English Paper 3 Questions and Answers - Chogoria Murugi Zone Pre Mock Exams 2023

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  • Answer three questions only
  • Questions one and two are compulsory.
  • In question three choose only one of the optional texts,  for which you have been prepared.
  • Where a candidate presents  work on more that one optional text, only the first to appear will be marked
  • Each of your essay must not exceed 450 words

Answer Three Questions Only

  1. Imaginative Composition (20mks)
    1. Write a composition ending with the following statement:
      ............“Given another chance I would have done things differently."
    2. Write a composition supporting or opposing this statement:
      “Both boys and girls have equal rights to their parent’s property.”
  2. The Compulsory Set Text. (20mks)
    HR Ole Kulet, Blossoms of the Savannah                                (20 marks)                                                                     “The frustrations faced by people in the contemporary times can be traced to the conduct of a few immoral individuals.’’ Write an essay supporting this statement drawing illustrations from Ole Kulet`s Blossoms of the savannah.
  3. The Optional Set Texts. (20mks)
    Answer any one of the following three questions.
    1. The short story: A Silent Song and Other Stories.
      Drawing illustrations from MejaMwangi's an incident in the park, write an essay to discuss the problems of urbanization
    2. The play: David Mulwa’s Inheritance.
      “Colonial rule is harsh towards the natives.” Write an essay to support this assertion with illustrations from David mulwa’s Inheritance.
    3. An Artist of the floating world by Kazuo Ishiguro.
      The memory of the past can lead to a change of a life style. Justify the statement.


Imaginative composition 

Paper 101/3 is intended to test the candidates ability to communicate in writing,. Communication is established at different levels of intelligibility, correctness, accuracy, fluency, pleasantness and ability. Within the constraints set by each question, it is the linguistic competence shown the candidate that should carry most of the marks. 

Examiner should not hesitate to use the full range of marks for each essay 

It is important to determine first how each essay communicates and in which category A,B,C or D as it is (marks indicated below are for question one)

  1. Imaginative composition
      • Must be a story, if not deduct up to 4 marks
      • Must end with the given statement; if not deduct 2 marks
      • The story must be connected creatively and apply with the ending sentence
      • Must not be more than two pages (if not, deduct 2mks-AD)
      • Mark the linguistic ability not points.
      • Must be unagumetitive essay
      • Expect a persuasive discussion backed up either statistics, quotations and explanations that are convincing enough but not necessarily accurate.
      • Mark the linguistic ability not points. 
  2. The compulsory set text Blossoms of the Savannah by Ole Kulet
    “The frustrations faced by people in the contemporary times can be traced to the conduct of a few immoral individuals.’’ Write an essay supporting this statement drawing illustrations from Ole Kulet`s Blossoms of the savannah. 
    Moral decadence is a vice which leads to several negative consequences in the society. Immoral people such as rapists, extortionists, thieves and others abuse the rights of people hence leading to frustrated lives. In Blossoms of the Savannah, characters like Oloisudori, Olarinkoi, the warriors ,Lante and Ntara have frustrated various people as explained below.
    1. F1.Oloisudoris blackmail frustrates the Ole Kaelos when he demands for Resian
      • p110 As a blackmailer, his demand for Resian makes Ole Kaelo seethe with impotent fury
      • p111 it excrutiatingly pained him that circumstances would force him to hand any of his daughters to a man who was not their choice
      • p112 He cried and his heart bled for Resian amid threats of being fleeced by Oloisudori. He had had to agree that she becomes sacrificial lamb
      • p112 ole Kaelo infuriated by Ole Kaelos demand that Resian be circumcised,he felt sick and nauseated by the whole affair.
      • P113  Mama Milanoi tossed, writhed and cried like a a woman in labour.This is not what she had dreamed to achieve in Nasila.She sadly admits there is no other action they can take other than hand over Resian
      • p119 Ole Kaelo gritted his teeth like an animal that was unable to free itself from a snare
    2. F2. The mythical Olarinkoi’s cruelty frustrated the Maa people in the novel. These people do not only subdue women but also
      • p85 when he killed  two men, women squirmed  and gasped while the men ground their teeth with impotent fury
      • p86 the Maa men hold meeting after meeting  to find ways to resist the perplexing demands but found no workable solution
      • P86 Women perturbed as they were forced to to compose lewd songs which they had to perform in the most outrageous and and indecent postures and styles
      • Women angry because forced to perform the offensive dances with their daughters
      • Women hated themselves as they were unable to resist the sexual demands of the Ilarinkon
      • In frustration, they resorted to FGM.
    3. F3. Olarinkois mother’s cruelty frustrates Resian.
      • p228 she insultingly tells Resian that she ought not to have fought Olarinkoi as she had no honour to defend as intoiyenemengalana
      • Resian stares at her frightfully, a new hopelessness and helplessness threatening to wreck havoc in her
      • Resian cried out silently unable to bear the detestable stressful disgusting verbiage from the old witch, but is forced to listen to the nasty loathsome  foul language
      • p229 when threatened with FGM, she cries out bitterly “what have I done to the gods to deserve this kind of punishment?
    4. F4 NtaraMuyo  andLante son of Kanyira’s contemptuous violence frustrate Resian and Taiyo
      • p19 The vagabond spits in disgust and tells them there is no room for intoiyenemengalana. He roughly grabs Taiyo’s arm. The girls are shaken and note that they would have been helpless in the hands of the brute. Taiyo sheds tears of anger and indignation
      • p46 the vagabond sneers at the girls in their own home during the homecoming. This goes unnoticed by the crowd and the girls felt angry, terrified and isolated although they were in a crowd
      • p 141 When two men almost rape the girls,they scream but cant restrain the two men who have heavy knobkerries
      • Later they sob with rage and shame The near rape incident left a feeling of invasion and degradation
      • Taiyo seethes with fury at a society that despised women
        Conclusion: We should behave in a morally upright manner to avoid bringing emotional suffering to ourselves and others in society.

      • Accept any other relevant point as long as it is well identified, illustrated and explained. Eg Ole Kaelo’s hatred for Resian, Ole Kaelos greed, Oloisudoris insensitive bullying of Resian, etc –
      • Mark any other relevant introduction and conclusion.
      • Introduction (2mks)
      • Body 3:3:3:3: 12mks
      • Grammar and presentation mark: 4mks
        9 – 12  3mks
        6 – 8  2mks
        4 – 5  1mk
        1 – 3  1mk
      • Must have introduction and conclusion, if not deduct 3AD –
      • Conclusion (2mks).
        Accept any  other relevant  conclusion.
    1. Silent song and other stories
      Problems of urbanization
      Points of interpretation
      1. Unemployment
      2. Overpopulation
      3. Social injustice/mob justice
      4. Poverty
      5. Conflict between the constables and the hawkers
      6. Unhygienic condition
      7. Drug abuse
    2. The play:Inheritance
      Points of interpretation
      • White colonial masters live lavishly at the expense of the natives who serve them as slaves.
      • The natives are oppressed, through King Kutula we learn that the natives live according to the rules of the white and have no say in running the affairs that directly affect them.
      • The colonialists grab tracts of land from the natives for agriculture, mining and settlement thus displacing and enslaving them.
      • The British Empire depended on Africa for survival hence exploits
      • The native’s natural resources for its own benefit.
      • Natives are assassinated and other sexiled as a result of the colonial rule. A country wide uprising begins and the natives demand to be left to run their own affairs.
        Any other correct point.
      • Mark 4 well illustrated points each 3mks
      • A plausible introduction 2mks
      • A relevant conclusion 2mks
      • Grammar ability maximum 4mks
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