Drawing & Design Paper 2 Questions - Cekenas Mock Exams 2022

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Design an office table suitable for use by a disabled person on a wheelchair. The table should cater for disabled persons with various sizes of wheelchairs. The design should have the following considerations;

  1. The table top should allow for a comfortable working position while in sitting position on the wheelchair
  2. It should be possible to adjust the table to accommodate various sizes of wheelchairs.
  3. The table should be easily movable to convenient positions by disabled persons
  4. At least two different materials are to be used.


  1. Make enough pictorial sketches of the two possible designs of the table.(6mks)
  2. Select one of the designs in (i) above and make a refined pictorial drawing. (13mks)
  3. Draw exploded pictorial views showing the working mechanisms for each of the considerations in 1 to 4 above and label the parts.
  4. Name two different materials used in the design and state a reason for each choice. (4mks)
  5. State two different methods used in joining the parts.(2mks)


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