English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Form 3 Term 2 Opener Exams 2022

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    Imagine that you are organizing secretary of Ruth Kerubo’s Graduation Party.Ruth has just graduated with a First Class Honor’s from Kenyatta University.
    1. Design an invitation card to be sent to the guests .(10mks)
    2. Write a congratulatory note to Ruth to be presented that day (10mks) 
  2. CLOZE TEST (10mks)
    Read the passage below and fill in each blank space with the most appropriate word .
    Passing National Examination in Kenya has become a matter of life and 1____________ .This is primarily because, more often than not,examination 2________________ the future of the student. From our collective experience this is very clear. A standard eight pupil must 3___________ well to secure a place in a good 4__________ school. Similarly, a form four candidate must not just pass, but must also be among the students who join public 5 _____________ .The reverse often has painful consequences for the student , 6_______________ means falling by the wayside and in a country with limited employment 7 _____________ , chances of a decent livelihood become severely compromised .It is precisely because of those stark realities that students find 8_______________ under seething pressure to pass 9________________ . On the other hand , parents who know all too well that failing to score good grades could mean that the end of the road of their children’s 10________________ are willing to cut all corners to ensure the children pass their exams.
  3. ORALSKILLS (30mks)
    1. Read the narrative below and answer the questions that follow.
      The cock and the kite
      (The setting of the story is in Kibiro , Uganda in the Western Rift Valley near Lake Albert)

      A long time ago, there lived cock and his family as well as kite and his family .The former was hard working while the latter was lazy .It happened that the place was hit by a famine .People from far used to travel a long way to go to Kibiro to barter food for salt .It also happened that both families ran out of salt. Cock’s wife informed her husband that they had ran out of salt and asked him to take some finger millet to Kibiro .He agreed , went to Kibiro , obtained salt and set upon the return journey .
      The other family got wind of this .Mrs.Kite also asked her husband her husband to go to Kibiro and try to get salt since the lazy family did not have anything to take to Kibiro .On the way , he met the cock resting on his way home with the salt behind him .He was standing on one leg having hidden one of his leg in his wing , as cocks do many times when resting .Kite asked cock how he managed to get the salt , where upon cock told kite that the salt miners ad cut off one of his legs in exchange for the salt .Kite accepted the lie and proceeded towards Kibiro ready to do the same .Cock continued on his journey and got home safely .
      On arrival at Kibiro, Kite offered his leg for a bundle of salt which the miners readily accepted .His leg was consequently amputated , rendering him immobile , even unable to carry home salt .poor kite flew back home, where he was received by his family in much grief , especially when he narrated to them the ordeal he went through . Later, kite’s family was to receive the traumatizing news that cock had actually ill-advanced Kite, leading to loss of his leg.
      Hence forward, great enmity ensued between the two families with Kite’s family swearing to retaliate by hunting Cock’s family down and eat them. This goes -+on to date.
      1. The narrator notices signs of inattentiveness among the audience during the story telling session what could be the problem? (3mks)
      2. Explain how you would make the narration of the first two paragraphs effective. (2mks)
      3. Mention two ways in which you would know that your audience in this story is fully participating in the performance. (3mks)
    2. Underline the silent letter in the words below (4mks)
      1. Pseudo
      2. Subtle
      3. Deign
      4. Damn
    3. Explain the meaning brought out by stressing the underlined word in each of the following sentences. (3mks)
      1. Muriithi spoke to Gatwiriyesterday.
      2. Muriithispoke to Gatwiriyesterday.
      3. Muriithi spoke to Gatwiriyesterday.
    4. Read the following conversation and answer the questions that follow. (7mks)

      MBAIRE:hi Mr.Katana , long time no see.
      MR .KATANA: hello Mbaire , how have you been for so long ?
      MBAIRE: I’m fit as you can see .
      MR.KATANA :What a surprise to see you here!Do you live around this area?
      MBAIRE: Zi , just popped in to have a glimpse of some associates of mine .And you ?
      MR.KATANA : Well , I came to visit a colleague who has been ailing for some time .You remember Mr.Kwach ?
      MBAIRE:Yes , the leopard !Who can forget him ? He used to …..
      MR.KATANA:Well , I must be going .Goodbye.
      MBAIRE:See you.
      1. Identify one short coming in Mbaire’s responses.(2mks)
      2. Give three aspects of speech that Mbaire needs to consider so as to communicate effectively and in an appropriate manner.(3mks)
      3. Give two possible reasons for Mr .Katana’s exit before Mbaire finishes speaking. (2mks)
      4. Outline four shortcomings that one can face when undertaking field work
    5. Write another word pronounced the same way as the word given below. (2mks)
    6. In the words given below .Underline the part that should be stressed.(2mks)
      1. Excuse
      2. Reject (noun)

Marking Scheme


Format 2mks

  • insert / border
  • letter head
  • title, name of the host
  • space for recipient’s name
  • sender’s address (R.S.V.P )

Tone –must be formal-1mk
Content 3mks

  • time
  • venue


  • chief guest
  • regulations

Language 2mks
note of congratulation

  • Insert 1mk
  • Address 1mk
  • Date 1mk
  • tone –informa1mk
  • content
  • congratulations /related word must be mentioned
  • reasons for congratulations 1mk
  • compliment remarks 1mk
  • Language 2mks


  1. death 
  2. determines 
  3. pass
  4. secondary 
  5. universities 
  6. it 
  7. oportunities
  8. themselves
  9. exams / well
  10. education


  1. oral narrative
      • the narrator is not audible
      • the narrator overuses gestures/ facial expression
      • use of irrelevant /inappropriate gestures
      • The narrator is shy / lacks eye contact
      • The narrator couldn’t pronounce words correctly / not fluent
        (any three give one mark each )
      • use of gestures
      • Facial expressions
      • Dramatization
        NB –Candidate must give an explanation
        Any two well explained points
        Exl. 1mk
      • nodding their heads
      • clapping their hands
      • completing statements
      • putting interjections
        NB –any four -1mk each
        Avoid awarding marks for any actions that are not participatory e.g eye contact, sitting posture etc.
    4. language barrier
      • transport problem
      • unreliable informants
      • religious prejudice
      • distortion of information
        NB –accept any plausible answer (2mks)
        Any two points 1mk each
    • pseudo - p
    • Subtle -b
    • Deign – g
    • Damn – n
    1. It was Muriithi and nobody else who spoke to Gatwiri.
    2. Muriithi did not write or call but only spoke to her yesterday.
    3. Muriithi did not speak to Gatwiri on any other day than yesterday .
    1. Mbaire’s utterances are in the wrong register. She speaks to her former teacher as if she were speaking to her agemates. (2mks)
    2. She should consider the following aspects of speech situation .
      • the age of the person she is speaking to .
      • The relationship – formal , informal ,casual to both the interlocutors .
      • Topic of discussion and how it relates to both
      • The language the other person addresses you in – indication of distance.
        (any 3 -1mk each)
    3. Most likely Mr.Katana is embarrassed by Mbaire’s lack of language etiquette .The kind of comments Mbaire was going to make about her former teacher , Mr Kwach , could not be easily shared.. (2mks)
    1. call-caul
    2. awe –oar ,or ,ore
    3. pale -pail
    1. excuse
    2. reject
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