Christian Religious Education Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Cekenas Mock Exams 2022

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    1. Outline prophet Jeremiah’s prophecies about the messiah. (Jeremiah23: 5-6) 6mks
    2. Describe the events that led to the singing of Benedictus. 7mks
    3. Give seven reasons why Christians sing in a church service today. 7mks
    1. Narrate the raising of the widow’s son at Nain (Luke 7:11 -17) 8mks
    2. Describe the incident in which Jesus calmed the storm. (Luke 8:22-25) 7mks
    3. State five lessons that Christians learn about Jesus from the raising of Jairu’s daughter.
    1. Why did Jesus ride on a colt as He entered the city of Jerusalem. 6mks
    2. Describe the main events that followed the death of Jesus. 8mks
    3. Give the role that is played by Christians in a burial ceremony today. 6mks
    1. Outline peter’s message about Jesus during the day of Pentecost. 7mks
    2. Describe the unity of believers as expressed in the image of the body of Christ. 8mks
    3. How do Christians express the New Testament teachings on unity of believers. 5mks
    1. State the importance of leisure 7mks
    2. Explain seven factors that have led to misuse of drugs in Kenya. 7mks
    3. Give six reasons why Christians condemn idleness in the society today. 6mks
    1. Explain seven ways in which Christians can contribute towards the maintenance of law and order in the society. 7mks
    2. Give reasons why it is important to have laws in a country. 7mks
    3. What is the role of Christians in the national elections. 6mks


      • The messiah will rule wisely.
      • He will do what is right and just/ execute justice.
      • Safe Judah from her enemies.
      • Israel will be secure during his reign
      • Messiah will be born from the house of King David.
      • Messiah will be a righteous Branch.
      • Messiah will reign as a king.
      • Messiah will be called “Lord our righteousness”
      • Elizabeth had given birth to a baby boy.
      • The neighbors and kinsmen came to celebrate.
      • The child was to be named as Zacharia.
      • The mother named the child as John
      • The people gathered were amazed.
      • The people enquired from Zacharia on what name to give to the child.
      • Zachariah wrote that the child be named John.
      • The child was named and Zachariah’s tongue become loose.
      • Under the influence of the Holy Spirit he sung the Benedictus.
      • To praise/ worship God.
      • To show /develop their talents.
      • To copy the Bible character.
      • To attract non members to the church.
      • To kill boredom and keep members alert.
      • To teach on morals/ Christian principles of living.
      • To rebuke the devil/evil spirits.
      • To show their faith in God.
      • Jesus went to the city of Nain accompanied by his disciples/ a crowd of people.
      • At the gate of the city, he met people carrying a dead man.
      • The dead man was the only son of the widow.
      • The widow/mother was accompanied by a large crowd.
      • Jesus felt pity for widow/ told her not to weep
      • Jesus touched the coffin in which the body lay.
      • Jesus told the dead man to arise.
      • The dead man sat up/ begun to speak.
      • Jesus gave the man to his mother.
      • The people were afraid
      • The people glorified the Lord.
      • Jesus fame spread to Judea/in the surrounding region.
      • He told them to go to the other side of the lake, so they set out.
      • As they sailed, Jesus fell asleep.
      • A storm of wind came down on the lake.
      • They were in danger. The boat filled with water
      • The disciples went and wake Jesus saying “master we are perishing”
      • Jesus got up, rebuked the wind/storm/raging storm /waves.
      • The storm subsided/ there was calm/ceased.
      • Jesus asked the disciples where their faith was.
      • They marveled/ become afraid.
      • They wondered who Jesus was that even the wind and water obey Him.
      • Jesus is humble.
      • He is the source of life/ power over death.
      • Is a healer/ source of hope.
      • Brings Joy to people.
      • Requires people to have faith in Him.
      • He is a teacher.
      • Concerned about peoples needs/ ready to assist
      • Is approachable.
      • Is sociable/ mixes with the people/ available.
      • To show that He was a prince of peace.
      • To fulfill Isaiah’s prophecy about the messiah.
      • To fulfill Zachariah’s prophecy.
      • To show that he came to establish the kingdom of God.
      • To show that he brought peace in Jerusalem.
      • To show that He is a humble Messiah
      • To show that Gods kingdom is peaceful (Any 6x1=6mks)
      • The centurion praised God for what had happened.
