English Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Chogoria Murugi Zone Pre Mock Exams 2023

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  • Answer ALL the questions
  1. Read the following passage and then answer the questions that follow. (2OMKS)

    When Google hosted a boot camp in California this month for its Android operating system, there were some new faces in the room: auto manufacturers. They made the trip to learn about Android Auto, a new dashboard system meant to let a smartphone power a car’s center screen. Tasks as varied as navigation, communication and music apps, all constantly talking to the cloud. And to the driver. A similar scene is playing out just a few miles down the road at Apple, where a rival system, Car Play, has been developed for iPhone users.

    After years of being treated as an interesting side business, autos have become the latest obsession for Silicon Valley, with Apple assigning about 200 engineers to work on electric vehicle technology and Google saying it envisions the public using driverless cars within five years. But nowhere is that obsession playing out more immediately than in the battle to develop the next generation of cars’ dashboard systems.

    In the coming weeks and months, dealerships around the country will begin selling vehicles capable of running Android Auto, Apple Car Play, or both. The systems go far beyond currently available Bluetooth pairing for playing music or making a hands-free call, and allow for Google’s or Apple’s operating system to essentially take over the center screen and certain buttons within the car.  “Consumers have spoken,” said John Maddox, assistant director of the University of Michigan’s Mobility Transformation Center.  

    “They expect to have coordination between their phone and their vehicle.” Here at Google’s headquarters, Android Auto is about to make its debut in Americans’ cars after two years in development. Plug in a smartphone with a USB cord and the system powers up on a car’s screen. The phone’s screen, meanwhile, goes dark, not to be touched while driving. Apple’s Car Play works similarly, with bubbly icons for phone calls, music, maps, messaging and other apps appearing on the car’s center screen. (Apple declined to comment for this article.

    While the idea of constantly connected drivers zipping along roads raises concerns about distracted driving, both companies say their systems are designed with the opposite goal: to make cellphone-toting drivers safer. “We looked at what people do with their phones in the car, and it was scary,” said Andrew Brenner, who heads Google’s Android Auto team. “You want to say to them, ‘Yikes, no, don’t do that.’”

    Brenner said his team tried to figure out how to minimize distraction during tasks people frequently do while driving, while also deciding what should be prevented in the car altogether. Google even built its own driver-distraction lab, to test different variations.

    Android Auto, for example, has no “back” button like the smartphone version. No “recents” button either. Google Maps has been adjusted to make fonts bigger and streets less detailed, for easier reading while driving. No action should take more than two seconds — consistent with the Transportation Department’s voluntary guidelines. “Things that we don’t show are just as important as what we do show,” Brenner said. Music is most definitely in. Streaming video? Most definitely not.

    Most social media will also be blocked, and texts can be sent only with voice commands. Apps on the screen are optimized for speed: glance, touch and eyes back to the road. “It’s these little glances at the screen that people do in a car,” he said.

    “We want something that’s very glanceable, that can be seen and done quickly.” When the Android Auto project began, it included a core group of automakers like General Motors, Audi, Honda and Hyundai. Now, as it prepares for its debut, roughly two dozen car brands have signed on to offer it soon. Apple has teamed up with roughly the same number of brands, many of which will offer both systems. Most automakers are staying mum on their exact start dates, but Hyundai is expected to act shortly, and Volkswagen has indicated availability for its next Golf. GM has said the same about its Spark subcompact. One of the most widespread adopters will be Ford, which this year will begin offering both Android Auto and Car Play in conjunction with the revamping of the automaker’s much-criticized Sync system.

    By the end of 2016, they will be available on all Fords sold in the United States. “We don’t want people to have to make a vehicle choice based on which mobile phone they have,” said Don Butler, Ford’s executive director for connected vehicles and services. “We want to accommodate all customers and their devices.”

