English P3 Questions and Answers - Momaliche 4 cycle Post Mock Exams 2021/2022

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Instructions to candidates

  • Answer three questions only
  • Question one and two are compulsory.
  • In question 1, attempt only one essay.
  • Each of your essay should not exceed 450 words





1.Imaginative Composition



2.The Compulsory Set Text



3.The Optional Set Text







Imaginative composition (20 marks)

    1. Write an interesting composition which begins with;
      My mentor, my pride…
    2. Write a composition based on the proverb:
      Make hay while the sun shines.
    “Our greatest enemies are those close to us.” Basing your argument on Henry Ole Kulet’s Blossoms of the Savannah, write an essay to qualify this assertion.
  3. Optional set texts
    1. Short stories: Moran (ED) Memories We Lost.
      Discuss the major issues highlighted by the writer in the story Window Seat by Benjamin Branoff.
    2. Drawing illustrations from David Mulwa’s Inheritance, write an essay to show how moral decadence among leaders affects the society.
    3. Juana’s steadfast spirit makes her the pillar of strength of her family. Write an essay in support of this statement making reference to John Steinbeck’s The Pearl.


2. “Our greatest enemies are those close to us.” Basing your argument on H.E Ole Kulet’s Blossoms of the Savannah write an essay to qualify this assertion. (20 Marks)
More often than not, we are harmed or betrayed by those close to us. Our close family members, trusted friends, or other relatives sometimes turn out to be our biggest adversaries. In Blossoms of the Savannah Mama Milanoi betrays her own daughter Taiyo when she deceives her and has her savagely circumcised against her will. Other characters that highlight this vice are Oloisudori and Ole Kaelo.
Parsimei Ole Kaelo is an enemy to his own daughter Resian. He has abhorred her since she was born because he expected a boy. He plans to have Resian forcefully circumcised and married off to a sly and cunning extortionist Mr. Oloisudori, a man she vehemently hates. Oloisudori financed Ole Kaelo’s businesses and helped him to acquire a magnificent home in Nasila. He uses his guile and money to lure Ole Kaelo and Mama Milanoi into accepting his odd demand. Ole Kaelo schemes with Oloisudori to have his own daughter kidnapped and anesthetized should she turn down his proposal. He equates her to a stubborn kid that refuses to suckle. Ultimately, Ole Kaelo fails in his bid to please Oloisudori and to fulfill his own avarice since Resian escapes, leaving them reeling in turmoil.
Oloisudori Loonkiya turns out to be an enemy to Ole Kaelo. They are friends and business allies. Although he knows that Oloisudori is a criminal, he does not expect him to betray their friendship. When Oloisudori visits Ole Kaelo’s home and meets Resian he falls in love with her and demands to marry her. She also has to be circumcised. Oloisudori is an old man while Resian is still a teenager. Ole Kaelo is shocked by this strange demand and beseeches him to drop it and ask for anything else. Oloisudori uses his financial strength and emotional blackmail to convince Ole Kaelo to bless the union. He gives him 500,000 shillings as dowry. This evil scheme fails when Resian tells Oloisudori off in his face and escapes. Oloisudori later faces the wrath of Minik ene Nkoitoi and his vehicles are destroyed.
Olarinkoi betrays Resian’s trust. He looks odd but seemingly harmless. He is accepted into the Kaelo homestead where he visits freely and eats together with them. He deceives them with food supplies. He earns Resian’s trust when he rescues Taiyo and her from their would-be rapists Ntara and Lante. He turns out to be Resian’s foe when he deceives and kidnaps her taking her to Inkiito instead of Ntare-naaju. He plans to have her circumcised and to marry her and escape with her to Tanzania. He attempts to rape her and causes grievous bodily harm on her. His evil scheme also fails when Nabaru helps Resian to escape from his home. He is also forced into hiding after his shameless rape attempt.
Mama Milanoi is an adversary to her own daughters. She fails to speak up for them but instead selfishly guards her marriage. She is scared to ask her husband to let them join Egerton University. In the face of constant intimidation, she fails to offer her protective wings to Resian who only finds solace in Taiyo. She is privy to the evil scheme to have Resian kidnapped and forcefully circumcised and married to Oloisudori but she remains callously indifferent. She laughs when Ole Kaelo compares her to an obstinate kid. She also blatantly lies and convinces Taiyo to follow the three women to Esoit where she is brutally circumcised. Surely, our family members turn out to be our biggest foes.
In conclusion, the events in Blossoms of the Savannah prove that those close to us turn out to be our greatest adversaries.


  • General
  • Contextualized
  • General/Contextualized.
  • Outline of points of interpretation.

