2. The Play ‘Inheritance’ by David Mulwa
      'Citizens suffer due to bad leadership’
      Citizens of Kutula suffer because bad leadership from Lacuna, who misuses power and public resources to enrich himself while his subjects suffer total poverty, unemployment ,affliction and oppression among others.( Accept any other relevant introduction
      CONTENT 12mks
      1. Dam – Lacuna’s poor leadership is exhibited when he comes up with the idea of the construction of the dam which ends up causing the citizens of Kutula misery. Together with leaders such as Chipande they bring machines to construct a dam at the Bukelenge valley . Since it is a bad move some citizens such as Reverend Sangoi protest but the uprising yields no fruit. Initially , the dam held half the water expected so canals and brooks were channeled to the dam. The valley became dry, citizens such as Tamina have to walk for 15 km from sunrise to mid-day and back by sunset just to get the precious commodity.
      2. unlawfull detention- Poor leadership cause agony to citizens when they are detained unlawfully or for no legal reason. Bengo suffers greatly , he is imprisoned for 20 years since he opposed Lacuna’s leadership . Lacuna had tried to get rid of Bengo by asking Judah to prove his loyalty by killing Bengo but he refused as blood was thicker than water. Lacuna does not take no for an answer and Judah is beaten almost to death and were it not for Dr. Jonathan Judah would have died. Later Judah has to run away from Kutula and roams around looking for elusive jobs. Out of desperation he denounces God and bribes the the manager by buying him drinks and using fake certificates to get the job as machine operator. Tamina is later informed by Sangoi that Judah died at the mines due to faulty machines but the truth is later revealed by Robert .Lacuna detains Judah’s daughter at the palace without her consent and tries to convince her to accept his marriage proposal but being principled she refuses. Lulu suffers both emotionally and physically in the hands of Lacuna.
      3. Killings – Citizens of Kutula suffer due to bad leadership of Lacuna who rules with an iron fist. During his coronation the natives grumbled that they were crowning the wrong leader. Those who complained mysteriously disappeared . During the climax of the uprising and peacefull demonstration Lacuna orders that all dissidents be shot on site and a martial law was immediately enforced plus a 100% taxation on any company making profits. A citizen like Tamina could not afford a meal a day. She preferred King Kutula’s reign.
      4. poverty- Under Lacuna’s leadership the citizens of Kutula live in poverty while he buys himself aa personal jet and lives lavishly at the palace. Tamina’s family suffers greatly when their government house and cars are taken away when Judah refuses to prove his loyalty to Lacuna by killing Bengo his brother and a political activist against Lacuna’s men i.e Chipande for very little money. Licence to grow is forced to work on the same piece of land for very little money and cannot even afford to pay Lulu’s school fees in her fourth year in secondary school. Lulu is so desperate and even argues with mother concerning their poverty state. Lulu’s threatens to even use her body to study and become a doctor like Reverend Sangoi husband . Lacuna’s leadership does spare the youth who are the future of Kutula.
        CONCLUSION( 2mks)
        In conclusion, bad leadership results in nothing but agony to citizens. Citizens should therefore elect their leaders wisely.
        AWARD 2:3:3:3:3:2 + 4MKS Language = 20 mks
    3. The novel ‘The Perl’ by John Steinbeck.
      Appearances can be deceptive.
      Things are not always as they seem . The outward appearance of someone or something may conceal their true nature or intensions. When Kino finds a beautifull pearl he hopes to sell it and improve his family’s life but instead his life is ruined further.( Accept any other valid
      1. Priest
        First, we do not expect the priest to join in the group people trying to exploit Kino for his wealth . The priest should represent virtues but ironically when he hears of Kino’s pearl while walking in the garden he immediately thinks of the necessary repairs in the church. He also thinks about the worth of the pearl .He can not remember whether he married Kino in church or whether he baptized their son Coyotito. His visiting Kino is something he hardly does. He claims that Kino is named after a great father of the church. He also reminds him to give thanks for his newly found wealth. It is disturbing that a clergy man would try to take advantage of Kino.
      2. Doctor
        When the doctor gets the news of Kino’s pearl, he claims that Kino is his client and that he is treating his child Coyotito of a scorpion bite. He goes to Kino’s brush house in pretence of wanting to treat the scorpion bite. However, his main mortive is to find out more about the pearl. He warns Kino of the effects of the bite and how serious it can be for the child. He give the child a capsule which makes Coyotito very sick. He later ‘cures’ him with 3 drops of ammonia. He asks Kino when he will pay the bill hoping to the pearl as payment. He tries to convince Kino to reveal where he had hidden the pearl and even offers to keep it safely for him. If the doctor was really genuine he would have treated Coyotito the first time Kino and Juana had visited him desperately seeking his services.
      3. Pearl Buyers
        It appears like there are many pearl buyers when in the real sense there is only one. He keeps many agents in several offices to create an illusion of competition. When Kino finds the pearl he decides to sell it to improve his living condition. One of the dealers, the man behind the desk appears fatherly. He knows all the jokes however, he is part of a conspiracy to cheat Kino out the true value of his pearl. After examining the pearl , he offers 1000 Pesos but Kino wants 50,000 Pesos.The other buyers play the same game , they pretend to be disinterested . One offers 500 Pesos claiming he could sell it for 600 Pesos. They are shocked when Kino refuses to sell his pearl. The fatherly man quickly improves his deal 1500 Pesos but in vain. It appears they are trying to offer Kino best price but in reality they are trying their best to exploit Kino.
      4. The Pearl
        Lastly , the appearance of the pearl itself is deceptive. It appears beautifull but underneath the beauty is evil and destruction. It’s curve is perfect , it is as big as a seagull’s egg. When Kino finds it he concludes that it is the end of his poor life but he was very mistaken. He hopes to marry Juana in church, buy a riffle, a harpoon , take Coyotito to school and even buy new clothes and shoes. Non of his plans materialize. Juana nad Juan Thomas warn Kino that the pearlis evil but Kino ignores them. He beats Juana when she tries to throw the pearl into the sea. His canoe is destroyed and his hut is burnt and to top it all his son Coyotito is killed by a stray bullet while Kino runs away to the mountains. Eventually Kino realizes the evil nature of the pearl and throws it away into the ocean.
        In summary, it is true to say that for sure appearances can be deceptive as illustrated above.
        ( Allow any other valid conclusion)
        Award 2:3:3:3:3+ 4mks language.

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