    Fiat-Chrysler, considered to have one of the better infotainment platforms on the market, has signed on to support Google’s and Apple’s systems. But a bit of lament is evident. “We’re confident that our systems deliver a good experience for our customers,” said Eric Mayne, a spokesman at Chrysler. “But we’re not standing still either.”
    1. Why did Auto manufacturing companies make the trip to California?                          ( 2mks)
    2. What according to the passage shows the seriousness that companies have autos have attached to autos?                                                                          
    3. What does the expression “Consumers have spoken,” imply?                                                   (2mks)
    4. Briefly explain how the system works?                                                                           (2mks)
    5. Why in your opinion do social media have to be blocked?                                            ( 3mks
    6. In point form, summarize how developers have tried to minimize distractions that may arise out of the new developments.                                                                                                          (5mks)
    7. Rewrite the following in reported speech.                                                                    (1 mark) “We’re confident that our systems deliver a good experience for our customers,” said Eric Mayne, a spokesman at Chrysler.
    8. What do the following words mean as used in the passage?                                      (3 marks)
      1. Debut ………………………………………………………………………………………....
      2. Mum ………………………………………………………………………………………....
      3. Infotainment ………………………………..……………………………………................
  2. Read the excerpt below and then answer the questions that follow.  (25 marks)
    Krogstad:  (Controlling himself) Listen to me, Mrs. Helmer. If necessary, I am prepared to fight for my small        
     post in the Bank as if I were fighting for my life.
    Nora:               So it seems.
    Krogstad:        It is not only for the sake of the money; indeed that weighs least with me in the matter. There is another reason – well. I may as well tell you. My position is this. I daresay you know, like everybody else, that once, many years ago, I was guilty of an indiscretion.
    Nora:               I think I have heard something of kind.
    Krogstad:        The matter never came into court; but every way seemed to be closed to me after that. So i took to the business that you  know of. I had to do something; and, honestly, I don’t think I’ve been one of the worst. But now I must cut myself free from all that. My sons are growing up; for their sake I must try and win back as much respect as I Can in the town. This post in the Bank was like the first step up for me downstairs again into the mud.
    Nora:               But you must believe me, Mr.Krogstad; It is not in my power to help you at all.
    Krogstad:        Then it is because you haven’t the will; but I have means to compel you.
    Nora:               You don’t mean that you will tell my husband that I owe you money?
    Krogstad:        Hm! – Suppose I were to tell him?
    Nora:               It would be perfectly infamous of you. (sobbing) To think of his learning my secret,                            which has been my joy and pride, in such ugly, clumsy way – that he should learn it from you! And it would put me in a horribly disagreeable position –
    Krogstad:        Only disagreeable?
    Nora:               (Impetuously) Well, do it, then! – and it will be the worse for you. My husband will see for himself a blackguard you are, and you certainly won’t keep your post then.
    Krogstad:        I asked you if it was only disagreeable scene at home you were afraid of?
    Nora:              If my husband does get to know of it, of course he will at once pay you what is still owing, and we shall have nothing more to do with you.
    Krogstad:        ( coming a step nearer) Listen to me, Mrs. Helmer. Either you have a very bad Memory or you know very little of business. I shall be obliged to remind you of a few details.

    1. Briefly describe what happens before the excerpt .                                                         (3marks)
    2. Identify and illustrate major themes evident in the excerpt .                                             (4 marks)
    3. In note form, state reasons why Krogstad says that he is prepared to fight for his small post in the bank as if he was fighting for his life.                                                                                    (5mks)
    4. How is Nora and Krogstad portrayed in the excerpt                                                           (4 marks)
    5. Discuss any style used in the excerpt and show it's effectiveness                         (3mks)            
    6. I shall be obliged to remind you of a few details.(Add a question tag)                       (1 mark)
    7. From your knowledge of the text, explain how Nora found herself in this predicament (3mks)
    8. Explain the meaning of the following words as used in the excerpt.        (3 marks)
      1. Indiscretion ...............................................................................................................
      2. Compel .........................................................................................................................
  3. Read the oral poem below and answer the questions that follow.
                                       The Crop Thieves
                          Tswiri tswiri! I the person, I suspect?
                           What have you heard that makes you suspicious?
                           I heard things said, rumours of weaver birds;
                           They ate corn in Lesiba’s field and finished it.
                           And when they left they sounded hummmmm-
                           They said, “Listen to the numerous weaver birds, sons of Mosima;s family.
                           Children of the horse that ate the courtyards and the times,
                           It is the numerous weaverbirds,
                           The grey ones that go about in swarms,
                           Children with the little red beaks,
                          Children that make a noise in the mimosa trees,
                           Tupu-tupu! The smoke comes out while the dew still glitters.
                          Howaaa! Sweaaa! – is heard in the early morning
                           They are finishing the corn, the numerous weaver birds.
                           Children with the little red beaks.
                           At home, it is yo! yo!
                           The children are crying,
                           Their mothers have gone to the fields to the birds,
                           It is the Zulus that have entered the country,
                           Take axes and loop the tree branches,
                           Yo! This year we shall eat five,
                           We shall lack even a blue-tongued goat!
                           It is numerous weaverbirds, the grey ones that go about in swarms.
    1. What kind of oral poem is this?                                                                             (2 marks)
    2. Explain two functions of the above oral poem                                                   (2 marks)
    3. Identify and illustrate two oral features of this poem                                       (4 marks)
    4. What does the poem tell us about the character trait of the weaverbirds.      (2 marks)
    5. Which lines show that people will keep on suffering if they don’t keep the birds away?                                                                                                                                      (2 marks)
    6. Identify and illustrate two economic activities practiced in this community. (4 marks)
    7. What is the attitude of the singer towards the weaverbirds?                           (2 marks)
    8. Explain the meaning of the following lines as used in the song.                 ( 2marks)
      1. We shall lack even a blue-tongued goat.
      2. It is the Zulus that have entered the country.
  4. GRAMMAR. (15MKS)
    1. Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given after each. Do not change the meaning. (4mks)
      1. Juma did not do the assignment. He did not report to the teacher. (Rewrite into one sentence using a correlative conjunction) 
      2. Complete with the correct alternative.
        They won the match because they had enough...........................................................(Practice/practise)  
      3. I like to swim.   ( change the infinitive into a gerund)
      4. My examination results were released only after I had cleared the fee balance.( Begin: Not until.............)
    2. Fill in the blank spaces with the correct form of the word in brackets. (3mks)
      1. He was relieved when the three ………………………………. left his compound. (passerby)
      2. The inmates took advantage of the ……………………………………….to escape from custody. (confuse)
      3. The film, though poor in artistic value, was a ………………………………. success. (finance)
    3. Complete the following sentences using an appropriate preposition. (3mks)
      1. It is improper to hurl abuses ………………………….. people.
      2. The principal was very happy ………………………… her students.
      3. Mueni and her family had lived in Mombasa ………………… twenty years. 
    4. Replace the underlined phrasal verb in each of the following sentences with an appropriate word.                                                                                                                                 (3mks) 
      1. Juma always calls in on us during meals.
      2. We felt completely let down by her performance. 