*Points of interpretation 12marks*

  1. Unroadworthy vehicles like the one being used by the narrator pg 62 the minivan daladala he keeps hitting a rusty ceiling.
  2. Pollution especially noise environment is polluted by shouting...endless barrage of dust that drifts through the window pg 63/65.
  3. There are pickpockets in vehicles masquerading as passengers, they take advantage of the crowded vehicles van i.e. the narrator finds himself a victim of kanga lady pg 66-67
  4. Roads are poorly maintained making journey painful ie condition of the road is made ridiculous by the black asphalt slick and old pin strip...pg 64
  5. Overloading is common. The minivan is full to capacity 25people instead of the right capacity of 10 people pg 63
  6. Indifference from police who pretend to be checking on the vehicles are very annoying as passengers witness them receiving bribes pg 63,66 ,68.

* mark : 3:3:3:3 mrks
Valid conclusion.(2mrks) it can be :

  • Recap of the topic
  • Opinion.
  • Summary of points of interpretation.

Drawing illustrations from David Mulwa’s Inheritance, write an essay to show how moral decadence among leaders affects the society.
Good behavior is meant to be a basic fabric that holds together a proper and upright society and should trickle down from the leaders to the citizens. However, we do not see this in Kutula republic led by Lacuna and his cronies. Their immoral behaviour leads to deplorable living conditions for the citizens of Kutula. When they feel that enough is enough, the citizens resort to a peaceful uprising to oust the immoral leaders.
Lacuna Kasoo is cruel and inhuman. Menninger calls him a thoroughly debased moral reprobate. He callously poisons and kills his own father King Kutula XV due to his greed for power and leadership of Kutula. He takes advantage of his father’s trust and love for him. He laces his tea with a poisonous powder killing him despite the fact that his father loved him. The king died slowly. He later conspires to kill Romanus Bengo, a fearless critic of his leadership. He calls him a thorn on his political side. Judah Zen Melo, Bengo’s brother, refuses to take up the dirty job. Lacuna punishes him by having him beaten mercilessly, fires him, and snatches him of the government house and car. Later when Lulu refuses to marry Lacuna, he ends up killing Judah as he refuses to give his blessing for the marriage and tries to cover it up by blaming his death on the old, rotting machines. Robert Rollerstone and Lulu reproach him for this murder. Lacuna’s actions cause misery to Bengo who is held unlawfully for a long time. Judah’s death causes Tamina his wife untold pain. She cries bitterly and convulses when she learns of his death from Reverend Sangoi. Lulu is also badly hurt and left without a father. The entire family suffers. Furthermore the whole nation is affected by the death of their compassionate and prudent leader King Kutula XV. Lacuna does not seem to have a problem with having blood on his hands as he had killed his own father to ascend the seat. Surely, leaders’ moral decadence has adverse effects on any society.
Secondly, the leaders oppress the citizens of Kutula. Romanus Bengo is an activist who is against Lacuna’s poor leadership. Lacuna plans to have him killed. Luckily the proposed hit man, Judah, declines the job. As a consequence of his dissidence Bengo is illicitly jailed for a long time so as to be silenced as the debauchery prevailed. This fuels Bengo’s spirit even more as when he gets out, he is even more determined to dethrone Lacuna. Lacuna intends to marry Lulu forcefully so as to appease the ancestors. As Lulu is reluctant, Lacuna locks her up in the castle for almost a month against her wishes. Lulu suffers and cries the whole time. She is also embarrassed by the humiliating thought of marrying an old man whom she respects as a parent and a leader. Tamina is also constantly troubled of her daughter’s whereabouts. Lacuna’s immorality affects Bengo and Lulu adversely.
The leaders exploit the poor citizens of Kutula. Lacuna is inefficient and hands-off as a leader. Chipande, his crony, buys fertile land from Tamina for peanuts and uses his influence to convince Lacuna to deny other people license grow coffee. When he buys Tamina’s land unfairly he says he cannot compete with a peasant. Since her husband is unemployed and thrown out of his government house she is forced to pick coffee at Chipande’s farm in order to raise money to feed her children. She works extra hours from cockcrow to sunset at no extra pay. She has to walk a long distance to and from work. She is unable to give her children a decent lifestyle. Lulu is out of school for she cannot afford to pay her school fees and other related levies like construction fund. She thinks of having her study on credit. The stress caused by this leads to anxiety and a strain in their relationship. Lulu asks her to seek help from Chipande or Lulu, oblivious of their true colours. She even hints of using her beauty to get the money to complete school and be a doctor. This angers her mother who threatens to beat her up. The exploitative leaders cause the citizens pain.
Lacuna is a greedy narcissist. He borrows money from abroad to develop his country and better the lives of the citizens but instead enriches himself and his friends. Much of the money is stashed in his offshore accounts in Canada, Swiss, Luxemburg and Manhattan. He uses part of it to buy himself an expensive private aircraft to fly over his “petty” subjects. He distributes the spoils from the loans to his tribesmen and friends in leadership and pockets 30 % of the balance for himself. His greed and selfishness denies the people a just and progressive leader in King Kutula XV. The citizens reminisce about his good leadership with fondness of heart. When Lacuna’s accounts are frozen he plans to make his people pay for his excesses. He also plans to overtax the companies in Kutula and keep the returns for himself so as to continue being rich as citizens suffer. Lacuna intends to forcefully evacuate the occupants of Bukelembe valley so as to satisfy Robert and Goldstein’s wishes and secure a loan from them. His greed makes the citizens to wallow in abject poverty. While he lives in luxury in his large palace with many servants and titular assistants, citizens of Kutula suffer unemployment, low wages, long working hours and poverty. They revolt and overthrow Lacuna.