      • He confessed that Jesus was innocent.
      • The crowd witnessed his death and returned back home beating their breasts.
      • His acquaintances and women from Galilee stood at a distance.
      • Joseph of Arimathea went to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus.
      • He wrapped it hurriedly in expensive linen.
      • He laid it in a tomb, where nobody else had been laid.
      • The women went home to prepare the spices.
      • They rested on the Sabbath.
      • The religious leaders officiate the ceremony.
      • They sing songs.
      • Preach about death and resurrection.
      • Give company to the believed family.
      • Give material support to the bereaved family.
      • They offer prayers on behalf of the family.
      • They counsel and give hope to the bereaved family.
      • Jesus is the son of God.
      • Jesus is from Nazareth.
      • He died and suffered according to the will of God.
      • He suffered and died as prophesied by David.
      • He was raised by God from death
      • He is now sitted on God’s right hand.
      • God has made Jesus both Lord and Judge.
      • Jesus was killed by lawless men
      • The believers are the parts of the body of Christ.
      • Christ is the head of the body.
      • There should be no division among believers because they are one.
      • The believers are one through same baptism through the Holy Spirit.
      • Just as all the parts of the body are important, in the same way believers are needed in the body of Christ.
      • The believers should work in harmony just as parts of the body.
      • Believers should rejoice/suffer with one among the, just as parts of the body.
      • They speak in one voice against social evils.
      • They help the needy together.
      • They evangelize through the mass media together.
      • They meet for fellowship/prayers.
      • They hold interdenominational rallies/ crusades/prayers.
      • They celebrate and share in the Holy Communion.
      • It helps to maintain/improve one’s health.
      • It enables one to rest the body/ relax.
      • It gives an opportunity to develop talents.
      • It enables one to serve others/ the needy.
      • Leisure enables an individual to spend time with God.
      • It helps one regain lost energy/rejuvenate.
      • People are able to discover new ideas/ information during leisure time.
      • It provides an opportunity for one to take care of the environment.
      • It offers an opportunity for one to socialize with friends / family.
      • Extreme poverty
      • Moral decay/permissiveness in the society.
      • Poor role models/lack of role models.
      • Negative peer pressure/curiosity.
      • Lack of knowledge /ignorance on use of drugs.
      • Corruption/greed
      • Negative influence of mass media.
      • Idleness
      • Lack of guidance and counselling
      • Urbanization/western influence.
      • Irresponsible parenthood.
      • Availability of drugs/ cheap cost of drugs/influence.
      • Stress depression/rebellion/frustrations
      • It is failure to uphold the image of God who is a worker
      • It leads to poverty /lack of basic needs/poor living standards.
      • Idleness encourages dependence on other people.
      • Idleness may lead to conflict/fights among people/quarrels.
      • It can lead to lifestyle diseases/its unhealthy.
      • It is a form of disobedience to God’s command for human beings to work.
      • Idleness leads to anti- social activities/crime.
      • It leads to retardation of given talents/ abilities/creativity.
      • Through guidance and counselling services.
      • By respecting the authority.
      • Through reconciling the warring parties.
      • Through rehabilitating criminals.
      • Through educating the masses
      • Reporting criminals to the relevant authorities.
      • By praying for peace/citizens/leaders.
      • By condemning acts which violate human rights/ unjust laws.
      • Educating the masses on their rights/responsibilities.
      • By preaching the importance of law and order/peace
      • Forgiving others freely
      • By sharing what they have with the needy.
      • To protect the consumer from exploitation by the producers
      • Individuals are able to enjoy freedom of worship
      • For political stability in a country/order/peace/love/prevents crime/ no anarchy.
      • Laws control the taxation systems in a country.
      • Laws safeguards the rights of citizens.
      • Individual’s property is protected under the law.
      • Allows for economic growth.
      • Determines the type of punitive measures for a crime done.
      • Law outlines how foreigners are to be handled in a country.
      • To cast the vote
      • Avoid situations of confrontations with the government.
      • To be honest/ not to fear intimidation/ not to fear persecution.
      • Being employed at various levels in and out of polling stations.
      • Being committed in playing different roles.
      • Educating the masses on their civic rights/ obligations.
      • Financing the government in facilitating smooth and fair elections
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