English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Form 3 End Term 2 Exams 2023

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  1. You are a young investigative journalist; you’ve just visited a welfare organization that received funds from a donor. The organization however feels that the funds can’t suffice their plans and therefore appeals for more funds from the donor. Write a report.
  2. CLOZE TEST (10mks)
    Fill in each blank space in the following passage with a suitable word.
    Can you _______1_______ a basic standard two test? You may be schooled but you are not_____2_______ this, a woman’s baby is dying _____3______! Picture this, a woman’s baby is on the ______3______ a disease and a nearby poster On the ________4______ gives details on how to prevent or _____ 5______ it, yet _____6_____ cannot interpret it despite having attended primary school. This is part of a dilemma that a group of education researchers are out to ____7______: Weather Kenya’s ________8________can be read but cannot process information.¬¬¬¬¬________9_______Education researchers have designed a unique test ________10______ at reviewing Kenyans? Ability to read and write completely, despite, going through a rigorous school system.
  3. ORAL SKILLS (30mks)
    1. Read the oral narratives below and answer the questions that follow.
      Once upon a time, a woman who was pregnant and about to give birth went to the bush to collect firewood. On went to the bush to collect firewood. On reaching the bush, she suddenly gave birth to a baby boy who was so deformed and ugly that she decided to exchange it for another baby. A normal – looking one she found abandoned and crying in a nearby thicket. She didn’t know that this baby was a spirit called Ekipie by the Turkana.
      The woman returned home with the baby and since it was evening time, she had to milk the cows. So as usual, she took three gourds and filled them with milk from the numerous cows they owned. She put the milk containers in her hut where her eldest daughter was minding the new baby. Then she went out again to complete some of her other chores.
      Later, when she returned to the hut where she had left the baby, she found to her dismay, that there was no milk at all. All the three guards were empty. Surprised, and shocked, she questioned her daughter about the milk and what had happened to it. The girl replied;
      “The baby has drunk it all”.
      “I cant belief such a tale. It’s ridiculous for you to say such a thing”, She scolded her daughter.
      “Don’t tell lies. Admit you are just imagining things. Who drank the milk?”
      The woman persistent in questioning her daughter in questioning her daughter who swore it was the baby.
      Strange as it may sound to you, the same thing happened again the following day and a several consecutive days. The woman grew puzzled and confused. Her husband too began to complain about the non – availability of milk in the household. Now, the woman had no alternative but to tell him the truth.

      1. What would you do to prepare your audience to listen to the above story? (2mks)
      2. What two things would indicate to you that the audience is following the story? (2mks)
      3.  What two oral devices would you use in narrating this story?
      4. How would you perform the reply of the girl” The baby has drunk it all”
    2. Provide homophones for the following words.
      1. Know.
      2. Scene
      3. Sight.
      4. Blew.
      5. Ewe
    3. Explain the difference in meaning between the following sentences. (2mks)
      1. The thief entered this house
      2. The thief entered this house
    4. In the following paragraph, the writer has utilized one of the genres of oral literature to express his feeling about the subject. Answer the following question based on it.
      The prince was their, idol
      Through he was enjoying the peas.
      He was bored and need parrying,
      The regency took the queue
      To enjoy from the generous air,
      The kind sun of the kingdom.
      Replace the underlined words with those that have the same sounds to bring out the intended surface/ literal meaning. (3mks)
    5. Your Bob owes our bob. If your Bob doesn’t give our Bob the bob owes our Bob, Our Bob will give your Bob a bob in the eye?
      1. Identify the genre above (2mks)
      2. Give one characteristic feature of the genre above. (2mk)
  4. Mrs. Jabali of Upendo High School asked her class to decide which of the set books in their syllabus they should perform for the rest of the school. Read the form Four champions discussion below and then answer the questions that follow.
    Mrs Jabali: Rose, Would you lead the discussion?
    Rose: Aha,Ok. The question is, What play should we pick for our class play? Does anyone have suggestions? Mercy?
    Mercy: I suggest we do an Enemy of the people.
    Sharon: How about shreds of Tenderness?
    Rose: No, I dislike Shreds of Tenderness Passionately.
    Kaunda: I love the River Between.
    Mercy: No way! That would make a stupid play! let’s do An Enemy of the people.
    Rose: Sasha!
    Sasha: I have never watched Shreds of Tenderness but .....................
    Joy: It is a super barb play.
    Rose: Joy, Please let Shasa finish then it is your turn.
    Joys: Sorry
    Sasha: Anyway, I have never seen a play on An Enemy of the People but I have watched a movie and I loved it.
    Rose: Lilian
    Lilian: I just wanted to say that I like think Shreds of Tenderness is really good play.
    Rose: Naom?
    Naom: I saw the Movie An Enemy of the people too, and I really liked it. I loved the part where Catherine storms the.......
    Rose: Excuse me, Naom, But we should talk about that after the discussion is over. Does anyone have any other suggestions? No? Ok.Mercy proposed An Enemy of the People, Sharon like Shreads of Tenderness and Kaunda wants the River Between. Has anybody seen or read all three? No? Ok. I suggest that we read them and then continue the discussion in a couple of days. Is that okay with everyone? Ok. The discussion is over.
    1. In terms of effective communication identify five things some members of form four champions did wrong in the discussion. (5mks)
    2. Mention three aspects or etiquette displayed by some members during the discussion. (3mks)




  1. Title page. Must indicate the following,
    • To whom the report is written. 3mks.
    • The date when the report was written.
      Name of the writer.