In conclusion, the leaders of Kutula fail to uphold good morals for the well being of their subjects and instead end up hurting the very people they are supposed to serve. It is not a surprise when they are overthrown and taken to jail by the citizens.
3. c)Juana's steadfast spirit makes her the pillar of strength of her family. Write an essay in support of this statement making reference to John Steinbeck’s The Pearl.
Juana is a dependable and devoted member of Kino's family. Her steadfast loyalty makes her a tower of strength for Kino and the son Coyotito. She is subservient but surprisingly judicious and resolute and these endearing qualities make her the anchor of the family.
When Coyotito is stung by a scorpion Juana, swings into action and saves his life. First, she sucks the poison from the reddened puncture and spits and sucks again while the baby screams in pain. The baby’s screams attract the neighbours. She sucks until the hole enlarges and its edges whiten. She is aware that the poison could easily kill the baby. The sucking helps to relieve Coyotito's pain and the screams turn into moans. Later on she collects some brown seaweed and makes a flat damp poultice and applies it to Coyotito's shoulder. This was a good cure and could be better than the doctors remedy. The symptoms of the scorpion sting like swelling, fever, tightened throat and cramps are worrying but luckily cramps do not come to Coyotito. Finally the poison recedes from Coyotito’s body and the swelling goes out of his shoulder. Juana's unwavering empirical actions save her son’s life.
Juana surprises Kino when she demands that they go to the doctor. He had wondered often at the iron in his patient fragile wife. She is respectful and cheerful but could stand fatigue and hunger better than Kino himself. He is surprised when she demands for the doctor. Everyone knows that the doctor does not come to the cluster of brush houses. He prefers prefer treating the rich who live in stone and plaster houses in town. To want him is wonderful, but to get him would be remarkable. The people in the yard, those at the door and Kino tell Juana that the doctor won’t come. She uncompromisingly demands that they go to him. She covers the baby to protect him from light and together with Kino they lead the procession to the doctor's house. She had sucked the poison out but she is still worried because Coyotito is his first baby-almost everything that was in her world. When the doctor turns them down and everyone else leaves she stays at his gate with Kino for a long time. Juana's determination makes the music of his family jovial in Kino's head with a steely tone.
When a thief a thief tries to steal Kino’s pearl while he sleeps, he hurts his head while fighting the intruder. He could feel warm blood down his forehead. Juana uses her shawl to swab the blood from his bruised forehead. She astutely warns Kino that the Pearl is evil. She equates it to a sin that will destroy them. She asks Kino to throw it away, break it between stones, bury it or throw it back to the sea. Kino is adamant because he wants his son to go to school but Juana knows that it would destroy even their son. When Kino fails to sell the Pearl Juana is worried. She knows the only help she can offer is being near him and being silent. Kino is attacked a second time and is slashed from his ear to chin. She wipes his face and offers him a pulque to drink and reiterates that the Pearl is evil and will destroy the family. Kino foolishly asserts that he is a man. Juana prudently tells Kino that a man can be killed. Juana is clearly determined to save her family but Kino is blinded by limitless desire.
Juana is indeed an unrelenting woman. Her steadfast spirit is evident when she grows tired of Kino’s obstinate inaction. She decides to secretly throw the Pearl herself. This is because the Pearl has caused fear and brought enemies who were inflicting physical and emotional agony to her family. Kino catches her just in time and hits her on the face with a clenched fist. He kicks her on the side when she falls among the boulders. He hisses at her like a snake but she stares at him with wide unfrightened eyes. Even after he attacks her she remains rational. There’s no anger in her for Kino. Her quality of woman would cut through Kino’s manness and save them. Juana resolutely fights to protect her family.
Juana advises Kino to flee from La Paz after he kills a man. She fights bitterly to rescue the old peace but she is wise enough to know that it’s futile now. Kino says did it in self defence but she tells him that no one would buy his account. He concedes. They head north together. She sticks by his side to the bitter end. The trek is tedious but Juana's steadfastness gives Kino strength. Juana’s mouth is swollen where Kino hit her; her ankles are cut and scratched by stones and brushes but she sits unflinchingly like a sentinel. She dissuades Kino from splitting up with them when he suggests they go to Loreto or Santa Rosalia and when he offers to let the trackers take him. She says the trackers would still kill them. Kino yields to her unwavering goading. She also advises him to remove the white clothes when he wills to attack the trackers. After Coyotito is killed, she walks with Kino walking side to side.

In conclusion, Juana is surely the pillar of strength in Kino’s family. She unrelentingly tries to control Kino’s excessive desire that eventually proves destructive when he does not heed her sagacious.

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