Agriculture - Maranda High School Form 1 End Term 1 2018

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  1. Define organic farming. (2mks)
  2. State four advantages Organic farming (4mks)
  3. Outline five activities that make agriculture an art. (5mks)
  4. Define the following terms as used in agriculture.
    1. Crop pathology....................(2mks)
    2. Entomology .....................(2 mks)
    3. Pedology..............(2mks)
    4. Genetics ...... ...(2mks)
  5. Outline five activities that a farmer may carry out in livestock production.
  6. State and explain three types of horticultural farming. (6mks)
  7. Give five advantages of mixed farming. (5mks)
  8. What is a farming system, (2mks)
  9. List four methods of farming (4mks)
  10. Outline three roles of soil living organism. (3mks)
  11. Outline five factors to consider when identifying a farming system. (5mks)
  12. Explain five ways in which low level of education and technology influences agriculture (5mks)
  13. Give three ways in which agriculture leads to industrial development in Kenya (3mks)
  14. Outline five ways in which government may promote agricultural production in Kenya (5mks)
  15. List four ways in which agriculture leads to indirect employment (4mks)
  16. Identify and explain three beneficial biotic factors that influence agriculture (6mks)
  17. State and explain any three chemical weathering processes (6mks)
  18. Why is sub soil referred to as a layer of accumulation (1mk)
  19. State four harmful effects of wind (4mks)
  20. Give four functions of water in the growth of a plant. (4mks)
  21. Give four advantages of Agroforestry (4mks)
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