    1. They made the trip to learn about Android Auto√, a new dashboard system meant to let smartphone power a car’s center screen√
    2. Apple has assigned about 200 engineers to work on electric technology√ and Google saying it envisions the public using driverless cars within five years√
    3. It means that manufacturers are responding to the demands of the consumers√
    4. A USB cord is plugged in a smartphone and the system powers up on a car’s screen√. The phone screen then goes blank and can’t be touched while driving√
    5. Open question. The explanation must be logical. (1mk for saying yes/no 2mks for explanation)
    6. How distractions have been minimized:
      • No ‘back’ button like smartphone version√
      • No ‘recent’ button either
      • Google Maps adjusted to make fonts bigger and streets less details
      • No action takes more than 2 seconds
      • No video streaming
      • Social media blocked
      • Texts only send with voice commands
      • Maximized Apps for speed
        (Any 5 points – Must be in point form if not deduct ½ of total marks)
    7. Eric Mayne, a spokesman at Chrysler, said that they were confident that their systems delivered a good experience to their customers.
    8. Meaning of words
      1. Debut – first appearance
      2. Mum – silent
      3. Infotainment – meant for information and entertainment
  2. A Doll’s House Excerpt.
    1. Krogstad tells Nora that Torvald should be approachable when it comes to his request. Nora threatens to turn Krogstad out of the house. She say she is no longer afraid of Krogstad.
      • Desperation – When Krogstadfights to retain his job at the bank. Nora is equally desperate to continue concealing her secret while Krogstad threatens to divulge everything.
      • Deception – To those they interact with, Krogstad and Nora portray a completely different character and conceal their true identities.
    3. Points to consider
      • He has been guilty of an indiscretion
      • He was never taken to court but all ways were closed to him after that.
      • He, however, must cut himself free from that.
      • He must win back as much respect as possible for the sake of his sons.
      • The post in the bank is the first step up for him
      • Torvald is threatening to kick him out but he vows to resist.
      1. Krogstad:  
        • Resilient and adamant – He would not give up his quest to retain his job.
        • Firm and decisive - He insists that Nora must plead his case with her husband.
      2. Nora:
        • Fearful of Krogstad revealing her secret to her husband, what she calls a horrible, disagreeable position
        • Defiant: She tells Krogstad that he can go ahead and let out her secret because it will be worse on him.
        • Optimistic/hopeful: She says her husband will pay off Krogstad.
      • Simile – Krogstad says he will fight for his. “small post at the bank as if he were fighting for my life”
      • Metaphor. “…and now your husband is going to kick me downstairs against into the mud”.
    6. ,shall I?
      • Nora borrowed two hundred and fifty pounds when her husband was ill.
      • He gave her conditions which included drawing a bond as security.
      • Her father was to sign as security for the amount.
      • He left the date blank and the father was t insert it.
      • Unfortunately, the date inserted appears to be days after her father’s death that is, 2nd October yet he died on 29th September.
      1. indiscretion - imprudence
      2. Compel - force
  3. Oral Poetry (20 Marks)
    1. Work song
      • Encourage communal work
      • Communicate a strong message
      • Ideophones.   Tuputupu, yo-yo
      • Conversational aspect  line 2 and 3/Direct address
    4. Destructive.     They are finishing the corn
    5. This year we shall eat five
      We shall lack even a blue-tongued goat
      • Crop cultivation
      • Livestock keeping
      • Lumbering
    7. Desperate/irritable/worried.  This is a result of the destruction of the crop by the weaver birds
      1. We shall lack even a blue-tongued goat.....there will be totally nothing to live on
      2. It is Zulus that have entered the country ---widespred destruction 
      1. Juma neither did the assignment nor reported to the teacher/ Neither did Juma do the assignment nor report to the teacher.
      2. Practice
      3. I like swimming
      4. Not until I had cleared my fee balance were my examination results released.
      1. passers by
      2. confusion
      3. financial
      1. at
      2. with
      3. for
      1. visits
      2. disappointed 
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