      Should contain.
      - A brief information on what the report is about. 1mk
      - Objectives of the report. 1mk
      - Outline the items to be discussed. 1mk

      The main body.
      - Explain the items in the introduction. 2mks
      - The items should be arranged in the in which they appear in the introduction. 2mks
      - Introduce new items and explain satisfactorily. 2mks
      - Prove to the donor that the welfare indeed needs more funds. 2mks

      Should give summary of what is contained in the body. 2mks

      Language (L)

      A - 4 mks
      B - 3 mks
      C - 2 mks
      D - 1mk
      - The language must bring out a formal feelings and impressions and not personal.
      - Must be written in appropriate language to match the impression of the report.
      - Must use present tense.
      Total – 4 mks



















    1. Pass
    2. Educated / Learned
    3. Of
    4. Wall
    5. Cure / Treat
    6. She
    7. Establish / Solve
    8. People / Citizens
    9. Correctly
    10. Aimed
      1. Only one word should be used to fill each blank space.
      2. The word must be correctly spelt and in the correct tense.
      3. No two words to be accepted only if the words are correct and separated by a slash but not a comma.
      1. Preparing the audience to list to the story.
        Introducing the story ½ by use of a conversational formula ½ understood by the audience e.g.
        1. I am going to tell you a story.
        2. Take a story
        3. Story come
          • Giving a riddle ½ puzzle related ½ to the story.
          • Singing a song ½ related ½ to the story
          • Playing a musical instrument 1
          • Clearing your throat1
            ( mark any two 2mks)
      2. Indicators of attention in the audience
        • Body language e.g smiling, sitting posture that shows alertness, nodding etc.
        • Eye contact.
        • Appropriate emotional responses to parts of story e.g sad, happy facial expressions.
        • The general response at the end of the story.
          ( Any three points 3mks)
      3. Oral devices used in the narration of the story.
        • Tonal / vice variation 1mk voice of the mother contrasted to the voice of the girl 1mk
        • Facial expression 1mk such as a happy 1mk/ smiling/ jubilant face of the mother returning home with a normal – looking child.
        • Gestures 1mk like gesticulating the milking1mk of cow
        • Body movements 1mk the woman returning 1mk to complete her chores.
          ( any two well illustrated points 4 mks)
      4. The performance of the girls utterance” The baby has drunk it”.
        • Verbal performance
        • Tonal variations1mk Such as soft and persuasive tone1mk to show the mood of utterance.
        • Pitch1mk / Voice projection such as low1mk tone / voice to show remorse.
        • Tempo / pace 1mk – the words said slowly 1mk to express fear.
        • Non – verbal performance
        • Facial expressions 1mk for instance sad / surprised 1mk/ stained face.
        • Gestures 1mk for example lifting 1mk hands to show drinking of milk.
          ( Any two well illustrated points one MUST be Verbal and another non – verbal 2 x 2 = 4mks
      1. No
      2. Seen
      3. Cite
      4. Blue
      5. You
    3. Meaning of stressed words in sentences.
      1. When this is stressed , it implies that not any other house but the one demonstrated.
      2. When thief is stressed, it means that it is the thief and not any other person entered the house. (1mk)
    4. Words pronounced similar to those underlined in the poem.
      1. Their - There ½ mk
      2. Idol - Idle ½ mk
      3. Peas - Peace ½ mk
      4. Queue - Cue ½ mk
      5. Air - Heair ½ mk
      6. Sun - Son ½ mk
      1. The name of the genre is a pun.
      2. The pun is characterized by the repetition of words with similar sounds and spellings but with different meanings.
      1. Things form four champions did wrong in the group discussion.
        • Rose asks questions hurriedly and the way she responds e.g “ That would make a stupid play”
        • There is poor turn – taking, some members do not allow others to complete their sentences.
        • The chairperson’s Rose, does not give the others ample time to respond in the last part of the dialogue. She asks questions and answers them without consultation.
          Any five @ 1mk = 5mks
      2. Aspects of etiquette displayed by members of the group.
        • Joy apologizes for being uncouth
        • Rose uses the word “ Please” when1 referring to others
        •  Rose asks to be excused
          Any three ( 3mks)
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